Bang-e-Dara “Mushie Tushie” with Faisal Qureshi & Awab Alvi

On October 1st I was invited by Fasial Qureshi on his show Bang-e-Dara on TVOne to discuss the earlier annoucnoment by Pervaiz Musharrraf to re-enter Pakistani politics. I believe we had a field day, watch the show



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4 responses to “Bang-e-Dara “Mushie Tushie” with Faisal Qureshi & Awab Alvi”

  1. syed faisal Avatar

    program was good especially faisal qureshi was much better in this program. also an interesting slip of toungue in the end.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Apologies for the slip of tongue 😉

  2. Muhammad Saqib Ilyas Avatar

    Awesome! It is not easy to be "in the line of fire" on live TV. I must praise your intellect and courage.

  3. farrahshah Avatar

    What a nice programme .I am so pleased to watch it and it is the only talk show where I listened to each and every word.

    Must appreciate the decorum ,mannerism and the quality of Urdu Language and the rationale used by both of you.


    On Musharraf Support I was his supporter and his major support is foreign base the reason was after 9/11 and 7/7 we living outside of the country faced a lot of harassment and when Musharraf stood up and said that Britain should look within for terrorism we got a support and that too from Pakistan we felt we are represented and it is true as well that he was and is still highly respected among the foreigners.

    If you see the Lal Masjid and Afia case from a foreign press it seems right.

    Since I have become more intrested in Paksitani politics and now I understand the point of view of Paksitanis and anyway the sham WAR ON TERROR has been exposed so I have changed my openion with regard to Musharraf.

    Pakistan has changed a lot .If I will be at his place today I would not put myself into politics .


    I wish and think people like you must come forward for politics ,if Imran Khan can survive you can too.

    Honesty and straight forwardness is the only tool to defeat their filth.