Offroad trip to Hingol / Nani Mander / Kund Malir Beach & Mud Volcanoes

On Saturday I joined the OffRoadPakistan team to go to Hingol for a two day short overnight trip into the wilderness. There were over 12 offroad vehicles and approzimately 40+ odd people which included 7-8 ladies and about 8 kids in the entourage. We truly had a great time, starting off with a detour to explore the Hindu Temple called Nani Mander, as evening approached we camped alongside the Hingol river for the night.

Early next morning headed to the presitine Kund Malir beach to have a dip in the Arabian ocean. Following which we the found a baren stretch of flat desert land and enjoyed the trill of a speed race across the desert floor to reach the Mud volcanoes.

A few selected pictures I snapped from my own camera, I do regret to have not taken pictures of Kund Malir and Mud Volcanoes as I was just having fun.

But the juicy bit that really caught our eyes were a convoy of APC’s being transported to possibly Quetta as these trucks were plying on the RCD Highway (Karachi-Quetta). I just took the pictures and not making any assumptions, I let you do the maths –

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6 responses to “Offroad trip to Hingol / Nani Mander / Kund Malir Beach & Mud Volcanoes”

  1. Bilal Avatar

    The "APC"s which you have photographed are not in the Pak Army's order of battle. Guaging from the 8×8 tyre configuration, it appears more likely to be a convoy of NATO/US inventory on its way to Afghanistan.

  2. farrahshah Avatar

    How can you be so unfair!!It is a half treat without the sunset at the sea and the mud volcanoes???????

    So long have not been to Karachi beach ,the most fantastic and very well kept beach actually as compared to the amount:

    1.the water is warm and so is sand

    2.the beach is clear of broken glass which we find here so often ,bear bottles

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Farrah / have updated the gallery with Kund Malir beach pictures and one or two Kund Malir pictures as well

  3. emmy Avatar

    Hingol is a nice place i remember my trip for three days in 2005, we did hiking, rock climbing,camping, rowing etc….it was all fun.i did not know about that small fertility room in Nani Mandor, though i prayed to the Bhugwan…hahahaha not for fertility guys…..Unfortunately, could not go to the beach:(….

  4. Bilal Avatar

    It seems likely that the vehicle (much of it) under drapes, is a version of the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. You can see pictures and read more about it here:

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    thanks for sharing ….

    on my coming vaccations in january, i shall definitely go there . inshaAllah.