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Baluchistan, a golden goose that could have been

Guest Blog by Insouciant

Baluchistan, which earned the status of a separate province only in 1970, comprises of 44% of the land of Pakistan. Buried with vast resources of natural gas, copper and gold, it has a unique geo-political importance in the region. The landlocked Afghanistan and energy rich Central Asia is in its north, Iran and its fourth world’s largest oil reserves is in its West, and Strait of Hormuz – through which 40% of the world’s oil passes – only few hundred miles away lies in the South-West. One would wonder with this geography the area could have been developed as the energy corridor for the region, yet the province has been exploited in the name of federation for decades.

The dams that have been built, the Gwadar port that started functioning recently, and the gas fields that fire the kitchens of the rest of the country hold no meaning and no promises for the locals. To a Baloch development means dispossession, exploitation, migration, cattle never changing into motorcars, gidans never changing into houses and thumb expressions never into signatures.

To a Baloch protesting for rights means, being labelled as traitors and being picked up by the agencies.

The recent upsurge in violence is just another link in the chain. Protests started after three Baloch nationalist leaders were picked up by ‘unknown men’ and then were found dead in a deserted area near Turbat. According to their associates the victims had been receiving death threats from the agencies for long and they allege that the state agencies have been involved once again in this melodrama.

The talks of reconciliation that the government ostentatiously started with the release of Akhtar Maingal and few other leaders are again in the dustbin. Human Rights organisations claim that there are still hundreds of missing persons, if not thousands, who were once picked in the name of ‘security measures’, but the President in his recent interview refused to acknowledge that. He stated, “This is not true. There were 200 and they have been released. Yes, there can be one or two left in the prisons who will be released after a due process of law.”

One of the demands of BLUF (Baluchistan Liberation United Front), which was involved in the kidnapping of John Solecki, was to release all the ‘missing persons’ and they provided a list that enlisted thousands. President said another Parliamentary committee for Baluchistan issue is in the offing. There have been many committees in the past, Mushahid Hussein’s committee and Waseem Sajjad’s committee, but nothing came out of their proposals, even when they had the golden support of Baloch nationals.

What Baluchistan needs right now is not new committees but immediate address of all their grievances, and some substantive steps that can make Balochs believe that Islamabad is actually serious this time in addressing the issue. Even if Zardari apologize zillion times for the Centre putting foot on Baluchistan, the pain will not go away until the foot is lifted.


  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    hasil bazinjo openly accused ISI and general shuja pasha directly.

    now i am started believing that we didn't deserved a country.

    blunders in the beging

    blunders till date.

    end?……any one can foresee.

    irony is that USA makes plans and we follow with out estimating the consequences.

  • azad |

    Baluchistan should be a separate country.They can survive easily and better without pakistan

  • guYasir |

    Balochistan is actually touching with Afghan and Iran border so strategically US needs balochistan under the guise that its now a haven of Al-qaeda/Talibs folks

    Dr JK is rite in his 1st comment

  • guYasir |

    New FATA is ready for pak people Bluchistan. US needs Blochistan which is natural gas and other mineral heaven and more importantly US-Nato wanna make Base aka Mess in Bluchistan so they will be able to monitor Iran and Afghanistan even attack iran if needy and in afpk they are already attacking drones

    so AZ is one who will give Bluchistan to the USA easily becuz he's a secular-sycophant and US bring him by her ancient method(assassination)

    There's many Hollywood movies in which Hubby murder his wife by means of gaining her wealth like A Perfect Murder is an example of it U Turn is an other i.e

    So its a US-CIA who are behind AZ gov they legitimize an illegitimates President.

    They created drama for yokels to gain public sympathies and bring democ and later bring AZ on seat

    Altaf Hussien UK #1 agent called 1st to elect Zaradari as president. who was behind him MI6_UK and US_CIA

    So they now able to get another FATA


  • Danial Burki |

    And there I was thinking no one could top Dr Jawwad in the looney stakes. I admit I was so, so wrong! Heh

  • Aamir Mughal |

    hasil bazinjo openly accused ISI and general shuja pasha directly.[Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    What do you expect when our General in the past had said first in East Pakistan and then in Baluchistan.

    "We want Land not the people"

    In 1992 with the start of Military Operation Cleanup against MQM, a Brigadier of ISPR, Mr Asif Haroon in company of several leading journalists, while addressing a press conference showed them alleged Maps of Jinnah Pur [an alleged Conspiracy of Breaking Pakistan] and attributed it to MQM and Altaf Hussain.


    Sindh Governor, Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan on Wednesday earned the distinction of becoming Sindh's longest serving Governor. He had the honour of being Sindh's youngest ever Governor when he took oath of the office on December 27, 2002 as the 30th Governor. [In 2002 Chief of the Army Staff and Fourth "DECLARED" Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan was ruling the roost]

    Would you like to tell who is lying in above two paragraphs??

