Flood Relief Drive to Sindh – Live Tracking

It seems we are finally off on our mission to provide relief to the flood affected region in Sukkur, Sindh. The OffroadPakistan has collected some significant funding for taking 6 trucks of relief good valued at more then Rs. 2.4 Million – four trucks of standardized basic food valued at Rs. 16,80,000, one truck containing a mixture of food hampers acquired from Makro at a cost of Rs. 4,43,585 and the sixth truck laden with tents and water bottles valued at Rs. 6,75,000. We are also trucking 250 1-kg tin cans of read-to-eat biryani generously donated by a friend of ours. We are not taking any medicine, but hope to concentrate on a medical relief later. The cost of trucking is approximately Rs. 25,000 per truck and im sure there shall be incidentals in between for this transportation process

IIt must be remembered that all this is the effort of quite a lot of people and the generous contribution of Pakistanis wanting to help their fellow citizens who are suffering in these devastated areas. We as representatives of OffroadPakistan are headed towards Sukkur hoping to distribute three trucks there while our friends at MotorSports Club of Pakistan shall accompany three trucks with an attempt to approach Jacobabad and hope to disburse it there.

Our plans are that we do plan for a phase 2 of the relief effort which we hope shall be a larger and grander push, this first trip shall serve as a reconnaissance trip for the bigger push in 10-12 days after this.

With so much of confusion in the area we are hoping to do our best, to keep track of our progress I have installed a GPS tracker on my Blackberry which will transmit our location every 60 seconds, it will be a drain on the battery but it shall remain on as long as Mobilink service supports GPRS in the area.

@FaisalKapadia and I [@DrAwab] will be feverishly tweeting along the trip and taking abundant pictures. We hope to make this a total digitally monitored relief trip. We shall be exclusively using the #PkField & PkOprel hashtag for sharing our progress from Karachi to Sukkur

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6 responses to “Flood Relief Drive to Sindh – Live Tracking”

  1. Rashid Rupani Avatar

    Excellent.. GOD LUCK

  2. samir Avatar

    Wonderful initiative. Good luck!

  3. Dr RazaHaider Avatar

    Catastrophe becomes grave when disaster is overwhelmed by panic decomposition and incompetency.

    Let nature takes its course.

    Nothing can curtail aggressive mood and behavior but move from sight hence from scene as escape.

    Uphill now things are very much explainable and next episode of happening is clear and in application as second to come.

    One more lose reaction would put millions on threat that unrecoverable and unbearable loss would initiate in the form and format of epidemic.

    Precautionary and precocious move are now the emergency as exigency.

    Confidence and skilled selection and resurrection would defeat the outburst and this curse; and this is only when pure energy as belief and further behavior as truth would come out to face as savior.

    Following point agenda should preferably be applied and executed immediately in order to give instantaneous and forthwith effect.

     All administrative work and till further should be handover to military ;this is for now and onwards as decision and choice and no further political application should interfere within the move as finale.

     Areas under likely threat should be marked and populace in vicinity and in surrounds; should be moved and be settled immediately in immediate and nearest approachable areas that would not become engage by flood. This is by forming Human Dumping stations that would work to settled temporary Relief and with Feeds, Camps and Medical provisioning.

     Steps of relief should initially be staged in three steps as acute and immediate, delayed and prolong and secondary as for long; this is as response and reaction.

     A collective response should be initiated in areas where likely settlement is to be executed; this is by provisioning feed, camps and necessary medical availability as field hospitals.

    One thing we must understand; scattered unsettled population can not be handled by any organization of what ever strength and under all means dumping of affected is an essentiality ;therefore to provide them at least with immediate threat of feed and next upcoming epidemic as medical provisioning.

     All relief effort should be procedure and process through the organized portfolio of military and all boarding, lodging and casualty return should be under hand of the military without delay.

     Nothing is serious as long as skilled and expert scrutiny remains the asset.

     Evacuation should be though means available and evacuees should reach Dumping station through road or means that are and must be provisioned from the first available route and means by hired military trucks that would run between the dumping station and en-route villages.

     All veterinary and similar carriers as assets of people should be settled in similar way of dumps by military veterinary section and further rehabilitation of these animals should be put at their disposal after registration and till final disposal on departure to their villages.

     A continuous vehicle service on highways as trucks and buses should flee within the scoops of first approachable ranges between flood area and dumping station to dispatch and deliver all affectees towards their dump station.

     Mind you it’s a course where unanimous approach as strict compliance and continuous input is a necessity and under all means a confident and powerful subjugated approach is a compulsion.

     Nothing is a threat as long as one is ready to face the same as bread.

     If its destiny and fate; we must fight future for fortune.

     Any number of populations can be settled with ease if we can manage them effectively.

     Three essentials as feed, camps and medicine; all reachable backups and we are in very much position to provision them.

     Simply design and diagram what place is suitable for the procedure and arrangement as further would be the deal of responsible as awardees.(Dr Raza)

    1. Nazia Avatar

      if you dont believe me than try to read the history and nature of floods in Pakistan and you would might enlightened your knowledge in this way,.

      I give you hint.

      This abnormal flood is caused/spread by damaging of embankments and no overflowing of rivers are on record.

      We have more level of rain falls in our side in history and our all natural channels have wide capacity of absorbing even more water.

      Now we have dams and largest network of canals which should have been properly utilized under professional hydrologists to divert the flow of floods in safe sides.

      River kabul didnt play havoc in Afghanistan but drowned our nowshera ,charsada the area where weak community is living.

      Our four rivers which were dried for last 15 years didnt show any sign of rough and high level floods.

      India never spill its water in our channels who is always blamed to create disturbance in our soil.

      Monsoon rains and glaciers melting flow are in the path ways of India too.Did they take help of their gods and goddess to secure them selves where no such natural devastation is recorded this time.

      How this is possible we share same sources of water but water favors India and Pak army only.

      We have wasted two weeks in haphazard operations and mostly emphasized on projections our tragedy to enhance international aide.In this two weeks we could have saves the sindh rural areas(as flood water took 14 days to reach toward sindh and Baluchistan areas in very simple way but we are run/rule by ill will people who need such devastation for suppressing their public in this way too.

      Now nothing can be done to save land, population and agriculture commodity as destruction has been spread and now it is producing chain reactions of any incident that (still a mystery) was done in the end of July in our suleman mountain range.

  4. Nayel Avatar

    Great work Dr Awab … Need your help with coordination efforts. Sahana Foundation has developed a disaster management system, which was deployed successfully in Haiti earlier this year. It's used to track disaster-affected areas and people and to follow relief efforts. They've customised the software for Pakistan and you can find it at:

    There will be a training session on how to use the software on Monday (tomorrow, Aug 16) at 4 p.m. at the IBA City Campus. Please spread the word and ask people to contribute whatever data they have, as well as to attend the training session. There will be another session on Tuesday at NED Karachi, which will be broadcasted live to Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar & Faisalabad.


  5. Faisal Khan Avatar

    Excellent initiative Awab! May Good bless you and your team for their relentless efforts.