Iran Election Results Watch

iran electionsIt seems the Iranian Elections are being reported by the State run news agencies as a victory for the incumbent Ahmedinejad but it seems that only a fraction of the results have been counted. Stratfor has issued a careful watch alert on the elections to not jump to conclusions just as yet as there appears to be hotly contested election and tempers may flare up

The Iranian election is currently in turmoil. Both Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi are claiming to be ahead in the vote. Preliminary results from the presidential vote show Ahmadinejad leading; Iranian Election Commission chief Kamran Danesho held a press conference at 11:45 p.m. local time and announced that with some 20 percent of the votes counted, the president was leading with 3,462,548 votes (69.04 percent), while his main challenger, Mousavi, had 1, 425,678 (28.42 percent). Sources tell STRATFOR that these preliminary numbers pertain to the votes from the smaller towns and villages, where the president has considerable influence, as he has distributed a lot of cash to the poor.

However, Iran’s state-run Press TV is saying that only 10 million of 24 million votes, or around 42 percent of the vote, have been counted. At the same time, they are also claiming that 69 percent of the vote has been counted. Obviously the numbers are not adding up, and the agencies themselves appear to be in chaos.

Prior to the announcement of the results, Mousavi held a press conference in which he said he was the winner of the election. The opposition camp is greatly concerned about fraud, and STRATFOR has been told that Mousavi has vowed to resist any fraud, even if it entails taking to the streets. This means there is considerable risk of unrest should Ahmadinejad emerge as the winner. But so far there is no evidence that the government is mobilizing security forces to deal with any such eventuality. The situation is being monitored carefully, as it is potentially explosive.






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  1. Priyank Avatar

    It seems with results coming up, its not going to be American way. In spite of all negative press that President Ahmadinejad

    might have been subjected to by likes of CNN and other western press, he seems to be set for a second term.

    Its a bane of democracy you get what you deserve, like Americans got Bush.

    Time is asking to be prudent and not to deliberately push Iran

    into a isolation which its citizens don't deserve. As also you can't have two different yardsticks for Israel and Iran on that matter. Can Obama subject Israel to the same treatment as is being meted out to Iran, No way!!

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    imran zaidi ko mubarak ho.

  3. guY-sir Avatar

    I hope and pray that Nejad 2nd term in his office. He'd be able to "wipe Israel off the map" so world could be a better place to love and live.

    Muslims has no fight with Judaism rather We have a fight with Zionism.

    The purpose of Zionism is to help colonize the Middle East, subvert Islam, and control the oilfields. For this reason Israel continues to receive blank checks. (One analyst estimates the US taxpayer has spent $1.9 trillion on Israel.) This is why the founding of Israel took precedence over the welfare of the Jewish people.

  4. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Haha! Nice one, guysir. I've missed the high level of debate on this blog.

    As for the elections, it wouldn't have mattered if Ahmadinejad won or Moussavi won. Everyone, especially Iranians, know who really calls the shots.

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    i have serious doubt about all this anti israel stand of ahmdei nijyad.

    what i feel that iran want to be a regional power to dominate the neighboring arab countries and want to take control of the 2 holly mosques along with makkah mukarrama and madina munawwara.

    israel is the biggest hurdle in its resolution.because israel is already working as regional super power.

    the Renaissance of persian civilization and shia dominance are the main reasons of typical behaviour of irani leadership.

    the biggest goal of iranian leadership is to bring america on the table of dialogue and acceptance of iran as a regional power.once they achive these two goals i am 100% sure they will forget all about palestine and israel.

    its interest in balochistan is obvious and ex COAS mirza aslam baig by himself testified that(he was shocked to see a map of greater iran in the office of iranian army general.balochistan was included as a part of iran in that map)

    " be khudee bay sabab naheen ghalib

    kuch to hay jis ki parda dari hay "

  6. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Please beware from Habib Public School. This school is converting Sunni Children to shiaism fastly.