    1 – In 1992 MQM was Anti-State as per the Brigadier of ISPR.

    2 – In 2002 MQM Leader was made Governor of Sindh.

    1 – ISPR Chief [read Army] was lying in 1992.

    2 – Cheif of the Army Staff General Musharraf picked MQM as hhis ally [Musharraf was not only the President of Pakistan but Chief of the Army Staff therefore whole Army was with MQM since 2002 and if not then where are the resignations of Dissenting Corps Commanders because it is a Tradition in the Army that when somebody dissent with the Chief then he has to resign.

    3 – If MQM was Anti-State in 1992 then when did it become Loyal. If MQM was still Anti State then why did the Army tolerate MQM from 2002 to 2007 with Musharraf and blame would go to the Senior Army Brass because they were part and parcel of Musharraf's Martial Law Regime.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    denial burki!

    why don't you leave the computer and internet and ask some one in your office or neigborhood about their perception about america.

    denial ki bhee koee had hotee hey

    arey kahan se laee dhoond ke ye

    mehboob o mehboobaaaaaaaaaa

    ajoooba ajooba ajoooba ajoooba

    duniya ka aathwan ajooooba….

  • Aamir Mughal |

    hasil bazinjo openly accused ISI and general shuja pasha directly.[Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    What do you expect???

    As per a book "Martial Law Kay Siyasi Andaz (Martial Law through Politics) by M A K Chaudhry [Former IG Police East Pakistan] and then Director General Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan" [published by Jang Publisher in 1988]"

    In his own words


    When I was appointed IG East Pakistan, I call and visited a Senior PSP Officer [who had served in East Pakistan] for advice and his advice was "if you are going there then take blue eyed handsome Pashtun Officers with you so that the next generation of Bengalis are borne with Blue Eyes."


    That was our behaviour with diminutive Bengalis [not their fault but Allah made them that way] who made Pakistan possible through Political Movement, even Muslim League was formed by a Bengali Muslim.

    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    If the above doesn't help you then read this, when Yayah, and Butchers Tikka Khan and then Niazi having their way with Bengalis the then US President Nixon was advising his administration, read…

    Handwritten note from President Richard M. Nixon on an April 28, 1971, National Security Council decision paper: "To all hands. Don't squeeze Yahya at this time – RMN"



    According to a senior intelligence officer, Yahya Khan had delegated N.A. Rizvi (Director Intelligence Bureau) to weaken Mujib in the East by funding Bhashani. Maj-General Ghulam Umar (Chief of National Security Council) collected funds from big businessmen and industrialists in the West to ‘cut Bhutto to size’ by financing Qayum Khan.

    Later, Bhutto as PM recovered some money from Rizvi and Gen. Umer was retired. (Rao Abdur Rasheed ‘Jo main ney dekha’ Atish Fishan Publications Lahore 1985 pp. 62-64).

    Major General Abubakar Osman Mitha, the only Memon General of the Army reveals that in October/November 1970, in Karachi a leading businessman Mr Roshan Ali Bhimjee told him that DIB was asking for “political contributions” from the business community using foul and threatening language.

    Gen. Mitha informed Gen. Abdul Hamid Khan (Chief of Staff) in Rawalpindi to respond to the charges, none other than Gen. Ghulam Umar turned up in COS’s office. (“Unlikely Beginnings” OUP 2003 pp.328-329)

    After the elections, Yahya gave a tongue-lashing to the DIB, Rizvi who had all along been reporting that no single party would gain an absolute majority (in the East). (Hasan Zaheer “The separation of East Pakistan” OUP 2000 p 130).

    Mr. Yusuf Haroon, then Chairman Pakistan Services Limited and brother of Agriculture Minister Mr. Mahmood Haroon, told the Political Officer, American Consulate General, at Peshawar on June 5, 1970 that generals Gul Hasan and (Ghulam) Umar told him that the military wanted to insure a divided vote and a fragmented Constituent Assembly to render the constitution- making impossible.

    (Dispatch A-109 Airgram Department of State June 9, 1970 from Karachi “The American Papers” compiled by Roedad Khan OUP 2000 pp.372-375) [Declassified American Papers]

    The Ultimate Result

    March 26, 1971

    Bangladesh becomes an independent nation.


