Swat Relief: Call out for Doctors, Community health workers, Gynecologists & Nurses

A Severe Health Crisis:

There are 66,000 pregnant women living at the relief camps in Pakistan and many of them are likely to give birth in the next three months, the UN has said. Displaced children need special health and nutrition assistance as well as access to primary and emergency medical care to prevent disease. With the dire conditions, these people are living in there is a serious threat of an epidemic spreading in the camps.

Termed as the worst humanitarian crisis that Pakistan has experienced. UNHCR reports that there are 2.2 million people displaced. Conditions for the conflict areas are a cause of concern since access to water, electricity and health care is extremely limited. Fighting and a general lack of security have disrupted supply chains in Dir, Buner and Swat, making goods – food in particular – scarce and expensive. In addition, frequent curfews make it difficult for people to obtain whatever basic services do happen to be available in their towns and villages. In Mingora, for example, the Swat district’s main hospital is now abandoned and water and electricity have been cut off for over a week.

Large camps are being set up to house civilians fleeing conflict-stricken areas. According to official statistics, however, only a fraction of the 2.2. Million officially registered internally displaced people (IDPs) have moved into them.

We urgently require doctors, community health workers, gynecologists and nurses to go up to the areas. We, a group of citizens working with Concern for Children (organization tied with GSK) have arranged accommodation and are arranging for travel expenses for anyone who would like to go to these areas.

For more information please contact 0333-3464403 or email us at Moneeza.ahmed@gmail.com or info@concernforchildren.org.pk

We are working in conjunction with Sungi and Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation to provide emergency medical care to those IDP’s that have not been able to reach the government camps. These people are living with host families who are themselves impoverished, or have been placed in make shift shelters in schools.

The organisations on the ground have informed us that the need for female doctors, especially gynecologists is dire and many women in the make shift shelters are likely to give birth in unhygienic surroundings, far from medical care. We will be taking up missions of female doctors, medicines and safe delivery kits to those that need it the most



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6 responses to “Swat Relief: Call out for Doctors, Community health workers, Gynecologists & Nurses”

  1. guYasir Avatar

    What the heck is goin on despite being a Peace Agreement in btw Sufi.M/Talibs and our gov?

    Our gov didn't inform any1 neither they take confidence vote from Parliament.

    If they taken then didnt inform swaties. As far I know the Courts which Sufi/Talibs wanted didn't provide by gov.

    The courts were bunch of non-religious persons who will do the same justice as it sales in normal courts.

    Qazi courts weren't there which give them jiffy decisions without bribes its swift system for them.

    Here i guess conflict starts and war goes on which consequences will affect whole country and we can't even call 15 for our help.

  2. guYasir Avatar

    Teeth where is your visitors track.? its been long i havent seen it. that was a good track to get to know how many folks have visit this post.

    Regarding Swaties what can I say its a hell for them. we must say whatever has had happened in Lahore at 15 building and who did it are an insane but what about our military who are doing the same in greater scale in swat so thats why swaties have turned IDPs.

    The bombardment which our army doin in swat and buner is similar to what has happened in Lahore yesterday.

    Swat, Buner, Malakand, Dir, Bajur, and its adjacent areas are those areas which provided Mujahadin during Soviet war,

    if you look back history and watch Hilary Clinton speech in which she said that we are the ones who created them gave them stinger missiles and recruitments via CIA/ISI and we left them over after war.

    They are the same folks who took part in Soveit jihad and came back to their cities like swat buner.

    Sufi-Muhammed is their leader and they want Sharia Laws/courts which our gov is unable to give and dancing on WDC tunes gettin Aid from IMF which in real is Aids for all of us and it sucks our blood and make us sick.

  3. guYasir Avatar

    The consequences of war in swat is resulting in IDPs which is shame for us that our people turn IDPs in their own country.

    Our gov is unable to provide them any relief except askin for an inter-national help which would be hard to cum due to recession which is more severe than 1929 recession.

    This recession will engulf whole world and will create havoc and chaos social unrest will be at its peak and unemployment will rise rapidly it might be a civil-war soon…

    What we are doing in Swat? no doubt that US/UK put immense pressure on our gov to do more against ur own folks so we'll give u Aid nah Aids which our ruler spread in local market and make us sick.

    We dont need dis Aid which dont spend on IDPs or needy rather mostly goes into ruler pockets so they make a forun trips forun forun.

    I feel sorry to swaties who are once lives in beautiful valley now turn IDPs no clean water, no toilets, no food

    Our ruling class is all responsible for this and they will have to give answer one day for their decisions.

  4. Shaista Avatar

    Vision21 is a non profit organization in Rawalpindi. We are collecting donations of medicine and first aid materials for starting a mobile dispensary for the displaced residents of Swat and Malakand. Our team is visiting the pharmaceutical companies, medical stores and hospitals/clinics in Rawalpindi & Islamabad to collect medicine and contact volunteer doctors to work with us.

    Please contact us if you want to give any of the following items, donate money, refer to the volunteer doctors or help in any other way.

    1. Water purification tablets

    2. Life saving drugs

    3. Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza

    4. Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz

    5. Antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin

    6. IV cannulas

    7. IV Drip sets

    8. IV drips: normal saline, ringerlactate

    9. Local anesthetics (injections)

    10. Cotton bandages, cotton

    11. Surgical instruments: e.g. needle holders, forceps, and tweezers

    12. Suturing materials, Skin staples

    13. Energizers for children and sick (dried milk)

    14. ORS

    15. Mosquito Sprays etc.

    please visit our Blog for further details:

  5. Dawn Avatar

    I hear what you are saying here but I dont totally agree with you 100% on this topic. Id be more likely to take the conservative approach myselfBest Registry Cleaners

  6. CNA skills Avatar

    Great Post…It's true there are most of the women which gives birth to kids in unhygienic conditions and they have to suffer a lot from various difficulties. The decision for providing female doctors and nurses will really be a great help to all the pregnant women. The tips should also be given to them to take care for themselves and their baby.