    This has happened to following 7 children in the session 2008-2009

    Kashif Iqbal 9th Sec A (His mother condition is very bad)

    Nouman Masood 9th Sec A (He is now got admitted in shia madrisa)

    Tahir Aziz Matric Section A( he is currently in Iran for learning Fiqa)

    Muhammaf Furqan Matric Section A(In Early stage)

    FarasatAli Khan Matric Section B(has left his home & in TNFJ)

    Sohail Israr Matric Section A( totally converted)

    Sohaib Bilal Matric Section B (Get Admission in shia madrisa Kumailiya)

    The Name of teachers who are involved for convert the sunni students to shiaism are as follows:

    Mr. S.M Ali Zaidi (Islamiat Teacher)

    Mr S. Aun Raza Naqvi ( Science teacher)

    Mr. S.Tabraiz Raza Rizvi ( PT Teacher)

    Mr. Syed Furqan Raza Abidi (Pakistan Studies Teacher)

    Ms. Azra A Haidery (Chemistry Teacher)

    Ms Shahida Rizvi ( English Teacher)

    Mr. Shabbar Hussain (Sports teacher)

    In view of above it is requested you to please do not admitt your children to Habib Public School. This could happened to your child as well. Unfortunately Government support is with School Administration one could not do any thing however he/she do one thing not to send their children to Habib Public School.

    Note: if your children are studying in HPS plz take necessary action to safeguard your child IMAAN.

  7. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    If they really are converting Sunnis to Shias, then they have a duty to let the parents know that such is the mandate of the school. That's the case in religious schools elsewhere.

    But if you want to play fair, Dr Jawwad, then please also condemn all the Sunni madrassas trying to convert Muslims of other denominations! Heh

  8. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    could you please give me address of any madrassa which is giving the terrorist training?

    could you or any one else point out that kind of madrissa which has suspicious hidden activities?

    after all terrorist training is not some thing which could be taught in a room or confined need at least a play ground for that.

    how it is possible for a madrissa to give such kind of training with out any knowledge of resident of that area?

    i never saw such schools.

    even though there are very few madrissa in remote areas may be doing this.the numbers could hardly reach upto double digits. do you know how many madrissas are there in pakistan?….in thousands at least

    do you think that it is reasonable to repeat the allegations which are only coming from biased and islamophobic western world?

  9. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Who is talking about terrorist training? (there is more than enough evidence of that; unless, of course, the atheist-liberal-fascist-hindu-zionists planted all the weapons in Lal Masjid and other such houses of innocence!)

    I'm simply saying that if you've got your knickers in a twist over Shia teachers converting Sunnis, then you should similarly condemn Sunni missionaries who try to convert Shias, Ismailis, Bahais etc to the "true" faith.

  10. guY-sir Avatar

    Mr. Margolis wrote fastidiously about Iran. If you haven't read it yet go and read. its good

  11. jimi Avatar

    Danial Burki,

    Since you are a murtad, you will not understand, but I will tell you any ways.

    Bringing shias, ismailis into Islam is same as bringing a lost soul from darkness to light. Its not the same otherwise.

    You wouldn't understand, your atheist-zionist-hindu brainwashed brain does not go beyond 2+2=4.

  12. jimi Avatar

    have you guys wondered why US attacked Iraq? and not Iran? Iraq had denied existence of any atomic plans where as Iran is working on its Atomic Plans?

    The truth is Iraq was broken, so that Iraqi Shias could strengthen Iran and thus make Iran even bigger power

    Iraq was supported by US and Saudi Arabia in the long Iran-Iraq war. Who was supporting Iran behind the scenes?

    Listen to this, and hear the story of Iran

  13. guY-sir Avatar

    @dr jk and danail and others.

