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Swat Relief Drive Day 2 Pictures

I have uploaded over 180 pictures of our Swat Relief Drive day 2 – I have barely been able to filter / sort / label any of the images and can only promise to get them sorted out once I get back home so until then I leave you to marvel at how bad the refugee situation is

The pictures include images of our food hamper processing, images of those road side refugees that I mentioned in the previous write up, images of our trucks and relief hamper processing, images from the Jalala Camp where you will see abundant pictures of a truck getting ransacked

Best way to follow my progress is through twitter where I hope to post frequent short messages and an occasional images on twitter @DrAwab


  • haris |

    What a bigotry

    The people of Swat and effectd areas are not allowed to go to other parts of the country!!!!!

    What a surprise. Why? are not they Pakistani?

    Man, its a big shame. All these mother f@ck3rs who were forcing Pakistan Army for operation are now refusing to allow the suffering residents of the place to migrate????

  • Concerned |

    A question for you Awab. What do you say about this report:

    Refugees survive on food 'cows won't eat'


    Where is the disconnect? I think enough help has been raised so at least IDPs are not forced to eat worse than the animals! What's going on?

    Haris, where did you read this? If true this is very disgusting and shows the real face of the supporters of this operation.

  • Asim |

    I'm xtremly gratful of to to provide such a gr8 picture about relief over SWAT…i dn't hve to word of thanks to pay u..what evr gr8 job mate….ALLAH BLESS U