“Microsoft Blog called Twitter” DDoS’d – Jang

jang logoToday at 8:00pm Pakistan Time Twitter.com service went offline due to a massive DDoS attack on its servers. DDoS attacks are an attempt to make a website inaccessible by technically overloading the servers with millions of instantaneous requests from hundreds of computers scattered across the world.

Twitter a very popular suffered this attack and was literally conked out for over two hours until they slowly recovered their servers to normalcy. The DDoS attacks were definitely worrisome but what really tickled us here in Pakistan was the fact that Jang News had a very unique and interesting twist to this report.

Jang, the local Urdu newspaper, In an effort to explain to its viewers or even in a surge of sheer stupidity they explained Twitter as “Microsoft Blog called Twitter” now that is a joke in its own self. For a fact twitter is not a Microsoft entity and is a Micro-blog and quite definitely not Microsoft’s blog.

Microsoft Blog called Twitter suffers a DDoS attack

I still cant decide if Microsoft or Twitter should be having an eternal fit at being associated with each other, it simply cant be right. But what does make me worry at trying to come to terms with the standard of electronic media in Pakistan as such a mistake coming from the biggest media house in Pakistan, they seem to be technologically handicapped to not even know what Twitter is.

Even if it were an accidental blunder its been a good 7 hours since the report was initially published and no one has taken the time out to correct this error. Goodness gracious Twitter just sit back and enjoy the moment, you’ve been Micro$oft’ed



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2 responses to ““Microsoft Blog called Twitter” DDoS’d – Jang”

  1. Abdullah Avatar

    That gives us a clear idea how authentic our media is. All they need is a small bit of information, they can make up the rest of the news.

    1- Microsoft's Twitter

    2- Service is down on website type attack

    3- An attack so fatal that stages like online banking and credit card transaction can't be accomplish.

    What the hell? They don't even know what they are writing, its like a Kindergarten student was told to write an essay on Root Canal 🙂

    "they seem to be technologically handicapped"

    Its not just a matter of technology, remember the foreign policy magazine issue?

    We really have to be careful before we believe Pakistani news mediums.

  2. Naveed Qamar Avatar

    Dr. Sb lagta hai Dawn walo ne ziyada paise de diye hain tabhi aap Jang walo ke peeche haath dho ke padh gaye hain. Aap to shah se ziyada shah ke wafa dar nikle? Abdullah bhai ki angrezi bhi ghalat salat hai… Pakistani news mediums kya hota hai? Medium ki jama to bacha bhi bata sakta hai.

    Pot calling kettle black? Hypocracy? TC? (Take Care wala nahi)…

    Pity on you.