Maya Khan Aunty Brigade – Stay out of our parks

Subah Saveera with Maya Khan on Samaa TV actually chases people sitting in a park and asks them why are they sitting there. Firstly I believe it is NOT illegal for two people to sit [date] in a park, and secondly it was shocking to see the host and other women running and chasing after individuals sitting in the park to an extent of trying to trap them.

In my opinion they exhibited highly intrusive, invasive and potentially irresponsible behavior – it is the kind of vigilantism which no different than the mob that cornered the two brothers in Sialkot and enforced their own reaction for the benefit of society, Maya Khan may have initiated a precedence today and may potentially open the door for chase and capture vigilantism – Irresponsibility of the highest degree

Liberal Fascist writes: Going through the horrid clip above, you see two dozen women running through a park, shouting “wo hijab waali”, “dekho uss nai hijab pehna huwa hai”, escorted by men with name tags and uniformed men, obviously employed by one or the other private security company. If you had this great “hoard” of judgement come charging at you, anyone would feel intimidated, harassed and threatened. The last time I checked, and I may be completely ignorant about this, when I go to a public space, that is not what I expect, nor is such behaviour condoned by any legal authority.

The 5th Part of the show gets worse, Maya Khan actually hounds the couple on some other pretext and slowly moves in to question the couple on their Nikahnama, when the girl insists to turn the camera off, Maya still continues to record despite her promise – Is this another level of media vigilantism?

Mehreen Kasana writes an open letter: Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof: … Stay out of my park.

A petition has been started to be sent to Zafar Siddiqui, CEO Samaa TV appealing him to stop this stupidity, text of the petition is as follows

STOP Subah Saverey Maya kay Sath vigilantism like Lal Masjid

We the undersigned would like to express our dismay at a morning show broadcast on Samaa TV, Subah Saverey Maya kay Sath, that exhibited highly intrusive, invasive and potentially irresponsible behavior on the part of the host – a kind of vigilantism no different than the Lal Masjid variety. The episode of Jan 17, 2012 in particular was highly disturbing in which the host Maya Khan went after couples in parks.

As viewers and citizens, we not only protest this kind of moral policing, but also point out that this kind of programming is likely to also lead to legal action for violation of dignity of man under the Constitution – which legal action we as signatories will support, propagate and promote.

We hope that Samaa TV will end this irresponsible programming immediately, and look forward to your early response.

Maya Khan – Stay out of our Parks





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  1. ahsanali Avatar

    Amazing rubbish. We should do a "sting" operation…. suggest them a location where two people who can actually talk back at them are sitting. Maybe more than a few couples planted who then descend upon the aunty brigade, verbally thrash them and film the whole thing themselves for youtube.

  2. chimbajuni Avatar

    @W_Rahman: parhay likhay jahil log. Btw auntion ko bhaagtay hooay dekh k bara maza aya :p

    1. W_Rahman Avatar

      @chimbajuni buhahahahah O yusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….

  3. KashanAhmed Avatar

    Media should learn some ethics, invasion of privacy is crime.

  4. memonammar Avatar

    @ZarfishanHash Thank you for share!

  5. blrezth Avatar

    @rahmedh da video didnt run…but i got an idea…literally thts wat happenin back home…..smoooth…….lool

  6. ramiznch Avatar

    @TheRealHaroon Such an idiotic woman.

    1. TheRealHaroon Avatar

      @ramiznch agreed

    2. ramiznch Avatar

      @TheRealHaroon Kisi aik k sar per Dupata nahi, aur chale hain Islam ka paat perhane. I flagged this video under "Hateful content – Bullying"

  7. ramiznch Avatar

    @TheRealHaroon So disgraceful,these women are willing to sell their souls for those extra 1 to 2 point ratings over competing shows.Hate her

  8. ramiznch Avatar

    @TheRealHaroon And look what she is doing on live show.

    1. TheRealHaroon Avatar

      @ramiznch Yes that is the height of hypocrisy!! She can shake her bootie on TV but she accosts couples taking innocent walks in the park

    2. ramiznch Avatar

      @TheRealHaroon Agreed #Mayakhan is an embarrassment to the nation. Even if she decide to apologize on national TV,that will NEVER be enough.

