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Kashkheli Victory – A step forward Against Feudalism in Pakistan

Kashkheli Protest against FeudalismI share with you Najam Sadeque’s email posted on the Peoples Resistance Network. It is with full pride that she share the sweet victory of the Kashkheli tribe in successfully wrestling out the feudalism in the region. I believe this is definitely an important incident to celebrate and also use as an example maybe even to empower oppressed rural villagers to rise up for their own rights. It may seem to be a very small in insignificant victory for a very small segment of the Pakistani population but I feel this small step is one giant leap in the battle against feudalism in Pakistan – read about the Kashkehli struggle here, here, here and here

This is hard to believe, and it happened faster than expected, but the Khaskhelis have got their village back. Around midday today (15th July), a couple of concerned ministers and advisers including that skunk, Imtiaz Shaikh, suddenly sent a message they would be coming to the press club. Most of the media were there but surprisingly AAJ, EXPRESS and GEO, who had heavily covered the Khaskelis previously, weren’t there today.

Many still did not realize that history was being made. — For the first time in Pakistan’s history, a feudal was forced to return a village to the peasants. It was a small miracle. Of course, they smoothed out the language to avoid saying that Varyam was forced to surrender land he had illegally appropriated. They just said he surrendered it, and the govt was giving it to the Khashkelis. The two-man team of one PPP MPA and one PML-F (Pagara) MNA appointed by the Chief Minister to look into the Khaskeli case, came to make the announcement. Imtiaz Shaikh, of course gave the credit to Pir Pagara.

There was so much excitement. So much joy on the Khashkelis faces. When the proceedings were over, they immediately picked themselves up and made for the village, as the land deeds are going to be distributed there tomorrow to the individual families ‘where they sat’. It will take four days for the final paperwork (those deeds will be in turn be registered). Then some of them will have to come back to Karachi when Justice Rizvi calls them to to wind up the case in court.

The shocker was that (‘Dr.’) Hashem Khaskeli was there too. He was not introduced and he did not introduce himself, and the media never realized that a fugitive was in their midst who should have been arrested on the spot. Only the NGOs and activists knew (and they had to keep quiet), and only Deneb [Sadeque] got him on film (and the MNA) to ‘guarantee’ that the villagers would not be harmed again.

It’s not over yet. But the next step should be more fun for the activists. But all that later. For now we celebrate this major victory.



  • AlyB |

    Glad to see positive changes. Hope these accumulate till we reach the tipping point to a new Pakistan Aameen.

  • guY-sir |

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  • Sharjeel |

    Have been waiting for a headline like this for ages! First milestone in eliminating feudalism and imperial rule inshallah!