Democratic Revenge

Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP came into power in 70s with the slogan Roti, Kapra and Makan. Those were good old times–things have changed now–from roti, kapra and makan, our nation’s requirements have come down to Bijli, Atta and Cheeni.

It is only common sense that PPP needs to change its slogan too. PPP and all the other parties should feel easy–people are lowering their expectations, they are demanding now, what was readily available in 70s.

The new party slogan should be, we will keeping providing you what is available now, and also will work on providing what was available in 70s; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. When the rest of the world is moving ahead, we are starting to focus on the basics; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. Our government’s focus should be to not take away from people what they already possess now; although I can not name what that is–may be dall, and provide to them what was available in 70s.

It would seem natural that the government would focus on doing at least something regarding those new basic needs. But that’s too much to ask. The current government and the previous democratically elected governments never came into power to govern, to deliver; they came into power to enjoy, to have fun, to make money.

The democratic governments in Pakistan come into to power to take revenge; revenge on people who voted for them; revenge on people who did not vote for them; revenge on their opponents, and the line goes on and on–to quote President of Pakistan, “Democracy is the best revenge”.

You have got it wrong Mr. President, democracy is not the best revenge. The best revenge is deliverance. The best revenge would have been if you had delivered something; tried to deliver something; tried to provide some relief for poor and destitute. Mr. President, the problem is that you seem to think that people should be happy just by the fact that it is democracy and you are in power. That’s not enough.

It would be interesting if someone could ask President or Prime Minister, why did you want to run for election? Why did you want to come into power? There is utter lack of response from this government; it seems like people in government don’t care at all. They are sure that they deserve to be elected, no matter what they do, or don’t do. Our leaders want to come into power so they could be famous more; they want to come into power, so they could tour foreign countries on taxpayers’ expenses; they want to come into power, so they could tell the rival families from the other parties–that they have the upper hand at the moment. Our leaders come into power for all the wrong reasons, none of the reason involves serving people–serving country. The results are in front of us.

If people have set any hope on the opposition party, and in this case PML(N), they are bound to be disappointed. There is no difference between current government and opposition. The only difference is that one party is in government and the other one is in opposition. If the roles had been switched in the last election, when it comes to governance, the results would have been same after two years.

There is only one solution when it comes to dealing with these bizarre rulers–people should have their own revenge–come election in three years. They should have their revenge on both PPP and PML(N); they should go for something new, something not tested yet. May be MQM, may be PTI, may be some other party. Mr. President, that would be the best revenge of all.

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  1. MB Avatar

    In all honesty i am with Zardari on this , lol , reason being :

    Here is a man who has openly informed 180 million people that he aims to take "revenge" from them for keeping him away from POWER for 11 years but still people voted for him (PPP)

    so what all this crying about ?

    He has kept his words, so he should be appreciated for that. He and his party had clearly said they will take revenge and that they believe DEMOCRACY is for the purpose of taking revenge so they were pretty much clear in their intentions, its the fools out there who voted for them 🙂

    and MQM ??

    hahhaahah , you kidding right ?

    PTI ?

    Its ideology is too "bookish" sorry to say. While i really admire Khan for his honesty and there is no doubt he is the only hope out there but POLITICS in PAK is a too tough a cookie for him, with his "bookish" logics of talking and engaging TALIBANs E.T.C

    People of PAK are too happy with thieves and ghundaz (PPP PML MQM JI JUI ANP etc.). Imran Khan needs to first kick on ji jui ASS if he wants to have a different image, so buger-ass*** like MUSH and elites stop calling him Clean shave taliban, which we know he is not, but its his low-tone on TALIBAN that gives him a bad name among neutrals like me 🙂

  2. MB Avatar

    I had started an SMS campaign on KHI in which had sent the following SMS :

    What steps IMRAN KHAN should take to win the hearts of PEOPLE OF KARACHI so they vote for him and not MQM next time. Add you own to the list and forward 🙂

    1. Start bhatta (munib)

    This was my way of sarcasm on the "political wisdom" of the so called "educated middle class" of this city.

  3. MB Avatar

    on a serious note :

    The people are PAK are not first of all on what the heck this MACHINE known as DEMOCRACY is for. They are not aware of how it functions, what GOOD things it can do for them and how they should use it.

    All they know is what is this ethnicity/sect/tribe/group in society which they have to VOTE , good or bad as they have been divided on such lines since 47.

    I can count on my fingers my, again so called "highly educated" fellows who have a neutral opinion on issues. 99% of the educated are biased themselves due to their religious and ethnic background. How you expect the rest of the hoard to vote a honest person of the standard of the "well-informed" is this low. Zardari is not a magic which occurred upon us. There are events behind. When was the last time anyone objected to this "please-everyone" policy which is against the spirit of democracy, theoretically. Everyone on media was all praise for his "mufahimat" policy. And after two years, all his hollowness is exposed.

