Laidback Show Episode 24 – C-130 Flood Relief to Jacobabad

The OffroadPakistan team boarded a Pakistan Air Force C-130 aircraft this last week to deliver over 1200 food hampers to the flood affected victims of Jacobabad. Jacobabad has been cut off from relief work due to the inaccesbility of teh Jacobabad-Shikarpur road and the only possible way to access this area is to be airlifted to the PAF in Jacobabad.

The offroadPakistan has previoulsy tried to reach jacobabad by road but was unable to do so, and when offered an opportunity to board one of the daily C-130’s to this stranded area, we seized the opportunity. Delivered relief to over 1200 families along the Behari Canal which has barely not received any aid for quite many days.



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