Flood Relief Mission 2 – Live Tracking & Tweeting

As customary to our Relief trips to the flooded areas, Faisal Kapadia and I will be live GPS tracking and Live Tweeting all along the way. Our plan is to depart Karachi on the morning of Sunday 22nd August accompany a convoy of 8 relief good trucks, be joined by 7-8 accompanying vehicles with around 25 odd volunteers to head to Shikarpur. We hope to offload all the goods in a secure warehouse in Shikarpur and from there strategically disburse the relief to deserved people in the area.

As different from the previous CoverItLive we launched last time, our emphasis is to concentrate / share tweets from only the people taking part in this particular mission and the readers will not be bothered or overwhelmed by the other twitter chatter.

GPS Tracking will be maintained for record sake, to be transmitted every 5-10 minutes from our phones

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3 responses to “Flood Relief Mission 2 – Live Tracking & Tweeting”

  1. AwameeShair Avatar

    kal jinhon nai,

    sadarat kee bandarbaant kee thee,

    aaj waheee parsaa baney hain,

    jo kal bhee naa beeenaa they,

    aaaj bazahir beenaa baney hain,

    kahtey hain corrupt siasatdano sai,

    marshalla achaa hai,

    aey peer e naa-beenaa!

    kiaa band hain, Hakoomat kai Khazeena?

    kiaa bank-on paey taley lagg gaey,

    yaa imdaad main sai hissey milney band hogaey?

    aapkaa dard ham samjhtey hain,

    mulk wo qaum kee hai apko fikar,

    hain diyar-e-gher main aap,

    masroof mulk o Qaum keee fikar,

    mulk main hotey to aisaa na ho,

    kaheen kharbozey ko dekh kar

    bengaan rangg naa badal laey

    arz hai maireee aaap sai!!!,

    munafiqat hai jamation kai liey haram,

    to kabb sai hoee appkai liey halal?

    swaat main zulm hotaa hai,

    to Geo pay Video aatee hai,

    Siaalkot main hotaa hai,

    to video aateee hai,

    yaaai apkaa hai karaam,

    kah karachi kee kabhee,

    video hee nahee atee hai

    Aey Peer-e-naaBeena,

    tairee murshideee sai main begana,

    kahan mairee naa daaneee,

    aur kahan GEO kee mahrbani

    Aik main hee naa pahchana tery rutbey ko,

    mujh sai barey hain tairey aisey mureeed,

    barey barey anchors,

    jo kardain baad-shahon ko zaleeel,

    par teray darbar main jab atey hain,

    goyaa zubaan o dimakh ghar rakh atey hain

  2. saeedeh Avatar

    i want to help raise money for you guys.i live in the US and want to know if there is a tax-deductible charity you are working with so that I can get more money raised.please let me know.

  3. saeedeh Avatar


    i would like to help you guys raise funds for the flood victims..i live in the US and wanted to know if there is any tax deductible organization that will be sending funds directly to you.that way a lot of people here will be more generous in donating.i hope to hear from you soon