Zakat Deduction dependent on Declaration of Fiqh

Can some thing be done to make the lives of citizens less miserable.

zakatThis is an appeal addressed to the State Bank Chairman and Members. The matter of compulsory deduction of Zakat could have been resolved had the State Bank not succumbed to an obviously unprofessional and illegal requirement imposed by the government. Alternately the state bank could have acted , in the light of Supreme Court decision (March 9, 1999), exempting all shades of Muslims to be exempted from Zakat, and stopped deducting compulsory Zakat. Alas, the State Bank is just as citizen unfriendly and insists on subjecting its clients to the yearly CZ-50 torture.

Every year ordinary citizens are asked to declare their ‘fiqh’ on a judicial stamped paper signed by a notary public and duly witnessed by two witnesses, so as to seek exemption from compulsory deduction of Zakat. This bureaucratic and misery adding document is called Form CZ-50. The zakat is not deducted if you state that your ‘fiqh’ is a recognized one (recognized by who?)

Banks all over the world do not do banking based on the personal belief of their clients. Asking people to do so is a violation of their fundamental rights as well as the rules of professional banking.

For a state to make laws and conduct business with its citizens based on their faith or fiqh ( and to start declaring some of these versions as the recognized fiqh) is a dangerous practice. After all we are willing to wage a war against Taliban as we do not wish to be subjugated to their brand of sharia. Citizens should not be required to constantly produce evidence of their faith or fiqh, nor should they be subjected to the torture of CZ50 like affidavits to conduct routine banking transactions. Who knows, soon we may be asked to declare our sect and fiqh for discounts in schools, hospitals and before buying an airline ticket.

The state (and the governor of the State Bank) must treat all citizens equally regardless of their faith or sect. All banks must be asked not to demand any affidavits to be signed that force people to declare their religion or sect. No Zakat or any other deduction in the name of religion be made by any bank from any customer. Only if a customer wishes to make a voluntary contribution ( Zakat or any other charity), he may authorize the bank to do so in writing. It is for the individuals to practice their religion in the manner best understood by them, and not the way prescribed by a clueless state.






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  1. Skeptic Avatar


    PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remaineth (due to you) from usury, if ye are (in truth) believers.


    PICKTHAL: And if ye do not, then be warned of war (against you) from Allah and His messenger. And if ye repent, then ye have your principal (without interest). Wrong not, and ye shall not be wronged.

    Allah and the Prophets declartion of War against the State of Pakistan and the Banks of Pakistan.

    Nice that those on who Allah has declared war get to deduct zakat on interest income. he he.

    Perhaps Pakistanis think Allah must be joking about war agains us? I mean like no one seems concerned about it? May be we think we are more powerful than Allah?

    I cant believe we are not scared out of wits. A declaration of War by Allah cant really be a good thing.

  2. Yousaf Avatar

    I totaly agree with the views preseneted by Naeem Siddique.Therefore, Government shouls abolish the concept of affidavits . Any one, if agree to pay with Zakat with his own consent he shpould pay. Government should not involve in these sort of activities.

  3. readinglord Avatar

    This is the worst that fiend of zia did with this paky nation in the name of Islam and his 'progeny' continued unabashedly.

  4. readinglord Avatar

    What else can one expect from this theater of tyrannical absurdity!

    Just think of that heroin-smuggler-mullah mafia who were caught red-handed smuggling heroin, concealed in their shoes, to Saudi Arabia last month. They seem to have taken control of the entire nation to try to use all its institutions so brazenly to get the accused released by declaring them innocent without any trial by court like NRO.

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    keeping the current circumstances,corruption and incompetencies of the govt official in mind i can say it is better for the people to deduct the zakat by themselves and govt should abolish this practice HOWEVER i must say the collecting the zakat is the responsibility of the islami govt. hazrat umar farooq farooq (ra)said that i will do jihad against those who will not pay the zakat(means the islamic state do not consider as a muslim whoever refuse to give the zakat.

    (it is one of the reason most of ulema do not consider shia as muslim)

  6. guY-sir Avatar

    doc jk

    Sadqa is one which is also very useful to increase your meager income, if ye do sadqa from your right hand without knowing to your left hand will surely be a perfect way to get Allah bounty on your income

    Similarly, Zakat is also a good way to clean your wealth from impurity and make it more strengthen but due to Tyranny of USury which gives authority to Banks to cut zakat mostly from interest money. I and my family do not pay zakat from banks we submitted exempted letters to banks which won't deduct zakat on each 1st of ramazan. we give from our own hands thats da best way to give zakat rather than thru banks

    Banksters + Gangsters = Tyranny of USury

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  9. Razium Avatar

    Truely correct sir, you can not force people to give zakat its thier own decision to make.

  10. Raza M.Qureshi Avatar

    I will appeal to all my Pakistani Brothers, who afford to pay ZAKAT, please please please from next year pay your Zakat to the most starving and deserving person in Pakistan


    1. Just-a-Muslim Avatar

      Zakat is one of the personal obligations of every Muslim as are prayers and fasting. The government has no right to mandatorily deduct Zakat from anyone’s bank account. Perhaps the government feels that if they do not deduct it then no one will pay it. If that is the case, we do they not force everyone to pray, force everyone to go for Hajj, force everyone to fast. Why not take over all the personal obligations of the Muslims of this country! Dr. Jawwad has said that “collecting the zakat is the responsibility of the islami govt. hazrat umar farooq farooq (ra)said that i will do jihad against those who will not pay the zakat(means the islamic state do not consider as a muslim whoever refuse to give the zakat.” It is not the responsibility of the government to collect Zakat. Hazrat Umar (ra) may have said that he will do jihad against those who do not pay Zakat but he never said that if one does not pay he will take it from them by force.
      It is better to focus on ensuring that people know what their rights and obligations are and the reasons for them. That way one will be more likely to follow the obligations prescribed by Islam, especially those that are meant to result in greater social justice.

  11. Tom Avatar

    Only the first comment was reasonable. Rest of the commentators are full of crap.

    Who the hell told you Zakah is to be paid voluntarily? Self-declared muftis lately? This is the biggest problem of Pakistan. Every person thinks he is a prophet in himself.

    FYI, It is the duty is of an Islamic Government to forcefully take zakah from the rich and spend it on the poor. Abu Bakr (RA) sent army of Muslims to fight wars against those who refused to pay zakah after the departure of Prophet (SAW).

    Now that is a separate argument that the government of Pakistan is not Islamic Government, so they are not the right people to take the zakah forcefully. But should it be that way ideally too? Not at all. At least ideally the government of Pakistan is supposed to be Islamic and not a secular government. If was to be secular then you guy get the hell outa here and go back to India and live there happily ever after in the slums of Muslim populations.

    Disclaimer: I'm not for the Taliban's version of extremist and 'Ujadd' government, so don't judge me.