Farhat Taj analyzes Zaid Hamid in strategic depth

Dr. Farhat Taj wrote a column in Daily Times critically analyzing the Zaid Hamid phenomenon, to say for instance “Zaid Hamid is his use of a particularly narrow interpretation of Islam that proposes a belligerent agenda for the Pakistan Army and drawing on controversial Islamic literature. Thus the authenticity of the hadiths — sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) — on Ghazwa-e-Hind that he often refers to in terms of the ultimate defeat of the Indians at the hands of the Pakistan Army is highly questionable.” — “Judging by the obscurantist message that he communicates, Zaid Hamid does not seem to be a new invention of the establishment” A must read column can be read at the Daily Times website, or you may want to read more about Zaid Hamid’s here and here on this blog



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12 responses to “Farhat Taj analyzes Zaid Hamid in strategic depth”

  1. Tehseen Avatar

    To me, Dr. Farhat Taj lost all the credibility when she wrote about US Drone attacks last week. Her point of views are stupidly simplistic and do not seem to come from any logical reasoning.

    Please, Dr. Taj, come out of your cave for once and write something that is rational and derived based on facts. That usually means providing some irrefutable facts and credible sources to back your arguments.

  2. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    I still think people like Zaid are far better than PHD Scholars like brilliant doctor Aysha Sadiqa who in her comment

    says "Nehru Gandhi Iqbal Jinnah all were homosexual"

    I mean this comment itself is a pure insult to her own posture and intelligence.(it is a joke but is that what Pakistan means to her)creation of sick people in other words.The above mentioned people are four people who represent two big nations of Indo-Pak …she must reach first to the stature of Gandhi and Jinnah first to redicule them.

    That is why people prefer Ziad Hamid.

    Her book is such a strong book challenging one of the mightiest armies of the world as compared to God of small things which is a novel.

    But commitment and cause of Arundhuti Roy is far bigger than Aysha Sadiqa.

    The cause and commitment where is it?That is what matters to people of Pakistan at present.

    Same PPP government which was dream party of people of Pakistan to rule …where is its cause and commitment??


    People and things cannot be put out of context in present context Zaid Hamid is relevant.

    —what is the relevance of Aysha's book and sentence that is what people still do not know???????????

  3. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    "Thus the authenticity of the hadiths — sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) — on Ghazwa-e-Hind that he often refers to in terms of the ultimate defeat of the Indians at the hands of the Pakistan Army is highly questionable.”


    i couldn't understand that why some guys are more concerned about the "GHAZWA E HIND" rather than fraudulent Zaid Hamid.

    the Hadith is not the one but five actually. some hadiths are authentic and "sahih". for more detail answers regarding "GHAZWA E HIND" follow this link:


    1. farrah shah Avatar
      farrah shah

      Dr Jawwad

      :)because people were not aware of any hadith regarding Gazwa-e-hind.


      I do not find him fraudulent the romance he has started BBC and Channel four seems to be suffering from it in the same way.

      I am told the dark ages of Europe were the golden ages of Muslims for the World.

      SO it is quite normal for him to feel passionate about his past.

      authentic or not he has started the debates.

  4. tahir Avatar

    Well our hate for Zaid Hamid should net force us to resorton an article written by someone who doesn't live in Pakistan and even not willing to live in Pakistan.

    Farhat Taj seems to be more American and less Pakistani.

    Say No to Zaid Hamid

    Say No to Farhat Taj.

    1. Zubair Naeem Paracha Avatar
      Zubair Naeem Paracha

      AGREE =)

  5. Talkhaba Avatar

    @Mrs Farhat

    "Maa Khafa Kega Zaid Staso Kas De"

    He can never bring Khilafat so don't afraid. He is pond of gathering women like his false prophet Mr Yousaf Kazzab.

    I agree with Tahir

    Say No to Zaid Hamid

    Say No to Farhat Taj whose finance depends on money supply from the west.

  6. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    say NO to fraud Zaid Hamid

    say NO to Farhat Taj along with all liberals with foreign agenda.

  7. Sadia Hussain Avatar
    Sadia Hussain

    Frahat Taj may paint a tinted picture and is perhaps not the best researcher, but her views on Zaid Hamid do require some introspection. Such elements have now become the mouth piece of the Taliban and they do so either by questioning the legitimacy of our war on terrorism or by pinning every incident on a hidden un-seen hand! Such elements need to be refuted

  8. The Last Saint Avatar
    The Last Saint

    @all of u!there may be some kind of false informational and conceptual understanding regarding Islam and ex-political and present scenario of Pakistan in there minds(both;Mam farhat and Mr; ZH)but this is not sufficient prove them absolutely wrong…listen ZH carefully and dont close your eyes while listening,observe,observe, observe.Oh ye ….Farhat the stupid lady..read her full cont-tial statements with open mind!Both of them are not the 1st source of info nor the last one!perhaps u can deiced what is right and what is wrong for personal be-lvz!salam ala manit taba il huda

  9. Rao Salman Avatar
    Rao Salman

    Miss Taj is one of those fanatics that really over pay their masters by the stupidity of their being. Who says that Meer Jafar's descendent's are no more. We see the likes of them every day and they shamefully distort and create such stupid arguments just to lick the shoes of their masters. don't know about zaid hamid saga only knew that he was the second of yousaf kazaab. But have read the article of taj about drone attacks and it really shocked me to know of her existence.

    Just read the following lines from her article and u will know whose agenda she is spreading.

    According to her 'The people of Waziristan are suffering a brutal kind of occupation under the Taliban and al Qaeda. It is in this context that they would welcome anyone, Americans, Israelis, Indians or even the devil, to rid them of the Taliban and al Qaeda.'

    Shame on u Miss Taj

  10. zhohaq Avatar

    Its Farhat Taj ANDERSON of Norway. Funny how the Anderson part is dropped writing for Pakistan but when writing in Norway it comes back up.
    I am no fan of Zaid Hamid but she has actually done much worse.
    Read her fabricated "report" on the Drone war.
    She is the one who instigated the myth that people think drones are ababeel sent to exact divine vengeance. The Tribal actually LOVE DRONES according to Ms. Farhat Taj ANDERSON.
    She brings shame to the Bangash blood that allegedly runs in her veins…