Samaa TV terminates Maya Khan show, she refused to apologize unconditionally

In response to citizen’ letter to Zafar Siddiqi, CEO Samaa TV yesterday, he has written back to the group with good news that the Maya Khan & her team will recieving termiantion notices as of Monday.

The letter by Zafar Siddiqi is quoted below, we all applaud this responsible approach by Samaa TV

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 12:28 PM, “Zafar Siddiqi” wrote:
Dear All

Your feedback is appreciated.As a responsible corporate citizen, Samaa TV did what was required under the circumstances. We do not and have not in the past or intend to in the future to take our viewership or reporting requirements without the seriousness that they deserve.

You would appreciate that as an organisation with a functioning management team, we had to conduct certain legal requirements over the past week and internal review processes (which are operational in nature) before procedding further.

As a result of which I can inform you:

  1. We asked Maya to apologise unconditionally which she did not.
  2. The CEO asked her to do that on friday which she refused.

As a result of which the following will be put in place on Monday,Jan 30th.

  1. Maya and her team will receive termination notices.
  2. Her show is being stopped from Monday morning.

Our deeds and actions taken since this episode occured are there for the record and hope this will settle issues as far as the station is concerned.

A lot has been written about the race for ratings. Well, we do absolve such behaviour irrespective of ratings that the show was getting.

With best regards and thank you for your understanding.

Zafar Siddiqi

Chairman CNBC Arabiya
Chairman CNBC Africa
President CNBC Pakistan





41 responses to “Samaa TV terminates Maya Khan show, she refused to apologize unconditionally”

  1. shehzi Avatar

    one question it states "tuesday" 28 jan …. but its Saturday on 28th

    Error ??

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Yes that is an error – ill just fix it / I actually copied "the formatting" from some place else – inserted the proper date and exact time but missed altering the Day, its my mistake

  2. MunibKhi Avatar

    Excellent !! looks like the online petition has worked. Well done CIVIL SOCIETY and online dudes. We didnt wanted this but her "dheet" pan was supposed to be take care of. It will be a lesson for others.

  3. kadnan1 Avatar

    Her double standard(hunting kids while shaking booty on TV) did not help to earn any respect. Hope she might realize it soon.

    Opposing Maya does not mean I am in favor of such dating thing. But anyways.. for those who are, I suggest them to celeberate this occasion by letting their wives,daughters and sisters to have a date in Parks.

    Ladies who are in favor of dating can allow their husbands, sons and brothers to enjoy the celebration by letting them to have date in parks.

    1. LiveEqually Avatar

      @kadnan1 How about live and let live and why one extreme or another. If you do not like or agree with someones else's choice of a lifestyle, then why pass sarcastic remarks?

    2. Waqas Khan Avatar
      Waqas Khan

      @kadnan1 stupid as you seem .. lets break it down for you … this whole fiasco is not about dating …. its about invasion of personal space and privacy …. about someone coming up to you and asking for your nikah nama when you are out with your wife, daughter, sister or mother.

      quite obviously the bigot that you are .. what would serve you right is for your family members to go through the same embarrassment and discomfort that the people on maya khan's show went through. That IS what you want right ? ….

      stop shoving your opinions and religious views on others … be a little tolerant .. Its not so bad to love and respect your fellow beings and their choices

    3. kadnan1 Avatar

      @Waqas Khan Ah seems like a Chor ki Darhi mey Tinka! look who's teaching me the lesson of tolerant who's calling me stupid,bigot and other things. Great stuff little boy! thanks my lil hypocrite. The way you respond me is not going to serve your purpose, google a bit about "ad hominem fallacy", it would help you to learn a bit while responding others on forums.

      As far as going outing with wife/sister etc, anyone who have a pair of eye can endorse that those who usually date I mean sexually deprived tharkis look different than those who are not dating. Next time when you go out then do observe this with your open eyes. It would sure give you a great life experience.

