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The Forthcoming Horror in Swat

This is an update on the Swat situation which was posted onto the Peoples Resistance Mailing List by Dr. Riaz Ahmed on 24th April [three days back]. I believe this analysis is worth reading and understanding the ground reality from the people in swat and their concerns surrounding Sufi Mohammad and the possible incursions by the Pakistan Army. Its good to keep into perspective the ground reality merely to balance the propaganda that keeps blasting away across the media

I just spoke to a friend in Charsadda, another in Swat and yet one more in Buner. The peace accord is falling apart, people generally fear that now a huge military operation will be conducted and thousands will be killed and millions displaced, much much more than those killed and displaced in Swat / Bajour operations since November 2007. This is the forthcoming horror that must be stopped.

Sher Gul from Charsadda says ‘People fear that Sufi Mohammad is an agent. The military was forced to end the operation in Swat not because of Sufi Mohammad but because ordinary people were on the streets in thousands demanding end to military operation and attacks by the Taliban. This was going to expose the mullah military alliance. People were mobilizing in large number against the war and that is why the govt brought Sufi Mohammad to Swat to cool down the mobilization. Sufi had no role in resisting the military operation. Now he is giving wrong statements, challenging constitution, rejecting democracy, these are designed for the US and Pakistan military so that they attack with full force.

It seems that the government has succeeded in blinding people with the horror of Taliban spreading everywhere and thus the US war on terror can now become a Pakistani peoples war on terror. Yesterday in Live with Talat the ‘leftist’ PPP minister Kaira was saying “before the PPP govt there was no ownership of the ‘war on terror’, now you can see that the way in which Taliban broke the Swat accord and their spread into Buner, people are now owning this war”, Talat interrupted ‘You did all this to make it a peoples war!’. This exposes the sincerity of the root-less PPP govt in ending violence, for their part the Swat peace accord was bound to fail and at the end of it people will be demanding a military operation. This is not a government that wants peace, it wants war.

Shaid from Swat says that people here question why US is asking for an attack on Swat Taliban. And they get answers from liberals, ANP etc who take the occupation of Buner and are now asking openly for a bombardment of Swat. It was these same political parties who call themselves secular and negotiated the peace deal with a Sufi who is know for highly fundamentalist ideas. Shahid says they made a deal with Sufi deliberately so as to sideline the ordinary people who were demanding an end to war and attacks. Shahid fears that the collapse of the Swat accord will actually eliminate any reason against the kiling of innocents.

Now what happens when the war on terror becomes Pakistani peoples war? It means ruthless bombardment of innocent civilians and further disintegration of the society, now the same government which allowed the horrific images of woman flogging on tv channels will strictly prohibit any images of its bombardments killing thousands of women, children and the old. If you dont believe it then just revisit what happened to Swat and Bajour in Nov 2007, July 2008 and January 2009.

Riaz Ahmed
International Socialists



  • ali hammad |

    Why the hell are all the agents and spies find this soil so friendly. damn it every one in this country is blamed as us or Pak military spy. Why is army always being dragged into the situation and being labeled as "ruthless innocent peple killer". What would the army get by killin their own ppl ….. these hypocrites must be punished

  • Shayan |

    "The peace accord is falling apart, people generally fear that now a huge military operation will be conducted and thousands will be killed and millions displaced"

    Guess how I know these figures are gross exaggerations? Swat's total population is barely over a million people. I find it hard to imagine (even just mathematically speaking) that a military operation in Swat will displace millions.

    Undoubtedly there will be human suffering but the longer we let the Taliban sink their claws into Swat the more difficult and messy it'll be to free Swat. I say annul the peace and restart the operation.

    Anyways, it was clear from day one that the Taliban were making this deal in bad faith and now with their attempts to encroach on Buner there is no doubt left about it. Down with the Taliban!

  • Hussain |

    The fashion of calling your opponents American Agent!!/B>

    It used to be a favourite past-time of Fazl-ur-Rehman Group, but looks like lately some people are using this term for any body who opposes them.