  9. Imran Jafri Avatar
    Imran Jafri

    It just costs Rs.2500 for a room 2-3star at Lahore, for a date. I'm all for banning it in public parks.

  10. loyals Avatar

    It just costs Rs.2500 for a room 2-3star at Lahore, for a date. I'm all for banning it in public parks.

  11. wajiha_sarwar Avatar

    @TheRealHaroon Maya Khan Haye!Haye….

  12. WAK90 Avatar

    @W_Rahman aida tu lata da shokeen

  13. Kashif.Naseer Avatar

    س بوک اور ٹوئیٹر پر اس وقت مایا خان پر شدید تنقید چل رہی ہے اور اب تو بی بی سی اردو جو اکثر اہم خبروں کو نظرانداز کرنے میں ماہر سمجھا جاتا ہے بھی اس بہتی گنگا میں اشنان کرنے آنپہنچا ہے۔ مایا خان اگر کسی مدرسے میں گھس کر کسی مولوی کی پراویسی میں دخل دے کر جھوٹی رپورٹنگ کرتیں تو یہی دوغلے لوگ اسکے ہمنوا بنے ہوئے ہوتے۔

    1. kadnan Avatar

      @Kashif.Naseer Well said Kashif, liberals whine for things which don't suit their taste however Maya herself is not some saint and she is using it for sake of her program and such harassing is not worth at all

    2. kadnan Avatar


  14. shosha Avatar

    how does this compare to lal masjid?
    these morning shows will do anything to get noticed…self proclaimed reformers with a heart if gold and certificate of morality. as much as i am disgusted by maya khan i am appalled by the letter by "Mehreen". Each individual must show respect for ones self before expecting it from someone else. May Allah help us all…Ameen

  15. hira_hashmi Avatar

    @AhsanChawla @Ochawla disgusting! Whats wrong with our tv channels ? Sick! YUCK #MAYAKHAN

  16. NoorSaeed Avatar

    ASA i dont think from anywhere that she is doing something wrong b/c of this people young tennagers unmarried might feel embarassed that what there doing is wrong oh they'll be only ashamed if they have any self esteem in them .Dating in parks has actually increased harassment rate and rape ratio in our country .Why should we stop her show when someone is trying to bring a good change wake up our youth who have become so ignorant. PLease dont forget we are Muslims This all is not lawful in Islam .

  17. NoorSaeed Avatar

    ASA i dont think from anywhere that she is doing something wrong b/c of this people young tennagers unmarried might feel embarassed that what there doing is wrong oh they'll be only ashamed if they have any self esteem in them .Dating in parks has actually increased harassment rate and rape ratio in our country .Why should we stop her show when someone is trying to bring a good change wake up our youth who have become so ignorant. PLease dont forget we are Muslims This all is not lawful in Islam .

  18. MunibKhi Avatar

    Corporate NONSENSE of this Maya thing is


    Corporate ISLAM by Mullahz Both should be condemned

  19. a_muizz Avatar
    a_muizz Look at this. Another reason to get her off the media!

  20. a_muizz Avatar

    Samaa TV should be sued

  21. Saugato Datta Avatar
    Saugato Datta

    @Imran Jafri. I assume you're aiming for sarcasm. On the off-chance that you're serious, I take it that you'll stand by, credit card at the ready, to book hotel rooms for unfortunate people who want to hang out with their friends/lovers away from their families, but cannot afford to casually shell out Rs. 2500 for a "2/3-star room"? Oh wait, if they can't afford to get a hotel room or go to a fancy restaurant, they don't deserve love lives, do they? Jeez.

