Shikarpur Pediatric Ward revamped

A team of offroadpakistan headed to Shikarpur this last weekend to oversee the restoration of the Pediatric Ward at the Civil Hospital Shikarpur, Khalid Omar and Sabiha Omar represented us for the four days to supervise the total cleanup and painting of the three existing wards which included repair of the existing beds, the installation of insecutors in each of the wards and the cleaning up of the lavatories in the building, amongst a host of other things. They also oversaw the setup of the medical dispensary which is to provide free medicines for the patients for the next three to six months. Some of the older pictures can be seen here while our video appeal can be watched here

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5 responses to “Shikarpur Pediatric Ward revamped”

  1. honorliving Avatar

    Khalid and Sabiha, great job and thanks for sharing the pictures. May goddess reward you thousand times over.

  2. Hamid Omar Avatar

    We have the resources to adopt one more hospital (suggest one which is a days return drive) – kO & party going to Sewan/Manchar Lake area to make assessment!

  3. Daanish Avatar

    You guys are amazing,May Allah SWT bestow upon you His Blessings,ameen.

  4. dr jawad khan Avatar

    Great job!

    but it could be more enlighting if 'before and after' snap shots would have been taken.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Jawad – I did include the link – to some of the previous pictures –… and… infact if you browse back in forth to see more

      Ill try to add another album containing the same pictures