Gojra Update: by Bishop Ijaz Inayat of Karachi

Bishop Ijaz Inayat from the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Karachi shares an email with the latest update on the tragic incident which left 9 people dead in Gojra, this is more as a follow up to his earlier report that we published on 2nd of August

According to latest news five terrorist considered to be member of the core group which conspired the burning of Christians and their house in Gojra and Korian have been arrested.

These arrests were done from Sindh and Frontier provinces. In this barbaric incident over forty houses were burnt to ashes and over hundred and twenty looted, killing nine including women and children burnt alive.

The persons arrested stayed for fifteen days in the house of a local Muslim Imam (Clergy of a Mosque) named Mohammad Yaseen and had fled immediately after the incident of Gojra.

According to the “Investigation team” the arrested persons have confessed their involvement in the conspiracy. Though detailed information is awaited, yet it stands confirmed that no incident of desecration had occurred and the Christians were framed and targeted. More arrests are anticipated.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chief Minister of Punjab visited Gojra today amid tight security along with high officials of Pakistan Army to highlight the notice which the Government takes of this sad incident.

All previous cases of similar notice could not hold any person or organization responsible for such actions.

While the PM and CM were holding a meeting with the survivors of the Christian community, people from Islamic groups held demonstration for the release of those held earlier with the killing of Christians and burning/looting of their houses.

Bishop Ijaz Inayat.
Karachi, 7th August 2009.



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14 responses to “Gojra Update: by Bishop Ijaz Inayat of Karachi”

  1. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    you people are muslims for godsake

  2. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Dr Jawwad Khan, why do you want this campaign stopped? Don't you want justice for the Christian families whose members were burned alive and whose houses were burned down by Muslim fanatics?

    "You people are Muslims for godsake" > So Muslims think it's okay to burn people to death and destroy homes?

    Here's a bit of advice: go fuck yourself

  3. Hamza Avatar

    Dr Jawwad Khan: You want this campaign to stop? Are you serious? Eight innocent people were killed, nuemorous houses burned, and livelihoods destroyed, over an incident that probably didn't happen. Have you become so desensitized to violence and murder, that the death of innocent people doesn't bother you? If anything, it is incumbent upon all "civil society" activists to launch a campaign to ensure that the perpetrators of this horrible crime are brought to justice. In the longer term, we really need to remove the Blasphemy laws from our penal code. Yet another legacy of General Zia-ul-Haq that needs to be undone.

  4. karim Avatar

    Danial Burki,

    Jawwad was asking Muslims not YOU.


    Its not the blasphemy law thats has caused this problem, its the absence of the enforcement of law that has caused this problem..

  5. Faisal Maqsood Avatar
    Faisal Maqsood

    if we STOP this compaign then they will START to burn us alive every day without any reason don,t look to Jawwad Khan

  6. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan



    go and kiss some christian ass.

  7. M.Hussain Avatar

    I am in UK since 1965.I was born and brought up near Gojra.

    I had my all education in M.B.High school Gojra.I had a teacher called Rehmat Maseeh one of th ebest teacher.I heard about horrible activities in Gojra. I hope Gove catcg culprit or resign.M.Hussain

  8. Kareem Avatar



    go and kiss some christian ass."

    Is it before, or after you take your head out of Mullah's ass?

  9. imran Avatar


    Its after you guys have take your head out of Ghulam Kafir Qadianis a$$. But wait he had a diahorea, I guess it would a head-n-shoulder shampoo for you guys.

  10. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    @Imran, if you must respond, at least come up with something clever and above the Class 2 level.

    And you're assuming that I have any kind of affiliation with the Ahmedis. I'm an atheist and an equal-opportunity offender to all religions.

    And as far as the prophethood claims are concerned, no one can prove that Ghulam Ahmed was a prophet, nor can anyone prove that Jesus was a prophet, and the same goes for Mohammed.

    So to rational human beings, it seems very pointless and heartbreaking to see people killing other people on the basis of make-believe religions.

  11. imran Avatar

    Danial Buriki

    The comment was for @Kareem, I didn't know you were posting with different aliases and even if you were, who gives a sh!t? You will get the same class level of response as your comment.

    Honestly, no body gives a shit wether you are an-equal-opportunity offender or not.

    Don't expect a polite and respectful response if you are going to utter some bad words about our deen and our Nabi, Muahammad S.A.W.W. [PERIOD].

    I'm not an appologetic Muslims and wouldn't kiss your aethiest ass to make you feel better.

  12. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Heh, you can tell from my comments that I don't need Muslims to make me feel better.

    And what bad words have I uttered? I've simply questioned the entire premise of your religious beliefs. And you haven't bothered answering me, which shows exactly why you've got your panties in a twist.

  13. albert Avatar

    stop this campaign as jawwad told.its ok to kill others in the name of religion cos we will get 72 virgins when we die ,we can not get 72 virgins when alive, we will kill and we will get 72 girls.wow 72 girls without experience.

    the point here is that Christan are killed not like Gaza or Gujarat where Muslims are killed.

    so as long Muslim kill its ok but when we are killed it injustice .

    jawwad is this what you wanted to say ,am i right if not can you please guide me from u r great knowledge about islam.

  14. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Avatar
    Bishop Ijaz Inayat

    Relating to killing and burning Christians and their homes.

    My dear friends,

    You be a Muslim or Christian is a geographic incident, but once born you become a member of the society, the Nation and the Global village.

    There are two things to respect.

    1. You cannot be a Muslim or Christian if you do not obey Lords order about “Haqooq-ul-Abad and do not “love your enemy as your self”. This is humanity.

    2. We have duties towards our Nation, both in respect to its reputation and making it

    a strong Nation..

    Should we learn the basics of humans.