  22. MunibKhi Avatar

    you have only bullets and killings and bombs and no entertainment in state or agar aik couple kuch time sath guzarne agaya hy PAK mei toh they act like GOD send soldiers . . . . ye "gair" mardun ke sath stage or set pe sari entertainment kerlain wo sab theek hy . . . laikin agar aik couple agaya hy kuch time sath pass kerney toh they are acting lik thekedarz of some bullshit culture ? a culture that says its norm in our culture to bury 5 women alive.someone was right : If they really want to make a difference, then they should goto govt offices at 9:00 AM and check how many ppl show up at with on time!! That will be better public service

  23. S Khalid Avatar
    S Khalid

    To all the people who sign this petition – don't just boycott this silly woman's show, boycott the TV channel too – Each 1 of us can make a difference – there is strength in numbers – dont let such irresponsible people take over our liberties – today it is this, tomorrow they will want to dictate how we brush our teeth first thing in the morning

  24. HammadRajjoub Avatar

    @azaralizain absolutely ridiculous mate. What a shame that they dont have anything better to do.

  25. faisalkapadia Avatar

    To all the people signing this petition – online petitions are of zero value. If we want to really affect change 50 of us should gather and pay a visit to samaa management. I do not mean have a protest outside their office. . I mean meet the relevant people.

    If they do not meet us then we should stand outside and video tape everyone going in accompanied by shouts of "are you engaged"

    what say doc and co?

  26. MubasherLucman Avatar

    @usamahamdani nothing there all videos haev been removed

    1. usamahamdani Avatar

      @MubasherLucman yeah.Maya khan with 10-12 women raided a park in Karachi n tried to catch dating couples n embarassing thm in public.LIVE!!

    2. YaAbalFazl Avatar

      @MubasherLucman @usamahamdani Its still on youtube if you want to view it

  27. FarrukhKPitafi Avatar

    @usamahamdani Thanks

  28. fawwaxs Avatar

    @DrAwab we should plan anti-Maya Khan dating day in protest of this outrageous BS pulled off by her.

    1. DrAwab Avatar

      @fawwaxs take a video camera to SamaaTV office run after all women & men working ask for their NIKAHNAMA – Record their reaction #MAYAKHAN

  29. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
    Dr Jawwad Khan

    What happened to my comment?

    Ok. let me put this in a decent way. Demand of privacy in a public place is ridiculous. In public places norms of society should be considered as rule of moral laws.

    No religion, No Islam and no moral policing but decency and modesty for the sake of appearance. You said:

    "Firstly I believe it is NOT illegal for two people to sit [date] in a park, and secondly it was shocking to see the host and other women running and chasing after individuals sitting in the park to an extent of trying to trap them."

    First they are not just some Godly people sitting and chatting on Godly issue. We all know who they are and what were they doing in the park your statement is not showing the true picture.

    My question is that if they were just a people with clean intentions and clear mind then why they ran?

    My question is what we will do if our own sister would have been dating with some guy?

    What happened to the decency and modesty of our youth?

    1. mejavd00 Avatar

      @Dr Jawwad Khan

    2. mejavd00 Avatar

      @Dr Jawwad Khan Really? ok, lets say its ok for a group of 30 women to go around chasing people who they think are "allegedly" having an affair. I suppose its ALSO ok for a bunch of mullahs to strike these youth openly with lashes if they see them. I suppose its ALSO ok for a mob to beat up "robbers" and I suppose it would ALSO be totally fine if Miss Maya Khan was harassed or chased by a similar group of burqa clad women for not wearing niqab. Since Miss Maya could be someone's sister or daughter right? You know what? forget the court! lets start administering our own justice to people! I bet Pakistan would flourish this way!

    3. tnm3300 Avatar

      @Dr Jawwad KhanNext time you're in a park with someone, minding your own business, and get hounded by a bunch of people who harrass and follow you around and *will not leave* – come back here and tell us all how it felt.

      Are you responsible for that couple in the park? No? Well leave them the hell alone. Go analyze your own life and tell us whether or not everything you've *ever* done is "decent and modest".

      Let others live their own life and go live your own. You don't hold the responsibility for "our youth".

    4. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
      Dr Jawwad Khan

      @tnm3300 you know, some time i feel that you guys are from Mars, who know nothing and have no respect for the norms of society.

  30. kadnan1 Avatar

    I could support her but man, she is hypocrite, in her own programs she is shaking her booty with men and criticizing others NOT to go for date? How one would believe in her? I think liberals after getting failed in all of tactics and getting a kick by Americans, they are now trying to use Islam for their own means but in pathetic and idiotic way. This is what Maya represents.

