Where is the Pakistan Army?

map_taliban_takeoverDr. Farrukh Saleem writes for The News analyzing the strategic deployments of the Pakistan Army according to his rough estimates a total of 89,568 square kilometers of Pakistani territory is either under complete ‘Taliban control’, ‘contested control’ or ‘Taliban influenced’; that’s roughly 11 per cent of Pakistan’s landmass.

The sickening reality is that having lost control of roughly 11 percent of your land the Pakistan Army is busily deployed facing its guns at the Indian threat – I Corps is in Mangla, II Corps is in Multan, IV Corps in Lahore, V Corps in Karachi, X Corps in Rawalpindi, XI Corps in Peshawar, XII Corps in Quetta, XXX Corps in Gujranwala and XXXI Corps is in Bahawalpur, In effect, some 80 to 90 per cent of our military assets are deployed to counter the threat from India

Pakistan is on fire and our fire-fighters are on the Pakistan-India border. There certainly is no easy way out. America wants the Pakistan army to neutralise threats to the mainland US. The Pakistan army, on the other hand, has to defend the Pakistan-India border. The need of the hour, therefore, is for all organs of the Pakistani state — the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the military — to put their heads together and devise a National Counter-Insurgency Policy.



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  1. blog Avatar

    yes, we do need a counter insurgency policy against the drones which are attacking our homeland

  2. MalikAman Avatar

    i can accept the taliban to take over but i can not bear that even one inch of my country comes under indian control

    1. readinglord Avatar

      To hell with this captcha code.

      Where has gone my long post?

      How can I retrieve it?


      Was not you among the 90000

      who had surrendered to Indian

      Army along with the East-

      ern wing of the Jinnah's Pakistan

      and armament worth billions?

      What happened to that Pakistan

      containing, by the way, the

      majority of the nation

      and you? Mind it happened

      about 40 years ago.

      Afala tadabiroon (Why don't

      you think)

  3. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    What’s the point of comparison? Atrocities are atrocities. And therefore, you can’t just blame everything on evil American, the Hindus and the Jews. The Taliban are killing people left right and centre, even a zealot like you can’t escape that fact.

    And on that note, you really want to compare the number of Pakistanis that have been killed by drone strikes and the number of Pakistanis that have been killed by the geedarh (sorry, BRAVE) warriors of Islam?

  4. Sajjad Avatar


    Can't believe I'm reading this. It's like saying we can let the Israelis take over our country, but we can't give an inch to the Americans.

    Any threat to Pakistan should not be taken lightly. Besides, IMHO, Taliban == $(RAW + CIA + Sauron + whatnot) so they are part of the same anti-Pakistan/anti-Islam strategy.

    Key is unity on all fronts, but that looks impossible with the current dacoits in power.

  5. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    "Can’t believe I’m reading this"



    believe it because people of pakistan are sick of experiencing every worst thing possible in the world.


    me either.

    we need the sincere leadership who have the moral courage to act against the evil designs of the america,india and israel.

  6. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Haha! Sure, Dr Jawwad, it is the evil designs of India, Israel and America that are causing all this trouble.

    Never mind the not-evil-at-all butterflies and rainbows designs of the Tallies and their Al Qaeda overlords.

  7. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    ooohhhh please!…

    you want to compare the "atrocities" of taliban and alquida with the atrocities committed by america,israel and india?

  8. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    and…..first prize goes tooooo…………



  9. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki


  10. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Nice to see everybody is getting along…

    Oh and taliban are funded by RAW, Wahabis, Americans and Zionist Jews..

  11. junaid Avatar

    Danial Burki,

    If taliban are killing people left and right, then why are you still alive? Why didn’t they get a murtad like you?

    Dr Farrukh Saleem is a CHOOTIA. Even America, who is fighting this war, didn’t deploy their whole arme in Afghanistan.

    I say again, our Qaum is full of Chootiaz like Dr Farrukh Saleem.

  12. junaid Avatar

    or may be DR Farukh Saleem got an email from his sponsors to tell Pakistanis to push Pakistani army to withdraw the forces from Pakistan/India border.

  13. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    what was given by pak is coming back to them ,you people still say thattaliban is funded by India when talibans were ready to attack India.

    If pak is occupied by isreal or america at least they will give you freedom and not like this taliban who belive in a law that takes a country to a stone age.

    who can you compare atrocities,atleast the americans and so called infidels will kill you once for all not like this brave warriors who will kill 24/7

  14. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    @i love bjp

    talibans ready to attack india? my dear it was all a game by your beloved shining india to tarnish the already bad reputation we have.

    hmm so killing once and for all is the lesser evil is the message im getting from you? i guess pak should nuke you then… once and for all 😉

  15. Ajay Mishra Avatar
    Ajay Mishra

    Oh ya the trio is out to get the supppar power Pak! Stop living in dreamland and save ur nation.