    Our media makes so much noise on democracy, has it ever tried to educated them on it too? Has it ever tried to tell people on not to vote on religious and ethnical lines?

    And same is true for all of us. How many of us are willing to go above these lines, very few i guess. Democracy is not a cake which you eat and start feeling better. Its not a solution at all. Our media has been fooling people as if its a solution. Its simply a TOOL. You use it , good you abuse it, its same like dictatorship.

    We better not sell dreams in the name of democracy before elections other wise we will have to bear what we are bearing now.

    We have no one but ourselves to blame for selling dreams which has no foundation. By foundation i mean the "vote".

    We must educate people on VOTE. When that is done, we can expect a wise "vote" which will result in a wise "outcome", and outcome which will deliver and not plunder.

    Are we all, the nation, not ourselves to blame for giving the thieves the license to plunder in the name of democracy ??

  4. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
    Nadir El Edroos


    our problem is that both our political leaders and people at large equate democracy with the process of Voting. Political leaders think that once elected they become democratically elected dictators who have the peoples blessing to do whatever they want. This oversimplification of the notion of democracy leads to the quandary where for democracy to evolve into a more transparent and participatory practise it must be allowed to fail and run even in its worst form to foster debate and calls amongst people for greater transparency and accountability.

  5. Aniqa Naz Avatar

    Mr MB, I never paid any bhatta to MQM and me and my family is surviving here.Me and many of my relatives have bugged many times and each time it was done by members of different communities. Once I was bugged by a seriaki man and the other time it was a group of mianwali's women.

    But, like Australia if i am forced to vote in Karachi it will be MQM and not Imran Khan. Should I vote a man who is protaliban or a symbol of feudalism. No way. I want my leadership from my class and not from the elites of this country who know nothing except themselves.

    As far as bhatta is conserned, it can be controlled by moral pressure but as far as to be insensitive to my issues is concerned nobody can bring about any change in this regard. So no to Imran Khan.

  6. Nazia Avatar

    Before commenting on performance of present set up first one should keep this thing in mind that power control is still under control of GHQ and they have only given the cover of political govt for military actions in our homeland.Now the history has been written that army took action of war with in its boundary under civilian administration.

    They planted zardari and sharif back to soil just to carry on war on terror under US plans and for last 2 years direction less decisions are being taken place to justify the wrong doings of selected ruling class.

    90% are facing power shortages but army is getting more funds and perks in this war phase.

    On which basis Judges packages are increased in time of extreme inflation.

    What is meaning of purposeless issue of name of NWFP in this extreme political entropy.

    What kind of carrot deals are being planned in Washington on the name of US Pak friendship.

    We are already sowing the aftermaths of this friendship what else kiyani is demanding from them in this crucial time of high instability.

    Nobody knows and we have to face it as people are trapping in whirlpool of conflicts and problems in each coming day.

  7. MB Avatar

    @Aniqa :

    Protaliban ??

    I can digest that

    Feudal ??

    Can you please cite some sources on this?

  8. Amna Zaman Avatar

    Yea on a serious note I think what you are saying is very true. If observed closely the military is playing a big role and I guess they even deserve it. I think they have the capability to destroy Taliban completely as that will be the only way Our country can thrive and we must support them.

  9. junaid Avatar

    Breaking News!!!!

    Asif ali Zardari Dakooo-Cum-President is memorizing multiplication tables and practicing how to add and substract because after checking the fake degrees of members of Parliament, Supreme court is going to check the status of Certified Nut-Case, Asif Ali Zardari.

  10. readinglord Avatar

    'Democratic Revenge' is the one taken by Hasinah Wajid, Prime Minister of Quaid-e-Azam's East Pakistan (Got declared defunct by ZAB), by getting hanged the murderers of her father and by setting up a commission to try the war crimes of 1971. But why should Zardari have any grudge against the murderers of the Bhutto family or even against Musharraf, all of whom cleared his way for rising on top despite his label of 10%.

  11. Sher Zaman Avatar
    Sher Zaman

    Democracy is certainly the best revenge that people take from the unjust rulers, and that’s what Pakistanis did by electing their representative government. Free and fair elections allow people to express their will, and finally their favorite leaders come in the parliament, and give a voice to their grievances. It should be clearly understood that politicians are elected, and never forcefully takeover the government, so it is not wise to put false accusations on them; an important organ of the state, i.e. judiciary, is there to deal with such things.

  12. Khan Avatar

    Read true story of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto based on facts on this page: