Jahil Online [Aamir Liaquat Hussain] exposed using Profanity

A Youtube clip has just surfaced which has select clips of Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain aka Jahil Online using profanity off-air. The video I feel may have emerged to blackmail him somehow as some segments of the clip are from quite a few years back but even then its interesting to note that under the garb of the humble religious Islamic scholar breeds a dirty mouthed person who seems to be deliberately making fun of the religion of Islam and has been known to breed hatred to an extent incite violence against Ahmedis as well

Be forewarned this clip contains urdu profanity

I’m speechless Whats your reaction?



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60 responses to “Jahil Online [Aamir Liaquat Hussain] exposed using Profanity”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    Dude this video is old. While at one hand you hate Mullahs finger pointing others' sin on other hand you are picking him. Come on doc! You can't claim he did not improve now. Just move on.

  2. sabahat Avatar

    see the clip here

  3. Jamil Arif Avatar

    Awab Bahi Please update the youtube video its no longer available … Here is new working link ..


  4. Zoha Qureshi Avatar
    Zoha Qureshi

    Someone please shoot him! Such a FASSADI he is

    1. Asad Avatar

      Surprised to see a woman speaking against him… otherwise 99.9999999% of his fans are females… hahaha AAmir Bhaeeeeeeeeeeee haha

  5. Kamal Avatar

    no sympathies for Actor Aamir Liaquat (never liked him from day one) but people should get wary of Geo and its blackmailing tactics too. ( releasing deleted scenes after he left Geo n was giving trouble to ratings of Geo Ramadan Transmission)……

  6. readinglord Avatar

    Sorry, none of the video is

    available. Any how I don't approve

    of this type of write-up which

    smacks of black-mailing that

    means getting low to JOL's


  7. Raza Avatar

    Once a Khatmal Always a Khatmal

    1. The Forbidden Fruit Avatar

      Stop hating man. The prophet did not preach Hate! I dunno why people think that 'hating' takes them closer to Allah?

  8. yaseen ch Avatar

    Yes, he should be banned by PEMRA to appear on any channel for inciting hatred and i am afraid he would be found killed some day soon.

  9. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Can we call it a retribution from Geo Tv?

  10. Salman Avatar

    ya i sae this video before i like ur blog

  11. Mehwish Abdul Sattar Avatar

    A True Jaahil!!!! TV Channels should ban him!!! And all his followers should stop watching his programs!!

  12. Faisal Avatar

    You can watch this video here on youtube


  13. عنیقہ ناز Avatar

    If somebody wish to shoot him or is shocked he must know Pakistan is now full of theses hypocrites. So scenario will be like this tum kitney bhutto marw ge, har ghar sy bhutto nikle ga.

    Don't believe start blogging with the name of a woman and if you are a woman be public.

    This video is released on some intentions one can easily gather out. But one can also conclude , there's something fishy in our social structure. Aamir liaquat and this video tooo are symptoms of this disease.

    If he is an actor as many people think me too he lacks professionalism. He could avoid this public profanity for a better image but he didn't. Seems very normal for him, as he is not conscious of people around, why?

    Interestingly, there are many religious scholars with him on each occasion but nobody bothered to interfere him or corrected him. Question, if they lack courage or for them it is a normal practice. I think the second option is more close to reality.

    So its not Aamir Liaquat who is exposed its our religious scholars too who are exposed. Dikhao kishmish khao chana.

    1. Wildernessfarout Avatar

      You all are so gullible. How long would you put up with this buffoonery?! Can't you see that the words are not consistent with the lip movements.

      Of course this is fake. If someone wants to learn more about lip reading then watch this documentary: Hitler's Private world – its about a German Sound Engineer who through software dubbed Hitler's actual voice over his silent movies. The torrent is available easily.

      Ah come on I can't help but express my dejection toward your attitude against someone who is open and does no harm to anyone. Like or dislike is your personal matter but at least follow the prescription of the Quran regarding false news.

    2. Asad Avatar

      Good to see 3 ladies speaking against their Aamir Bhaeee on this forum… so there are three sensible ladies out 9 crore female FANS of this chawal…. I have never ever seen a man speaking in his favour

  14. Love Islam Avatar
    Love Islam

    every video will get deleated from fb and youtube so plz seed this torrent for sake of Allah Rasul e Pak And Islam


  15. Agha Avatar

    Ohh so your trumpet starts trumpeting again? Huh

    Where were you when Salman Taseer was Killed?

    Where were you when Saleem Shehzad was killed?