  16. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    or may be DR Farukh Saleem got an email from his sponsors to tell Pakistanis to push Pakistani army to withdraw the forces from Pakistan/India border.[Junaid]


    Dear Junaid Sahab,

    For your kind perusal,

    Foreign hand in Balochistan? Dr Farrukh Saleem [The writer is an Islamabad-based Freelance columnist] Article appeared in The News International on 08-01-2006.

    India on the east, China in the north and Iran and Afghanistan on the west. Which foreign hand has an interest in destabilising Balochistan? Is Iran arming Baloch insurgents? Here are a few facts: Sistan va Baluchestan, with an area of 187,502 kilometres, is the third largest province in Iran. Sistan va Baluchestan has a population of nearly two million and occupies 11.4 per cent of Iranian territory. Will Iran prop up Baloch nationalism in Pakistan at the risk of encouraging nationalist fervour in Iranian Balochistan? As a matter of record, the Iranian Air Force actually helped us quell the 'rebellion' during the 70s (by loaning us their helicopters).

    Complete article:


  17. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    when the whole world is saying that pak is a migraine to this world ,pakistanis think otherwise they thing that pak is the crown ,no other country says so.

    when they are reports and have taliban (your brothers) doing barbarism in your country ,you say that its sponsered by India,

    stop accusing others and take up the responsibility of whats going wrong ,by accepting your failure you move one step ahead of resolving the issue.

    if farruh saleem had told that the unrest in pakistan is a handi work of foreign hand then you would have told long live farruh saleem like you tell hamid zamid who even if a child is born in pak he will blame India.

    your gov is blaming others so that it can escape form being told a failure.

    accept the situation and try to change it (if possible) before its to late.

  18. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    SM Imran H Zaid its good to know that you love BJP,

  19. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan


    completely agreed.

    i am sick of these self proclaimed analyst.

  20. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    "SM Imran H Zaid its good to know that you love BJP"

    imran zaidi? loves bjp?…

    ohhhhhhh….i see now. hummmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. ziawan Avatar

    Armies are deployed at the level of threat expected, to counter an "army" invasion. The talibaan case is difference of opinion between the people of pakistan. It is same as jeay sindh or MQM is doing to propogate their cause or improve their standing. Political or cultural differences of various groups within a nation, need not be crushed by armies. TNSM or JUI or Jamaat Islami are doing same politics even before the advent of Taaliban or mujahideen. In the best, its failure of administrative regimes to reduce the effect of cultural/political differences and ad-hoc strategies made. Nothing new nor different as of previous in surgents as in Baluchistan or Malakand. They are our own people with different school of thought. Blaming our enemies for getting benefit out of our differences is just avoiding our own incompetencies.

  22. ziawan Avatar

    American or indian are just blowing the air to their own advantage and whatever they deem fit to do in certain situation. If it is russia they need to counter they donot deploy their armies to counter for the fright of full scale war and instead use Our cultural heritage of Jihad as device and propogate the need to bring muslim people as front line warriors (mujahideen) to same insurgent technique. Pakistan sought the opportunity to bring up friendly pashtun government in Afghanistan to safeguard volatile borders in west.

  23. ziawan Avatar

    Our plight is due to reliability on foreign aid to run our governments / military projects, hence change our polity as and when donors require us to comply. We are against liberalism in 1980s and bring in religious big wigs and till the sanctions started in 90's we were so akin to bring in Sharia by governments married to talibaan in west. Kargill and 9/11 brought opportunity to cash in moderation (liberalism) again. Our national consensus is tarnished by repeated u-turns of our leaders so much as an ordinary citizen is just a bystanders to this circus now. Army, being only organized institution left, has been opportunistic on same grounds. Army got at helm of affairs when ever it found place vacant and did not do the restructuring it could do to establish/bring a national consensus. Instead it resorted to money making and empire building on same principles as civil bureaucracy/politicians. We are able to build nuclear arsenal but a good nation building was scarified. We are living in same stooged British era colony mechanism and our royals have changed only. Instead of serving a single queen and brit interest we have colonised and marred our people for a group of multilateral donors, our own imperial icons and legacy army of elite generals.

  24. abbas ali Avatar
    abbas ali

    For those Pakistanis who think that taliban was due US and Pakistan leaders mistakes-the answer is right here in this blog. A terrorist organisation grows no doubt with backing of leadership but IT is the moronic sympathy that locals give that breeds it like mosquitoes.If people like Jawwad khan write like insane religious slaves who cannot see truth-Taliban will forever not leave our nation.The whole world fron Germany to US is shouting that our nation is sinking-we have some dangerous citizens who are making sure it happens.Yes the answer is reponsibilities.When go out today-look out for Jawwad Khans out in streets-wondered how many we have-any wonder why we are sinking-??

  25. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan



    my sympathies are with you! but what can i do ? talibans are inevitable.soon pakistan will be islamic state I.A

    my advise for you abbas!

    "if you can't beat them, join them"

    sirf kalma hi to parhna hey abbas.

