CJP Iftikhar meets Holbrooke?

There is a news item which may go unnoticed that the Chief Justice of Pakistan had a meeting with Mr Richard Holbrooke in his chambers on Friday.

We as members of the civil society have struggled long and hard for his restoration and we continue to respect the Supreme Court, but for matters of dignity and norms the Chief Justice should not have met a political official of the US Government, which has been responsible for kidnappings and ‘externments’ from Pakistan to say the least. A large number of cases were heard by the Chief Justice himself before and are still pending in which the US government has clearly been accused and implicated. Even the issue of encroachment of Pakistan’s sovereignty, and drone attacks in violation of the same and of our basic rights, can come up for hearing at the Supreme Court.

A statement made out by the Registrar is a clumsy effort to cover up the issue when he said that ‘Matters relating to judicial reforms as per national judicial policy and the whole judicial structure of Pakistan were discussed‘.

Mr Holbrooke is deeply involved in the politics of the regions as per the requirements of his position and has nothing to do with the judiciary and judicial reforms. He is not a lawyer and has never held any position in the judicial branch of the US Government. In fact his entire career has been with the foreign service.

The citizens should continue to keep an eye on such indiscretions, which have serious implications regarding the dignity and impartiality of our Judiciary. While politicians and government officials including the President with scant regard for protocol can make a beeline to meet or host such officials, the Chief Justice should honor his office which has been bestowed upon him through a long, even bloody struggle of the people of Pakistan.



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  2. Aam_Aadmi Avatar

    how is richard holbrooke involved in missing persons? he come after bush in obama time

    this blgo is worst hate instigator, first use cj against musharraf then turn against cj

    only want anarchy in society? all are harami only you are good?

    last comment on your blog full of shia hatred and you let it pass. how many shias to kill?

  3. Bangash Avatar

    CJ acts like he is part of the govt so naturally Holbrooke would meet him too.