    Hypocrite Awab Alvi's trumpet starts trumpeting again

  16. Agha Avatar

    Don't get me wrong I'm not condoning Amir Liaquat's behaviour rather I just wanted to point out Dr Awab Alvi's hypocrisy.

    Where were Dr you when it really mattered?

  17. All Chor Avatar
    All Chor

    He's like another Altaf Hussain

  18. Habibies Avatar

    May Allah show us the right way of Islam and accept us complete in Islam… Ameen

    1. asif Avatar

      i totally agree with U frnd

  19. Cookie Monster Avatar

    I feel that a lot of things have been taken out of context. Yes, his behaviour is not angel like, but at the same time – is his colourful language really something to be shocked about?

  20. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Its shocking to see that a religious program like Alim online is nothing but like a TV serial and a soap. Every thing was acting even the deep throat voice was a part of act.

    But one thing should be admired that how successfully he got rid of MQM and extended his viewership from pro shia barelvis to all denominations and on ARY TV he started invited Molana Ibtisam Zaheer of Aehl Hadith. Unlike most of people I don't see as a change of heart rather change of strategy. But the sad thing is that he was successful exploiting the religious sentiments of the people for personal gain.

    Since morning I am taking feed back and most funny thing that people demonstrated the same aberration of attachment as we see in the politics…Hamara leader sahih he chahe woh chappal chor hi kiyoon na ho…

    Pakistanis are such a great nation..

    1. Umar Avatar

      Who is a a pro shia barelvi? Does that mean that the rest of us are anti shia sunnis. What sick mind will use this language.

      And yes Amir Liaqat is a cheapster peice of crap, sadly he too has his followers

    2. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar

      Dear Umer,

      I didn't make these classifications. These are already there.

      Did you see Amir Liaquat doing "tabbara" on Hazrat e Shaikhen Razi Allah taala anhuma? and did you see the reaction of shia peope? Intense ovations and joy over the blasphemous comments.

      Yes its true Shia hate most exalted personalities of Islam after Prophet (pbuh) and most of the Sunni hate shia because of this habit. But pro Shia barelvi have the soft corner for Shia because of many common rituals and faith.

  21. Barkat Ullah Avatar
    Barkat Ullah

    I wonder how many people watched that particular video?

    It very easy to destroy our unity!

    Just trigger a chingari and rest of the damage would be done by us!

    We are no one to judge any ones Taqwa!

    Allah is All Knower All Seer

  22. Adeel Avatar

    here is the torrent link for this video


    DOWNLOAD AMIR LIAQAT'S REAL FACE video via torrent

  23. Sheherzad Avatar

    I m just astonished that one Mullah is ignoring his ghalib film and other says wah (shame on him too) btw is he allowed to openhis mouth if he is shiia against the two right hand men of the Prophet s.a.w (bloody taqiyya of him on air)

  24. Sheherzad Avatar

    Yes again and geo tv nonetheless they had nothing against his behaviour when he was on the show and now they leaked it!!! They will even have him back if his TRPs dont fall.

  25. Asher Avatar

    IT'S FAKE AND PROFESSIONALLY DUBBED,Voice doesn't match with the lips, esp. when u see at the initial of video something falls, and Aamir Liaquat lips r quiet, and voice still on the video..


    1. Wadood Chaudhary Avatar
      Wadood Chaudhary

      I've listened to it several times but can't tell. There is more audio synchronization issues with most YouTube videos or in home theatres than are found in this video. Also, switch off the volume and try to say what Dr. sahib has been alleged to say and see if the lips match exactly or not; however it is not something that cannot be proven or disproven otherwise. There are many in teh business who can immediately tell if it is fake or not.

      I think Dr. Sahib should get this video debunked by any authority in his field. He can seek the help of ARY technicians or any independent daubbers. This should not be left hanging in the air, unresolved. It does not help his cause if he is innocent.

      Suppose this thing happened in USA, and if Fox News has relased such a tape on Chris Mathews, would Chris or MSNBC limit themselves on responding by couple of blogs or tweets or respond on their talk show. They would actually take FoxNews to the task and maybe get the channel off air. Murdoch's News of The World world was closed for offenses which sounds minor to this one.

      If this video is dubbed then this is pure forgery, a criminal intent to defame, etc. and Dr. Sahib has recourse to the law available. He should take that path and I don't agree with his forgive and forget approach. Like in his tweets: "Please ignore and cool down. It is professional high class dubbing!"

      At the very least he should demand an apology from Geo and tell fans to stop watching Geo. This will bring Geo's rating down and will teach Geo a lesson.

    2. Hira Avatar

      bohat pagal hai tu yar apna ilaj time pe karwa le warna bohat pachtae ga

    3. Hira Avatar

      Asher tu bohat pagal hai b v se bohat mar khae ga, tere jahilana comments bta rhe hein…………

  26. see Avatar


    see the video still available on daily motion

  27. Ali Avatar

    Even if Geo did it for retribution, it is good that his real face is exposed. Bloody khatmal is nothing but a great liar.

    The sad fact is that he is still strong and occupying airwaves through one of the most watched TV channels. About time to kick him out. Enough is enough.

  28. abdul waheed Avatar
    abdul waheed

    great opening about these keere makore on tv , aise bhut sari gand ko saf karne ki zarorat hia, my request is please spread this video as much as u can, takeee islam k bare m ham or non muslim dkhoka na khae.

  29. ابوسعد خان Avatar

    Media is a whole is Fitna. So there are rare chances of coming out any Khair from it. The clips are old and were saved with the producers of this short selection but he/she/it used it due to some differences with Aamir Liaquat who is much better than what he was as MQM's guy. The Late Abul Kareem Abid had named him Jahil and he is Jahil since then. I had confronted with him on couple of occasion and he never deserved to be a host of a religious show.

    I am confident that most of our host including those hosting political talk shows are the real bastards ( forgive me for the words)

  30. ASAD Avatar

    Aamir Liaquat ko chahiya ka wo agar sachay to is baat ka iqraar karlain aur tooba karlain mazeed jhoot boolna wo bhi Ramzan main mazeed gunahoon main izzafa hoga. such baat kahnay say and sari qoom say mafi mangnay say baat khatam ho jaigi.

    1. Pakistani Avatar

      fully agree.

      yours is the only sensible comment i read on this blog.

  31. ASAD Avatar


    Aamir Liaquat nay jo kuch kia wo taqreeban 70% anchor,Host and other show bizz person kartay hongay. laikin aap jo program kartay thay us main aisay nahi hona chahiya tha

  32. The Forbidden Fruit Avatar

    Somebody said to me, "This is a yahoodi saazish to divide us!" what's your reaction you ask? 😛


  33. Wadood Avatar

    I believe Dr. sahib should do the following to clear his name:

    1. He should directly take Geo to the court and sue them for damages, defamation, etc. Anybody in his position, anywhere in the world, will do this as the first thing.

    2. At the very least Dr. Sahib should demand an apology and tell his fans to ban Geo TV.

    3. Get a professional, respected media authority to debunk the video. I have seen it many times and I cannot tell.

    4. Dr. Shaib should not be too soft in his rebuttal, also he generalizes and globalizes his enemies. To his detractors (or even to some neutrals) it may not sound like the rebuttal of a man who has been wrongly accused but of the one who has suffered a serious body blow and is trying to do damage control.

    1. First of all he should directly take Geo to the court and sue them for damages, defamation, etc. Anybody in his position, anywhere in the world, will do this as the first thing. Think if FOX released a doctored tape of Chris Mathews on the internet, MSNBC would really take FoxNews to the task. Channel wars can start. Murdoch News of the world was closed for much lesser offenses. So in this case, Dr. Sahib can even close Geo down. His move will be supported by ARY as well as the current government of Pakistan, who will only be happy to see the last of Geo. So therefore I don't agree with Dr. sahib's approach of forgive and forget (though doubtless commendable for spiritual reason), as he says in his tweet: "Do not believe in that, just relax and cool… disgusting conspiracy spread by those who do not want to promote Ishq-e-Rasool (saww)"

    By my calculation he should by now have registered criminal cases against Geo for forgery, fraud, defamation, and many other irregularities. At the very least Dr. Sahib should demand an apology and tell his fans to ban Geo TV.

    2. There are number of ways he can prove that video is fake. It is obvious that there are other people in the room since these were taken when recordings were going on. I'd assume that room should be full of staff, cameramen, producers, and other technical staff, and Dr. Sahib should be able to get at least few of them to testify that these clips are forged. In one clip Dr. Sahib is shown to make fun of a Maulvi's cap in an extremely vulgar manner. It is followed by Dr. Sahib's discussing a certain Indian actor with a very objectionable motion of hands. Dr. Sahib should get that Maulvi sahib to come forward and declare that no such thing ever happened.

    Also, Dr. Shaib should get character witnesses from his school, college, MQM and other places where he has worked that he does not use such language. There is someone from Dunya channel who is saying that Dr. Sahib has been abusive to the guests there as well. The best way to counteract this propaganda by bringing on his own character testimonials.

    3. I think Dr. Sahib does not do himself any favor by digressing on the nature of enemies, from Geo TV to virtually all anti-Islamic forces. It'd be unwise to generalize and globalize his enemies when he knows the enemy by first name.