    1st of all i'd like to say i aint a righteous muslim in anyway. im very sinful due to this system.

    i do drink and smoke weed due to this system, i dont want to drink neither smoke but the system which is responsible for it

    thats y you often see on my comments where i give blame on the system which is inimical for us.

    i want to change the system which let ye away from the right path and give ur free-will to act according to ur free-will

    we started worship Mammon instead of God thats a point where we are ruin and what else i can say im already drunk.

    no matter whats ur religion is whether u worship idols or cow or do matum or watever but the system should be according to the last and final prophet esp financial system which is cause of world-woes.

    put further lite on it later cant write right now due to my drunkenness, cya pray for mankind and for me we ought to get salvation in hereafter life which is real success if ye ponder…cya

  14. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    nice link gu-sir.

    they have top minds and courage to tell the truth which we do noy have.

  15. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    and equally impressive analysis by george frieman.

    thanks jimi for sharing.

  16. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Lal masjid!

    1) right under the nose of the govt for about 20 years since jihad e afghanistan?

    2) it was an example of the dirty game of pakistani establishment and intelligence agencies nothing more.

    3) what i understand from your allegations that if some one from burki becomes sucide bomber then the whole burki tribe should be treated as terrorist tribe.whole pakistani media , civil society and political leaders should come forward and demad the burki elders to stop terrorism and preach every burki about the evil of should run a campaign especifically for the burkis to make them realize the importance of amazing

  17. Ali Avatar

    How sad that people get a little oppurtunity to drag the opposite faith's people in the scene and they did their best!

  18. Ali Avatar

    Its very sad to see how people keep hatred in their hearts for Shias and erupt it all when they get a little oppurtunity. What is the reason of dragging the Shias into the discussion while the discussion is about election in a country? I see no reason for mentioning Habib Public School or matam or Imran Zaidi or idol,cow and matam in a single line or "shia dominance are the main reasons of typical behaviour of irani leadership".

    Could any body please enlighten me what was the reason of mentioning Habib Public School here? I am also very sad to see the silent behavior of the blog owner.

    Now that the filth has been erupted this give me full right to put forward the facts and to ask you some simple question, yes it is out of the topic but what can I do..? the pendora's box has already been opened for no reason.

    Regarding Habib Public School:


    First of all no authentic source has been provided for the case.

    To convert someone to a new faith is not like putting bread in a toaster and you are done. It takes a lot of questions/answers/argument/reasoning from both sides and take a long time. A child spent how much time at school 5 hours? minus the time taken for each subject, resis and break. The time left for preacing Shiaism left is 1 hour. The rest of time that child is spending at home with family i.e. around 15-18 hours. You mean to say the effect of 1 hour is so strong that children getting converted. Amazing!

    Seems that system of taleem o tarbiyat at Sunni homes have been collapsed that their kids are so loose in their faith that 1 hour preaching is making them learn Fiqha, join TNFJ, admitted to Shia madarsa. Or may be Sunni kids have not been exposed to the facts of Land of Al Fadak, War of Siffin and War of Jamal and many more and when these facts put forward to them they readily converts. Am I right? By the way Shias never made hue and cry about the Sunni syllabus we have been reading for decades at school from nursery till graduation and even then I so far never heard that Shias got converted to Sunnis because their teacher was praising so and so while delivering lectures. Either Shia kids are so strong in faith or the stuff put forward to them is illogical. You have open options to chose one reason from the above.

    Deobandi Madrassas:


    Jawwad, you asked for any Madarsah and one of the top most is Lal Mosque. Then you say "right under the nose of the govt for about 20 years since jihad e afghanistan?". Yes under the nose of Govt. from 1983. But government had just kept the eyes shut, who was leading that madarsah and with what relationship Jamia Binoria then and again welcomed the beloved Abdul Aziz(Buqay Wala) and Rasheed's father and these 2 brothers too to deliver speeches at Binnoria Town mosque?? So this Binoria-Lal nexus, what was that? and the Binoria affiliated madrassas throughout country are keeping the same ideology both in terms of education and terrorism. See the following Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binoria Site glorifying Lal Mosque coward Jihadists.

