Video of the conditions of a Pediatric ward in Shikarpur

A worldwide appeal by Dr. Awab Alvi for upgrading the pediatric ward in Shikarpur. He takes you through a walk-thru tour of the Pediatric ward at the Civil Hospital Shikarpur to show the deplorable the conditions that have been aggravated due to a large influx of flood related victims into the area. The ward looks after only the severe cases, upon our visit there were three natal wards a total of 20 beds and it held a capacity of over 100 children [PICS] stacked within it has been fortunate that some generous donor had installed airconditioners so as to make this barely livable, if you were to walk out of the rooms, the stench in the heat and the stench in the hallway is unimaginable, toilets down the hall are over flooding beyond belief.

This is just a small example of what these people are going through and sadly NO ONE is coming to their rescue, the government is sleeping, aid agencies busy planning, and the bureaucrats and feudals of the region siphoning off the aid to their hearts desire. Help MUST reach then not tomorrow but TODAY.

Team members of the OffroadPakistan had a visit to the area and desperately feel the need to make a small difference at least in totally changing the landscape of this pediatric ward, naturally we need help and assistance in making this dream a reality, our effort is to highlight a plea, after which we need funds and expertise in saving lives of these gentle little kids. Dreaming big we could hope to revamp the entire Civil Hospital in this area as a long lasting measure for this impoverished city.




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3 responses to “Video of the conditions of a Pediatric ward in Shikarpur”

  1. safdar Avatar

    No wonder,

    Believe it or not, the people responsible for sanctioning money to interior hospitals for management and medicines put the money in their own pockets.

    and here is the second truth, some of the people doing this also belong to the interior of Sindh.

    Not a foreign power, but our own people deprive the poors of the facilities they could get.

  2. Daanish Avatar

    So true,these people have chosen their own masters,who to blame then themselves 🙁

  3. max Avatar

    It's so sad.