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Nestle Fruita Vitals > Limo ride / Dinner and an HP Notebook

It would be sad if this Nestle Fruita Vitals competition misses the Pakistani online community or even my blog readers, such a sweet and easy competition is not to be pissed by any means. Nestle Fruita Vitals has a one week campaign on why you should win a Limo ride along with 6 of your friends to an exquisite dinner while at the same time they throw in an HP Laptop to sweeten the deal for you. All you have to do is give the best answer, why you should win? Tweet / Facebook or visit their site, leave a comment, just convince them that you havta’ win


  • b alvi |

    Ah yes! The limo ride the competition. What ever happened to these guys? Blocking their Facebook fanpage wall?? I mean why would you do that? Ok so your application had issues. OWN UP TO IT! Seriously, you need to know this is not TV itis the internet. You can't tell people to be zombies and simply stare at the screen.