    Now again you have to chose one either say Government was right on Lal Mosque stand and Lal Mosque people were wrong or Lal Mosque – Binnoria (and obviously the whole deobandi madressa breed) people were good and government took the wrong step. In the later case you would be siding your self towards a terrorist outfit of Madrassa.

    And you know the American fuelled Afghan jihad, from where did it get the human resource? from Jamat-e-Islami, no they JI only pimped the deal. It was deobandi Madrassa that supplied man power, it is all knowing. Who does not know that Mufti Shamzai(The head of Banoria Mosque) did not do any thing in Afghan Jihad, and later on in American war in terror who send their herd de taliban from madrassaas to Afghan to help the Taliban terrorists.

    And Jawwad could you please explain me for which seminaries in the following link they are talking about?
    And I also remeber Qila Jangi when the incident happened many Madressas did Ghaibana Namaz-e-Janaza for its Shaheed kid[by the way this ghaibana namaz e janaza was become a common at one time first in the kashmir jihad then in the american war on terror].

    For the people living in Karachi to see the radical sentiments in Deobandi students just take a bus of 4K,4J,Khan Coach on Friday from Guru Mandir you will see many Binori [terror]student will ride into the bus to their favourite place at Nagan Chorangi and after the Juma prayers they starts chanting "Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir or Barelvi Murdad Haai Haai" isnt it radicalism or terrorism?

    guY-sir @ Financial Issue and Mammon:


    Like Jawwad I fully agree with you but I am not able to understand why did you put idol/cow worshipping in one line with matam and dont know what is the reason of this point in this discussion. May be you would be too much drunken while typing.

    I am putting the above mentioned stuff in one line as an offence and here being a strong beleiver of 3rd Law of Motion, here is my reply.

    You are saying that the financial system should be according to the final Prophet's model. For that we will have to first solve the first financial cruelity done against daughter of Prophet in account of Fadak. Then shun all the form and facets of nepotism that was started in 3rd Sunni Caliph reign as Mentioned in Khilafat o Malokiat by Abul Alaa Maudoodi(Jawwad's favourite). For your help the stuff has been mentioned in Chapter four "Khilafat-e-Rashda say Malookiat Tak" from page 105 if you are reading the copy from Idara-e-Tarjuman-e-Quran private limited lahore. Hey since you are drunken dont read it as "Khilafat-e-Rashda say Mamonism Tak". See this is book is written by Jawwad's favourite Maudoodi not a Shia one.

    Jawwad's Burkey Analogy:


    You wrote "…..that if SOME ONE from burki becomes sucide…." HEre is the problem in your understanding, What do you mena by "SOME ONE" there is not only a ONE there are MANY that we have seen so far starting from suicide bombings in Shia Mosques in 2004 and later on till the most recent Barelvi Mosque Attack in which the inncent barelvi principal martyred. So its been 5-6 years my friend that these deobandi maressah are spawning suicide bombers and terrorists and you are saying SOME ONE. Shame on you!!!

    [Moderate]Sunni brothers and sisters I am very sorry if any fact of above hurt you but when I saw the comments under the blog post blood past through my throat!!! How much hatred has been filled in the hearts of these people with which we meet everyday in offices in schools and everywhere!!!

  19. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    you blended the innocence with the smartness.

    jaisay jantay naheen,pehchantay naheen……hen ji?

    do i have to repeat myself again and again?

    you are very much concerned by the you know why there is hatred?

    is it possible for a normal person to hate some one with out any reason?

    do you know what reason is this?….i bet you do.

    people are very much awared about the "tabbarrah" "taqiya" and "muta" especially public display of filth against the most reverd personalities of islam after nabi e kareem(saww).these personalities are being relentlessly,

    restlessly and obnoxiously under attack since so many centuries.

    now one thing happened.people have a greater access to the knowledge.people start reading the filthiest books on earth of the pig like writers and people developed hatred.people are more cognisant than ever.

    people ask, what is wrong with these guys?

    why they are attacking on the people who have reverance,who have credibility, who have record of utmost loyality and utmost devotion and services for islam.

    people when read the history and read the ahadith e mubarika and compare with the filthy attacks by perverts,they get enraged.

    after all that obnoxious attack on these personalities why do you expect a medal of honor from sunnis?

    so please stop whining and face the outcome of that monkey business.