    Any one who claims ot be a Muslim MUST believe in Nahi An Munkir but this is NOT the way to implement it. I reject it!

    1. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
      Dr Jawwad Khan

      @kadnan1 Right is right and wrong is wrong. Her wrong actions can't negate her right one.

    2. kadnan1 Avatar

      @Dr Jawwad Khan@kadnan1 I am sorry but the world does not work like that. I can't judge about her intentions but the way she was doing is not making any sense at all specially when are looking like on *Which Hunt*

    3. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
      Dr Jawwad Khan

      @kadnan1 Right… world doesn't work this way. It is true for the societies which are completely liberal and follow the philosophy of " do what thou wilt " not for Pakistani society. Where this is a sensitive issue and boys and girls can loose their lives….

      Why you guys always try to follow the western values of social liberties?

      Tell me what will happen when this date comes to the homes and girls started calling their boy friends to stay with them for whole


    4. kadnan1 Avatar

      @Dr Jawwad Khan Dr sahab aap ki aqal shayed ghaas charnay chali gaye hay(Mazrat k Saath).

      Considering me the follower of Western values is as funny as having Zardari as the President of Pakistan. I despise liberals as much as a Kaafir despise Ka'ba in Saudia and by the way, I often blog with name "Adnan Siddiqi" and in blogsphere I am already a "Taliban", "Rightwinger" or what not so kindly do read first before making comments.

    5. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
      Dr Jawwad Khan

      @kadnan1 sorry Adnan Bhai,

      My sincere apologies. I should have read your comments.

  31. aneeqfasi Avatar

    @DrAwab Camera should not be symbol of terror and weapon for T.V. personnel ..#banMayaKhan

  32. farrahraja Avatar

    completely outrageous and unacceptable. Actually did she have any permission from the local authority and the people to film them. I think people can sue the programme and TV .It is an itrusion to the personal life of common people .It is in violation with the human rights acts

  33. kadnan1 Avatar

    I wish liberals were as zealous, fanatic about moral corruption of the society as they are against Maya Khan.

    For me this is not the issue to be discussed so much or making a fuss out of it. What I figure out that liberals are total farigh these days after their Daddy, USA's decision to consider Talibans as friends and initiating talk with them. They need some activity to keep themselves 'IN"

  34. Nnimm Avatar

    @DrAwab frustrated aunties

  35. SyedArbabAhmed Avatar

    Aoa, I just wanted to say few things “Played the clips of young couple on national television, who requested to turn off the cameras.” hmm… if they were clear from any guilt and they told their parents where they are going and not lied to them, then why they wanted camera to be turned off? Why we are going for two extremes? And I really liked that tweet about MAYA KHAN topic @ammaryasir Ammar Yasir [RONIN] So predictable when foreign journos prefer writing a piece on Maya Khan (an overdone topic) than Arfa Karim. Of’course the bad image sells. Twitter: @SyedArbabAhmed 4m Karachi, Pakistan

  36. farrahraja Avatar

    So the question is should the boy or girl be meeting like that in a park ? OR is it that should they have been captured on the camera . It is TWO MINUTE OF FAME for Maya Khan but a lifetime embrasment for the kids to live with .The two issues are separate :ONE is MEDIA invasion and second is how our youth is behaving .

    Withregard to how our youth is bahaving it is parents responsibility and not of society .But this film can have a devastating effects on the life of these children .Maya has shown no sensitivity towards it .A better programme could have been asking these children to speak to the camera with their consent ,without showing their faces to tell about their back ground and why they are out here ,instead of school or college ????What are their aims and are they aware and ready to accept the responsibility of their actions.When we say we are liberal there is a huge cost and consequences that is what would have educated the youth and parents ???……………..

    1. Dr Jawwad Khan Avatar
      Dr Jawwad Khan


      why there is problem going on air? why these couple can't face the world? why there is secrecy if they have done nothing wrong?

      it clearly means that some thing is not right….