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Pakistan – in the line of disaster

During the last few days, the country has been through almost all kinds of man-made and natural disasters.

As if target killing on the streets of Karachi in the name of ethnic, political or personal rivalries and the military operation in the northern areas to wipe off the militants form the land of pure was not enough for the nation, nature unleashed at its worst upon the nation.

On Wednesday 28th July, a Pakistani Airbus passenger plane of Airblue crashed in densely wooded Margalla hills of the capital Islamabad, killing up to 152 people on board, making it one of the country’s worst air crashes ever.

On Thursday 29th July, Pakistani government declared a day of mourning and on that very day when the nation was offering silent prayers to the 152 ill-fated passengers of the Airblue flight ABQ-202, nature played havoc upon us, heavy rain and floods.

The death toll from flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential monsoon rains in Pakistan rose to nearly 1600 on as officials reported thousands more displaced.

Hundreds of homes and thousands of hectares (acres) of cultivated land have been destroyed in the northwest region. Entire villages have been wiped out and infrastructure severely damaged in different parts of the country. Rising water flow in rivers has broken the more than 100-year old record as the flood wave moves towards Sindh.

Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been worst affected, closely followed by the districts of southern Punjab. In just five days, more than 1,300 people have lost their lives and the number is rapidly rising.

Amidst all this crisis scene, Mr. President went ahead with his scheduled visit to France and UK in spite of widespread anger among country’s leadership about remarks by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, accusing Pakistan of “looking both ways” on exporting terror.

And while the rest of the citizens of the country are struggling to cope with the country’s worst flooding in 80 years, the Karachi city is literally burning. The murder of MQM leader and member of Sindh Assembly, Raza Haider, on Monday triggered violent tensions across Karachi claiming 73 lives till date and leaving around 150 people wounded. The Karachi city was already going through a dilemma named as ‘target killing’ and it seems that the death of Mr. Raza only proved to be the push of a finger on a weaken wall.

With plane crash, floods, runaway leadership, ethnic clashes & killing, what awaits us next?


  • zetta |

    In my humble opinion, the next in line is "Femine" because of the destruction these flood waters caused.

  • farrahshah |

    Pakistan was at the brink of disaster and now the disaster is happening …………we are all looking at it with shock and awe.

    I think the educated masses are impotent to bring the change

    We all compromise at some levels unfortunately the educated are harrassed into silence by the guns.

    It needs just one courageous man to stand up and people will follow him but that will be a channeled revolution

    Unfortunately I do not see a leader???

    Anarchy and absolute caos will emerge but than things will settle for better

    No country can continue the way Pakistan is running Nature will impose its own design on us

  • Sincere Pakistani |

    Pakistan…….in the line of disaster!!!!!

    It is not in the line,rather it has been already destroyed by this incompetent, corrupt,greedy and selfish President.The day Zardari was elected as president of pakistan,JYALAAS distributed sweet and made BUNGHRA on roads & streets,on that day I predicted that now the whole nation including all these stupid jyalaas will cry for the rest of their lives.My prediction has come 100% true,the nation is crying,dying for food/water and Zardari with his bunch of gangsters enjoying the life lavishly.3/5millions Pakistanis are affectees of this natural disaster, but he gave damm to the nation, but he made his tour to UK & France.It will be shocking news for Pakistanis that Zardari has purchased another "PALACE" in France, so he is the owner of two Palaces,"SURREY MAHAL IN LONDON & NARMUNDI PALACE IN PARIS". Surrey Mahal is waiting for his master whereas Narmundi palace is occupied by Zardari father who is lying on death bed.In Abudhabi palace his mother in law Nusrat Bhutto is lying on death bed.Zardari family is already in chestisment except the master.

  • Mackers |

    "With plane crash, floods, runaway leadership, ethnic clashes & killing, what awaits us next?"

    Hopefully good things. Things are so bad that the only way to go, now, is up, and i really hope things improve.

  • Nazia |

    Its good to see that media is encouraging many charity programs mostly live and directly coming from affected areas but seeing the high get up of female anchors and models in their designer outfits is quite mismatching the scene of disaster we are facing as national setback.

    Its better that they would come in front of public in some kind ofnatural makeup and simple dresses so that huge population which are at high risk of hunger and diseases in coming days wont feel uneasy after watching their pleas for them.Victims have lost all assets in the form of feed stock,crops, even small kids are drowning so be careful before coming to media in cosmetic styles ,calling for help to flood victims.This is just adding salts into wounds of million who have even lost their clothes to cover up as necessary dress code in our culture.

  • Sular |

    Zardari had good speech just calling corrupt & criminal master mind ustad Zulifiqar Ali Bahtoo, BB Banair Bahtoo, & his brothers. Using nonesence word just shouting like primery class teacher. Balawal will be the next. Zardari & co just went to safe guard his assets and bank accounts with the help of Pakistani High Commissioner who has active part in his swiss accounts and real estate in UK. Sooner or later he will get rewards by Allah by all his ill will.

    UK USA and others countries who are denoting loan aid to get protect from Taliban Al Qeadia by that money he is increaseing his assets in UK USA. Poor peoples are straving to death.