  20. guY-sir Avatar


    How its goin? meet me please I'm guYasir aka guY-sir

    I had a friend name Ali Ch. He was my uni frnd wen i was doin MBA from Hamdard uni, he wasn't shia rather punjabi his father was Director of Military land 23 grade officer due to dual CSS… 7 yrs bak he committed suicide despite been wealthy his death mysterious for every1 he had Benz and came at my house often which shocked many in my area.

    He was the one who make me Sharabi. He was one of the Ayash i ever seen. He died but i still not stop i shud let this habit die after he died but it alives sooon i gonna turk/leave it.

    Regarding Shias, I've got alot of respect for Fatima the daughter of last prophet and her hubby Hazrat Ali(R.A) whose nicked was Lion of Allah given by last prophet himself.

    The rule which creates trouble. Rule has 2 part means Kanoon 2nd Who will Rule. I guess thats a problem last Prophet of Mankind wasn't only Prophet or minor Prophet if he didn't have Miracles as compare to Jesus rather

    He was Leader, Politician, COAS, Ruler and the 1One1 and only One and Last Prophet who established complete G-d Kingdom on the face of the earth despite there were several prophets minor to mighty b4 him.

    After Mohamed(saw) demised the same Rule which i said above came and created schism. Please read/listen sunni 3rd ruler Usman (R.A) killing/sahadath

    That was the point where Sunni-Shia schism came into being. And Muslims enemy got greatest advantage for thier RULE instead of Muslim-Rule.

    Well i will recommend you to listen Dr Israr Ahmed speeches without bias if you can overall Shia Sunni got sordid-schism rather bloody-schism our enemy Yahud-Nisara gained goliath advantage from it…

    All those shias who don't accept our 3 Rulers one among them He who gave muslims Masjid Aqsa without any bloodshed. And Ali Rule was bloody rule when they fought bloody Camel-war.

    Umer R.A was one Khalifah who not only conquered Zion rather established Masjid-Aqsa and established G-d Kingdom there. Masjid-e-Aqsa or in other words Zion and Zionism which is a core conflict of contemporary world.

    This was 17th century which aroused movement which decided to snatched Muslims/Umer Rule in Palestine and established their own Rule aka Divide and Rule.

    We consider Hazrat Umer as 3rd Khalifah and Hazrat Ali as a 4th Khalifah whose ruled was Matam i mean bloody if ye know History.

    Many shias dont accept Abu Bakr, Umer, Usman (R.A) as a Khalifahs rather they feel that Hazrat Ali dynasty/imams will Rule and Ali is automatically turned 1st ruler after prophet death. Sunnies feel that Ali was 4th and sunnies are 90% in Muslims whole population.

    Did Prophet bequeath in which written that Ali would be my successor. porphet didn't rather it was Democracy which introduced by Mohamed himself at that time. Prophet was Pure-Politician instead of Perverse-Politicians of contemporary world.

    If prophet dynasty would ruled then Allah wouldn't took back his son named Ibraheem. Then Allah would've gave him son name Abraham and his dynasty ruled instead of Fatima.

    In conclusion we have got divisions and sub-divisions in every sect sunnies and shias have got above 50 sects Notably in suuni Deobandi and Barelvi, while in shias Ismailis and Twelvers, evil is good and good is evil that is contemporary Rule and its rulers are evil-genius. We all follow Mammon instead of Mohamed.

  21. guY-sir Avatar

    We sunnis consider Umar ibn al-Khattāb as 2nd not 3rd Khalifah

    rest is correct above

  22. jimi Avatar


    Yeah you curse our beloved Sahaba (Abu-Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Khalid Bin Waleed, Hazrat Hamza (RA), Umm-ul-Momineen (RA) and be happy at the killings of Sunnis and then you expect us to shower flowers on you? Yeah right.