    1- Hasan Zaheer, The Separation of East Pakistan – The Rise and Realization of Bengali Muslim Nationalism, Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan, 1994

    2- Talukder Maniruzzaman, The Bangladesh Revolution and its Aftermath, Bangladesh Books International Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1980

    3- Siddiq Salik, Witness to Surrender, Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan, 1977

    4- Rafiqul Islam, A Tale of Millions, Ananna, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 3rd edition, 1986

    5- Md. Abdul Wadud Bhuiyan, Emergence of Bangladesh and Role of Awami League, Vikas Publishing House, Delhi, India, 1982


  • Aamir Mughal |

    hasil bazinjo openly accused ISI and general shuja pasha directly.[Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    Let me add one more fact that Mir Hasil Bizenjo was amongst one of the Dove and you dont want to know about the views of Khans of Qallat, Sardar Khair Bux Marri and Sardar Attaullah Mengal.

    When we even fail to solve this then what do you expect?

    1- Late. Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan.


    2- Who was Liaquat ali Khan?


    3- Political Isolation and Wilderness of Liaquat Ali



    4- What happened in Company Bagh?


    5- Government setup in 1951.


    6- The Investigations


    7- Who was Said Akbar?


    8- Proof is nowhere?


    9- Murder of Liaquat and Super Powers.


    10- Ghulam Mohammad’s Connections.


    11- For US Secretary of State.


  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    dear amir mughal!

    can't we talk like normal person.

    every time some one or me say some thing,you come up with the "carpet bombing" of the words and links.

    take it easy man.

  • Danial Burki |

    Yeah, reading is hard.

    As for your demand that I ask any passerby about his/her opinion of America, why should I? Since when is the public perception equal to the truth? I believe in reason, evidence and science; not in superstition and conspiracy theories. There could well be evidence later that whatever people like you and guYasir say is true; if so, I will fully support it and support your conclusions. But when there isn't, why should I?

    The public perception is hardly a gauge of reality; consider that most people in this country (and in the world!) believe in a god that created everything, made Adam and Eve from clay, that Jesus was picked up alive by god, who was his father (heh!) and that Mohammed rode to heaven on a horse.

    So you can't blame me for not giving a shit about the public perception.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    see…. i am not on the top.there are millions of people who think that way.


    because we are all lunatic….

    except you.

    that is why i wrote the song.

    ajooba ajooba

    duniya ka aathwan ajooba.

    laugh out loud danny

    for your mental health and sanity

    laugh out loud.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @danial burki!

    today is sunday.why don't you go out side,see some relatives and have fun with friends?

  • Danial Burki |

    My mental health? Heh, you're the one who's religious, not me.

    You want to tell me about Mohammed riding on a horse to heaven? Or some prophet living in the belly of a whale? Or another living for a thousand years? Or Noah putting EVERY species on the planet (male and female) into a giant boat?


  • Javed Baloch |

    We baloch have lost all our faith in pakistani govt for looting our resources for years…killing us n torturing us….we r fed up …we wud b better off indipendently…

  • HYMN |

    sk Baloch

    "They have no right to be on our land. They must leave Baluchistan.Or putting specifically, baloch dominated areas of Baluchistan"

    YOU had no right to come to this land then after moving out of Persia…your REAL homelend!This is the truth…and if they have no right to live in Balochistan then so don't YOU using youe own logic…the soil of Balochistan didn't personally spit you out nor are you her original inhabitants…just the largest…so how are you sons of the soil???…and the second phrase implies they have all right to settle on FALAH(uninhabited and isolated) regions of Balochistan….

    I agree the federal government has not concentated on Balochistan as much as it should have…but what have Balochistan's leaders done;

    -every single member of Balochistan except one,part of the government

    -unused funds even though Balochistan needs them(over 200 million last time i checked)

    -Raisani and his ministers involved in drug cartels

    -selling off Balochistan's resources a penny a piece.except sui gas,gold and bronze and copper are Balochistan's property and what has the provincial government done except allow jewish and other foreign companies to RAPE balochistan!if those resources under the province's control had been utilized by the provincial government properly Balochistan would have been the richest province of Pakistan,even wothout the sui gas royalties…

    even the Baloch nationalist party BNP did nothing significant for Balochistan when it was in power…

    and there are few cultural differences betwnn the Baloch and the rest of Pakistanis…I an a brahui who has travelled all over Pakistan and belong to Nasirabad(Balochistan)…however,there are some differences with regards to narrow-mindedness which is more in the Western provinces than in Punjab and Sindh.

  • BALOCH |

    Pakistan is the example of a hell.It's the country of setan….Those peolpe dont knw about the history of balochistan so its better to look it at once on net so that u can get more information of it….Without Balochistan Pakistan can't build up because of BALOCHISTAN paksitan came in this stage. and BALCOHISTAN is not the part of pakistan it's a separte country but pakistan occupied it 1947.. May Allah help the people of balochistan and baloch peoples. Inshallah they will get freedom soon from this corrupt country. AMEEEEN SUMAMEEN…