Jaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm, Students Protest Against Terrorism

Jaag Meray Taalib-e-IlmJaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm a group of students from various universities in Karachi gathered at Karachi Press Club on Saturday 24th October to protest against the Terrorism being vaged against the school students across the country.

Fasial Kapadia and I, as concerned citizens decided to join the protest and record short interviews for our Laidback Show of the students who showed up at the press club, despite an apparent scare in the surrounding area, I truly have no words to express when I saw the passion within the eyes of these youthful students, it did fill me to joy to see the youth of Pakistan ready to defy terrorism and willing to stand up for our Country.

The 6 minute short video says it all, note the passion with which each student conveys his message and I quite sure the last interview will definitely leave a lasting impression. They wrapped up the protest with a very energetic, a very passionate and a very loud, Pakistan Zindabad. — Pakistan Zindabad it shall be…..



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9 responses to “Jaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm, Students Protest Against Terrorism”

  1. MB Avatar

    Not sure if they really understand the issue for which they are protesting. But at least they are using their democratic right in a peaceful manner. I like them using word "TERRORISM" and not "TALIBAN" else wo sahi ka suntey phir mujse.

    I strongly support them saying closing off educational institutes is like backing off.

    I like it when he asked. . . WHAT THAT BIG ARMY is doing lol

    That lad who said, We shouldnt be asking for SECURITY at first place is ditto on spot

    A GLIMMER of hope …….. thats a good summary

  2. Muhammad Asif Avatar
    Muhammad Asif

    Pakistani AWAM is in this mess because of the DOUBLE GAMERs, bhutto/bb (supporter of false jihad & interference in Afghanistan) while zardari ( against false jihad & interference in Afghanistan), Zia (supporter of false jihad & interference in Afghanistan) while Mushi ( against false jihad & interference in Afghanistan), NS/Chaudhry/Fazlu/Qazi (supporter of false jihad & interference in Afghanistan) before 911 while after 911 ( against false jihad & interference in Afghanistan)

  3. Bemisal Iqbal Avatar

    Thank you so much for your support.

    This was a first time experience for all of us and most of us did not have permission from our families to get out on the streets and protest. There was a major security threat to us this day as a TV channel had announced the arrest of a suspicious man outside press club. Yet we went ahead with it because we all believed in our cause.

    Education is the only institution that guarantees a bright future to Pakistan. We, the privileged educated ones are the only people in this country who can save Pakistan-only if we want to. Sad part is, most of us don't want to or rather think its not possible because oh well nothings makes any difference in this country.

    It was very sad to see young boys dancing in my college when the 5 day closure was announced. A friend had to write, "Its not funny" on the notice board to make people realize that the country is in a mess now, we can't have fun while our country men are dying in bombings all over.

    We are appealing to the educated masses to try and understand that we need to walk out of our sheltered homes now, we need to realize that there is no messiah who will come and change it all for us. Pakistan needs us today and we can not just sit back and see this nation fall apart.

  4. Crai Sait Avatar
    Crai Sait

    A few good reads on KLB aftermaths and the power game played:

    The real mystery of the KLB debate

    Kerry Lugar Bill and Pakistan’s internal power game

  5. PakiMan Avatar

    Students should realize the situation n whos behind this game… Its not just one sided Taliban game …they r just being used as a pawn … it has other very active players who need to be exposed … protest should also be against those who r allowing other nations to play their game in our country …

  6. Bemisal Iqbal Avatar

    Students are confused sir, there are too many conspiracy theories floating about. We are all determined to do all that we can to change things in this country and believe me we are willing to play with our lives if we have to.

    But the problem is that we lack direction. We realize this is war, we realize that it is not the Talibans who we're up against, it is the power chambers behind them, it is forces that are operating internally and externally. But we can not pin point these forces and we are blinded by lack of awareness and direction.

    As for the links posted above,

    you will be surprised to know that we, the students, hosted a seminar with renowned speakers on the KL Bill to create awareness. Many students even attended it just to know what exactly is happening. One speaker did not show up and the other two refused to talk about the bill and focused their debate on our long lost sovereignty and how it is pointless to discuss such things because no matter what you do nothing is going to change.

    What can one do when our guardians are so demoralized that they refuse to enlighten us?

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      @Bemisal – Im shocked to hear that in the seminar the speakers refused to address the core issues. What can I say, except have faith in yourself, if is your commitment to Pakistan that will shine through – In 2007 after the Martial Law I was on the street protesting, many protest we went to only a handful showed up, at first it was disappointment, many within our ranks gave up hope that its useless and they too whithered away. But I and many of our civil scoiety acitivists showed up regularly. Merly believing that you stand up for your own self. Not to show the world that you care for your country – but you stand for your own belief that Pakistan needs to change. It may be a drop in the ocean but its still a drop nevertheless. Do not loose hope, if you do 'they' would have won, stand up and stand proud, even if you stand alone, atleast you stood up proud for YOUR Pakistan.

      That day I saw a glimmer of hope, some very passionate pakistanis who were at best taking part in a protest for the very first time, got out of the comfort of their home to stand up for an issue the believe in – YES I am hopeful, YES I am proud, and YES our ranks continue to grow.

  7. kaka kaka Avatar
    kaka kaka

    These guys know the problem but not the solution.

    We are bearing the brunt of our doings and we need to ask for

    guidance from Allah. We surrendered our territory so that

    America could attack Afghanistan and start opium production

    yet again which went down by 95% during taliban-led afghanistan.

    CIA does all its covert operations by drug money. Secondly we

    then started to bash them again with this war. Agression breeds

    agression, there is a well known maxim in the north and that is

    'Taliban kam nahin hotay woh barhtay hai'! (Taliban dont decrease

    they increase) so this war is gonna fuel them with hatred and animosity. The more we'll push the

    more they'll bounce.

    How many people stand and shout infront of the press club all day

    long but their hue and cry falls on deaf ears. This effort will meet

    a similar fate. Our youth is too busy with ipods imates iphones

    facebook youtube armani gucci etc. They are easy to surveil and confuse

    since they believe whatever they see on the TV screen to be true and the

    screen determines their lifestyle. Huh! wat a shame!

    This youth is more corrupt than the existing politicians were when they

    were young. How can they fight for their rights when they dont know or

    rather refuse to comply with the innate rights Allah has bestowed them with