  26. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    addas dr is right ,please go and join taliban because pakistan can not beat them.help them to bring the law on the most peaceful religion ,so what if they burn girl schools ,so what they restrict women going out alone,so what if women are allowed to beg but not work.so what if music is banned ,so what they beat up people who does not pray five times a day,so what if they flog girls openly, so what if they dont want to promt science.,so what if the whole world is saying they are a threat,so what if they cant see beyond religion, so what if they want to take back pak to stoneage they are imposing the law of the most MOST MOST PEACEFUL religion you should support them.dr you are right PAKISTAN cant beat them so ,its better to join them.whats say doc.

    doc is always right he as got is doctrate from a madrasa.all this science is unislamic like democracy introdused by westerns and infidels.

  27. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    last but not the least ,so what if they have mis- interrupted the religion they have to be supported.

  28. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan


    once taliban took the control of pakistan.india will be the next. i have a desire to fly the pakistani flag on "lal qila" dehli.

  29. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    first save your country from taliban and then dream of anything else ,its not a bad thing to dream but keep in mind that some dreams will hurt you a lotand cost you which your country can not afford and by the way which madrasa did you get the doctorate from .

  30. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Me love bjp? Nice to have some humor here haha… dr. jawad the propagandist at it again with his RAW friends…

    Taliban will not be able to capture pakistan; this is all a load o bollocks; if they do well; India is next bro…

  31. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    I am not sure about pakistan,the leaders whom we have selected are component and they bring a law which is good for the nation not like pak whoes policy is determined by the westerners who give alms when they go begging for money .they make any policy to satisfy to please the masters ,they are ready to kill their own people if given money and they will tell their people that it was done by forien hand and their people will believe if they are told that crow is white.

    good luck support taliban let them bring the law of the peaceful religion.

    we are happy with our law and we like to be under developed then taliban ,we dont want to prosper as u are doing(how many suicide bombings in this year?) we like to be the way we are.

  32. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    its fun to see the beggars you elected after each attack first they will say its done by a india or a foreign hand (before any investigation) after the world says that it is u r own bros they will then accept.

    I some simple question.

    why do you hate america?

    if you hate them why are you letting them use your soil?

    why are the elected beggars asking aid from them like beggars how ask money in traffic signal?

    can any pakistani answer this? or they just want to change the topic?

  33. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @imran zaidi!

    i bet they will. because if you aware of the prophecy of Nabi e kareem (saww) about "ghazwa e hind" then you shall realize that this is the time and taliban is the group which can fullfil this prophecy.

    world is heading towards the end.it's not just my guess but most of the people muslims,christians and even jews believe that. we are witnessing the begining of the end.

    i am sure that very soon hazrat mehdi(as) will appear and the "ARMAGEDON" will be started.

    BTW there is a famous saying that enemy of the enemy is a friend. so logically you and indians are friends.

  34. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    IF the taliban capture the world(THATS NOT POSSIBLE)it can capture the country lead by beggars ,what you say will become true the world will end.

    I had asked some questions ,if there is any true pakistani can they please explain me .the question was asked on May 1, 2009 @ 7:40 pm.if a true pakistani or a true muslim how hates America can they answer.

  35. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    here is a very funny clip,swat taliban pakistan ha ha ha ha ha ha ha http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-RIxs0lfUpxQ/paki

  36. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    funnay? hunhhh!!!

    check this out how dead disgusting indian asses floating over ganges like pieces of feaces polluting their sacred ganges river. ….yekhhhhhhhh


  37. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    ok doc so what is the big deal, u dont have anything else to discuss ,ours is a country of more than a billon population ,so whats the big deal ,I asked you what is happening in swat and what your elected beggars are doing to control the situation and doc I had asked you some simple question ,if you are a true paki or a muslim answer it or just dont bother answering the comment.the three very simple question are why do you hate america?

    if you hate them why are you letting them use your soil?

    why are the elected beggars asking aid from them like beggars how ask money in traffic signal?

    if you are capable answer it or I know what a muslim and paki is )

  38. SEO Karachi Pakistan Avatar

    Its great information. Quite strange

  39. i love bjp Avatar
    i love bjp

    dr the beggar you have elected as a president as told that ISI and CIA is responsible for the growing of taliban and you guys accuse India for everything ,first you decide wether India is behind taliban or not like sindhu told your president can not find is own as@ with his hand ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    you guys know only to blame India ,even if a child is born you guys will say that India is behind this ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha ah aha

  40. moiz qureshi Avatar
    moiz qureshi

    assalam o alikum

    i jst wnt 2 say dun b afraid of those talibans and bloody indians… its just a matter ov time..inshallah v will live for ever…

    hvnt u lsiten the hadees of prophet(s.a.w)

    says that an amry will rise frm sindh n capture india

    it will b our army ….we will b the conqror dun b afraid ………..

  41. dhai bhalla Avatar
    dhai bhalla

    the bjp are just a bunch of rabid hindu nazis. In fact their whole ideology is based on the nazi party – dirty filthy hindu scum.

  42. Pratik Avatar

    A lot to write but don't know whether Pakistanis have brain to understand and accept the truth..May God Bless you all!