    4. He should get the video debunked by a professional dubbing agency or anyone who is an expert in finding this forgery, since this is masterful production. I have listened to it a few times and cannot tell. The movies that are dubbed, even by professional studios, you can tell right away. Since this is a high class production as Dr. Sahib says, which means GeoTV or equivalent are behind this, then it is all the more reason to prove its falsity by a respected authority in the field.

    4. Dr. Shaib should not be too soft and general in his rebuttal. He starts with a long preamble where he talks about jealousy, quotes various traditions and appears resigned to the fact that "those who don't like him will never believe in regardless whatever he comes up with."

    Since Dr. Shaib is the aggrieved party here, he should not do long, abstract sermon talk to establish any context but should come on firing all guns, burning with righteous indignation. To his detractors (or even to some neutrals) it may not sound like the rebuttal of a man who has been wrongly accused but of the one who has suffered a serious body blow and is trying to do damage control.

  34. HA Avatar

    Waheed 'doctor sahab my ass'…either you are ignorant or you are hiding the fact tha dr sahib is NOT a doctor

  35. ASAD Avatar

    Dear Wadood sahib you comments and suggestions are very good but if Dr. Sahib does not do the same which you advice him then he what we all people think.

  36. Masad Avatar

    He never go to the court! If he does then Geo will provide all prove (Koi bacha nahi hai Geo)

  37. jiman Avatar


    People who are shocked live in fairy land.

    This is how they are, its paid tv program. They all use different *modes* to make money and like many of so called *ulema*, Jahil-Amir Ali chose religion to exploit.

    Just to please shia crowd and shia *ulema* he bad-mouthed the most respectable of the Sahaba.

    Our people are emotional and its very easy for these actors to decieve. Given the amount of money they make, they would do any thing.

    What else would you expect from a grave worshipper?

  38. AQ Avatar

    ~مت چھینو ظلمو! اُس جگرسوختہ کاسُکھ ،اُسکا چین~

    ~تم سب میں بھی تو چُھپاہوا ہےاک، عامرلیاقت حسین~

  39. floral Avatar

    God is silent to some extent but when He comes… what happen is similar to above…

    Gr8 post..indeed!

  40. Aamir Raza Avatar
    Aamir Raza

    watch his video on youtube. Here is the link.


  41. Azhar Avatar

    i found a intersting fact regarding amir show on google…


  42. saira arif Avatar


  43. ShaheenTabbassum Avatar

    The man has a brighter side too……………

    Watch this Video


  44. Suhaib Tariq Avatar
    Suhaib Tariq

    Dr. ALH doesn't look to be so stupid and vulgar. Shame on him!!!!

  45. Aana Paracha Avatar

    I will continue to condemn such barbaric acts whenever I should…
    Renowned religious scholar and famous television host Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain shares his expressions on twitter ….
    Aamir Liaquat Husain

    Renowned religious scholar and famous television host Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain shares his expressions on twitter ….
    Jummah Kareem…

    I want to share the saddest news with all of you that I am not going to the most sacred journey and cannot perform Hajj this year.
    Please pray that next year I will get the "Bulawa"…this all happened due to irresponsibility of the travel agent. Since I do not believe in "SIFARISH" therefore I did not approach the government high ups to get the visa. But InshaAllah I will do the Hajj Transmission with full vigor and religious fervor Bushra, Ahmed and Duaa, they all are very disappointed and sad for not going to Hajj. I raised my voice in couple of my programmes and beepers on “Malala Issue” along with martyrs of drone attacks and Lal Masjid. Besides getting the appreciation for raising my voice I also got some serious “Life Threats” from the attackers of
    Malala. I would like to inform all of you that nothing can shake my beliefs and I will continue to condemn such barbaric acts whenever I should… We should respect and believe teachings of Islam instead of emphasizing on taking revenge in the name of Islam.Someone can have differences of opinion with Malala’s views but Islam strictly prohibits killing or attacking someone. The doors of Dialogue and negotiations are always opened, so please enter through the doors of reason rather than attempt to kill someone. We should also objurgate the killings of innocent people on daily basis in Karachi by "Unidentified Beasts". We should not forget this act that thousands Malalas get killed in tribal areas and dozens Malalas get orphan everyday in Karachi

  46. ali Avatar

    i am shocked i hate him he seemed such a nice personbut i think he he fake thats why video disappeared

  47. ali Avatar

    he is not a doctor his degress are fake so why we call him doctor his voice is the same allah nows the best but now after seeing this i hate him