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Swat Relief Update [Day 1 @ 15:41]

Have just reached Peshawar, the initial plan was to rendezvous with my friend coming from Karachi but due to unavoidable medical reason got held back. I am now awaiting a call from Inam who was supposed to reach Bgheecha Deri by bus, I expect that too be delayed as his cell phone is powered off probably due to drained out battery. Ill wait up about an hour here in Peshawar and if I don’t hear from Inam by 4pm ill head out towards Mardan and Bagheecha Deri for the scout report.

Faris is in Lahore overseeing the Makro shipment – mashallah we had a few last minute contribution pushing the grand total closer to Rs 29,00,000 [Rs. 2.9 Million] the items will be added to the delivery at Makro Lahore. Once the trucks are loaded Faris will head by bus to Peshawar while we will plan to meetup with the truck the next day.

Ground report on distribution say its a nightmare – strong suggestions are being made to join with the team of local NGO’s or some local organization to aid in the distribution of food, I’m stead fast in going into a region where less aid has reached and do not want to restrict myself to official camps and locations where the inflow of aid is regular. But surely not at the cost of being ransacked. So a strategic decision is to be made in the next few hours as to how we shall proceed with the food distribution. Since Makro hs not packed the goods in individual hampers we have to plan with that in mind as well – maybe identify a location where we can sort and pack the items [yet another inclination to go towards an NGO]

Medical supplies were coordinated by Ehsan Awan of Nawan group through his outstanding work we will inshallah get a ton of medicines to distribute probably on Saturday or Sunday.


  • guYasir |

    No matter we give millions or billions in aid to swaties but they are seeking to go back to their actual homes. Most aid goes ruin and it is not an alternative to their wounds.

    This is shame for all of us esp for our ruling class who are bunch of cowards dancing on WDC tunes.

    Zardari, Kiyani, Gillani are stooge of west why didn't they work to beat india in Kashmir and in 1971 war.

    I guess beating India is more dangerous and less profitable while beating/bombing their own people is less danger and more profitable afterall we all are Mammon worshippers.

  • Sikander |

    i don't agree with you yasir.. they at least tried to keep the Taliban and the Militants in a limit.. Taliban leaders were saying that after signing the agreement we will lay down our weapons but they didn't.. and Sufi Mohammed proved himself a helpless puppet.. so it was necessary to take action against the devils who are so stubborn of nature..

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