    I mean if America is having plans to destablize Pakistan then why the hell Pakistan army, Kiyani, Zaradari co-operate with America? and take their aid?

    or if India is supporting violence in Pakistan, then why the hell is Pakistan letting bollywood flourish in Pakistan?

    I mean who is really the agent here? people who make millions of dollars wouldn't live in mountains and drink filthy water, and put their lives in harms way, but on the other hand it can really make sense if the people who got millions of dollars lived in posh locality of Islamabad or GHQ or what ever is beyod the commmon man's reach.

  • I think therefore I |

    Ever confused Dr. Riaz, when will you come out of your state of denial ???

    Tell us what should be done to stop Taliban barbarians to capture more areas after they enter Buner and Shangla ??

    I'm wondering what type of line you are following International Socialists ??

    Isn't it an irony that International socialists, just lide JI and PTI are singing song of "It's American War not Ours" written and composed by Mr. Hameed Gul !!!!

  • Jamal Khan |

    In the life of every nation when it has to make a hard decision. That decision might not make everybody happy, and it might cost lives of many innocent people but the decision has to be made for a better future or atleast to avoid a black future.

    If we let Talibans run one part of Pakistan, then it will very easily spiral all over the country. That exactly was happening. As soon peace deal was signed in SWAT Talibans told in very plain language that they will go in other areas and finally take over Islamababd. If Khuda na Khawasta that happens then say good bye to Pakistan since it will be divided into 4 different countries as center will lose control and nationlists will gain power. Talibans have an agenda that whereever they go, they first destroy the government machinery which includes the law and order. That is the reason they first kill the policemen and stop the courts working.

    Imagine in a country where there is no future for your kids. Instead of books in their hands, they have guns in their hands, rocket launchers on their shoulders, and live bombs strapped on their chests. I don't want your children to be killing each other in the name of religion.

    So make sure that the military operation which has just started does not stop until every Taliban is killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Then we have to take care of our kids who were trained by Talibans. We have to kill the Taliban's ideoglogy. It will take years or decades to kill that ideology but we have to be patient and support our govt and forces.

  • Jamal Khan |

    Everybody who says that it is American war is a traitor of this country. Religious parties for the longest times have been trying to destablize Pakistan. They want the spread of Talibization so that they can control the govt and so that people oppose action against the terrorists. One person tell me when did the religious parties came to the street and demonstrated against suicide bombings, killings of innocent people, voilence against woment. Everytime goverment wanted to take any action, they played with the sentiments of Pakistani people that the govt is trying to kill our brothers on the behest of US government.

    Let me tell everybody here, that U.S is the one who has saved Pakistan many times from wars with India. U.S is the one who is the most worrying partner who has always been with us whenever there is a clamity. Remember in 2005 it was US govt whose choppers used to come to rescue the people affected by the earthquake. Yes U.S has made mistakes but it was our responsibility of looking after our national interests but U.S was advising us forever that Talibans are a threat to our country and we were accusing U.S.

  • readinglord |

    @Jamal Khan

    I agree with you 100%. People with USA+Yahood-o-Hanood phobia do not realize that this is not the war between Islam and Kufr but is a war of the Muslim civilization and culture against the barbarism. We should take lesson from history. It were the British who had liberated the Muslims of Punjab (which then included the NWFP also) from Sikhs' Talibani type 'Sikha-Shahi' during the 18th century and established a rule of law in the land. I may remind them that these Mullahs who make so much hula-baloo about Yahood-o-Hanood were against the establishment of Pakistan of which they claim to be 'mamaas' now. They had opposed pakistan because its objective was to save Muslim culture of Indian Muslims by a political division of India while the Mullah had wanted a sectarian division of Indian

    society and the Muslims. Having failed to check that the Mullah now wish to impose their sectarianized religion in Pakistan through Talibani terrorism to divide the Muslims and destroy the country.

    May God save us from the Mullah and their 'Deen-e-Fassad'.