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Protest Against Fake Degree Parliamentarians – Islamabad & Karachi at 5pm on 15th May

Citizens demand verification and ouster of all fraudulent degree holder parliamentarians. If you wish to see Pakistan change for better , do not repeatedly elect the same dishonest people.

Join Citizens’ protest and say NO to fake degree holders.

The scale of the problem is now enormous with over 200 fake degree holders in the knowledge of the Election Commission. Adding insult to injury, such dishonest persons, exposed largely by opponents, have been nominated by their own or opposing political parties to contest by-elections.

The protesters demand that those found guilty should be banned for life from all political and government positions. To highlight the issue, members of the civil society will address the media outside the Islamabad Press Club (near Mr Books, F-6 Super Market) and the Karachi Press Club on Sat 15 May at 5 pm.

Islamabad Press Club … 5pm on Sat 15 May
Karachi Press Club …….. 5pm on Sat 15 May


  • yaseen ch |

    Where is Our Supreme Court, it will never stops Jamshed dasti because he is strong political man but it stopped Nazeer jutt who don't have such close ties with zardari and gillani ,our system continues to bless the corrupt.

  • imrajk |

    Why should a nation full of fake degrees protest?Are you going to import educated candidates?Afterall fake people elected these imposters and they will do it again and again.Protests do not educate people education does.This socalled "civil society" crap is a bunch of aunties and fashion designers looking for exposure one way or the other.So let us do what is needed.

  • saeed |

    Now when the condition of graduation has been abandoned,a fake degree is no longer required.But i ask are those fake degree holders not national culprits for whom hundreds of millions of Rs were spent from national treasury during elections?