  23. guY-sir Avatar

    I was reading Persian history when Pervez Khusro was there King.Prophet Muhammed was preaching and spreading Koranic daw'ah to all Emperors whether Roman or Persian so He wrote a letter to Pervez Khusro

    In that letter Prophet invited him to embrace Islam and make allegiance to Muslims but that persian King khusro tore down Prophet letter and order to killed Muhammed(saww).

    When Muhammed got to know that he had tore down my letter and refused to pay homage to my words. He said that Allah will curse and break his kingdom and he will die soon.

    And that was actually happened soon after Pervez died and there's another interesting accident occurred which many might not know.

    After Pervez Khusro demise his disciples chose his daughter as their head of state means Queen of persia.

    When Prophet Muhammed got to know that He said that

    "Those nations do not prosper who choose women as their Head of State"

    And this is an authentic Hadith one can find in Shahi Bukhari. while our were die-hard fan of BB who ruled twice on our heads and now her hubby…what a sick joke this ruling

    So the lesson of this story is that Pervez name is not suitable for any devoted Muslim neither Khusro plz change your name if you can.

    2nd women rule is insidious for us remember BB ruled who came twice and gone without completing her tenure and her own chosen president purged her from office. is immature politically, religiously, socially. They are naive and malleable who accept their leaders in turn their leaders accept them and will give them Roti, Kaapra aur Makaan. all these 3 basic things for living are most expensive than ever while fancy items like cell-fones and cars are cheap. who chose leaders are real responsible for

  24. jimi Avatar

    It was under the leadership of Umar(RA), that Allah melted the hearts of Iranians to Islam

    and now look who are they cursing…..

  25. Syed M Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    Syed M Imran H Zaidi


    Congratulations to you too; happy to see you share my sentiments.

    As usual i go for a few days and coming back i see you spewing the same bullshit about tabarra and muta all over again. Dum teri ki teri hi rahe gi kyun sir jee…?


    Yeah you curse our beloved Sahaba (Abu-Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Khalid Bin Waleed, Hazrat Hamza (RA), Umm-ul-Momineen (RA) and be happy at the killings of Sunnis and then you expect us to shower flowers on you? Yeah right.




    should i say the same? wahabi scum killing shias day by day all over pakistan and you expect us to shower flowers on you? dont give me this bullshit about tabarra n all; your bastard leader muawiya was the one who started this; dirty sufiani degenerates…

  26. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    "Dum teri ki teri hi rahe gi kyun sir jee…?"

    is it a confession? hahahhahahahahahah

  27. truth seeker Avatar
    truth seeker

    The results aren't as "unclear" as we've seen it made out to be. In fact, there are many poll results from before the election that we have access to. This article describes the truth in detail:

  28. MB Avatar

    Western media is trying to exaggerate things as much as they can. They are flashing and repeating footage and imagery 24×7. And the whole world knows why they are doing it. IRAN now is a perfect example of MASS MEDIA PROPAGANDA (and obviously there is some truth in it but they try to blow it out of proportions).

    IS has this assessment on IRAN today

  29. asim Avatar


    What about Pakistani Media doing the propaganda war against the Sunnis? Don't tell me that you don't believe Pakistani media.

    So how can it be legit when Pakistani Media starts a war on Muslims and its not called propaganda? Did you forget the flogging video?

    Today Media is the new *GOD*. People believe in Media more than any thing and same goes for Muslims. Muslims believe in the Media more than Quran and Hadith. We deny and don't accept the truth but thats a fact. We spend more time with Media than we spend time reading, understanding Quran and Hadith.

    Even though we think that we can filter the news but still the media has its effect on us

  30. asim Avatar

    Media is a business and they sell what sells.

    It doesn't matter what a low-level journalist thinks or wants to write, but at the end of the day he has to pay bills and eat too