      Happy Dating! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. Waqas Khan Avatar
      Waqas Khan

      @kadnan1 Thanks for the increase in my knowledge … i did google it … you still dont understand what this whole thing is about … but i dont blame you … i stand by my earlier comments though for your sensitivities, i wont call you anything this time .. especially since you took the time to reply though all you did was put the ad hominem fallacy into practice. Stop going away from the topic… again … ITS INVASION OF PRIVACY AND PERSONAL SPACE….

      I do not care what people do in public places … as long as they do not hurt anyone … i do observe other people dating … it makes me happy to see people having fun and enjoying themselves … short of having obscene sex in public … still its a matter for the park security and authorities to handle ..

      This kind of behaviour is not new to pakistan …. when Gen Zia said police could stop and ask you to produce a nikahnama ….. police men actually stopped people in cars with their mothers for a little money ..and asked this kind of stuff. You obviously want to live in that kind of a world ….

      What I dont understand is why are you so interested in other people lives …

    5. Waqas Khan Avatar
      Waqas Khan


      Please take the time to read if you can

    6. kadnan1 Avatar

      @Waqas Khan I wish you would have mentioned earlier that you *religiously* follow the leftist fanatic and a blind supporte Nadeem Paracha and he's your mentor then I not only would have saved time but bandwidth too. I might have read Nadeem more than you would have memorized your course books. He's a typical radical and fanatic person who just want to give his own version and talk and practices intolerance yet he despises same thing by others. A couple of years back I took care of him on my blog.

      A few other people cited my post on his blog then,guess what? he deleted/moderated comments. Quite a tolerant huh!

      Thanks! I would rather ignore you. Keep following Nadeem ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Waqas Khan Avatar
      Waqas Khan

      @kadnan1 fact is fact ….but religiously ? mentor ? … why are you straying away from the topic …. ? this is typical of the ad hominem fallacy that you were trying to preach a while ago ….your putting down the information based on bias towards a certain person and trying to assassinate his character …

      Eitherway … i read your blog … you have taken things out of context and argued about them … i can see you have an agenda … now nadeem paracha seems more tolerant than you.

      This would have been interesting if you had actual material to argue about ….

  4. AreebaSiddiqui Avatar

    How can doing chichorapan at public places be a part of someone "personal private life"? Had hey! I appreciate Maya Khan's chapa maar team's activities at Bin Qasim Park khi on dating couples!! but saDly Maya khan will be terminated soon!! Wot th e hell.. hum kis gali ja rahey hen– :S?

    1. LiveEqually Avatar

      People like you have nothing to do but to stick your nose into other peoples lives and business. You now why? Because you do not have a life of your own! The couples are dating .. how does it effect your life?? Go to the park, take a walk, mind your own business and I am sure it will be a good experience. Maya and people like you are the reason why our society is as warped as it is.

    2. kadnan1 Avatar

      @LiveEqually are you saying that you'll not mind if some woman of your family will be dating in a park, you will walk away as if their own business? If yes then I respect your decision otherwise you're nothing but another hypocrite element of our society who preaches freedom when it's about others and become "Ghairatmand" when same freedom practices by one of their family member.

      Clear your stance or stop trolling

    3. AsadUllahSheikh Avatar

      @kadnan1 @LiveEqually My dear kadnan1…yes we wont mind if a woman of our family is dating with a person in a park. Because we trust our family members and if they choose someone then we dont object. We are not like Gairat mand bhai who himself date with girls but kills their sister if she just talk with somebody on phone…

    4. kadnan1 Avatar

      @AsadUllahSheikh @LiveEqually yes I know you're admitting that you are a beghairat. Thanks for bein so honest ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. AsadUllahSheikh Avatar

      My dear friend, I am much better than your Gairat mand bhais who kills their own sisters for honor but do flirt with other girls..

    6. AlishaGizri Avatar

      @AreebaSiddiqui Okay then. You better not show up at a park with your significant other (husband). What a twisted logic you extremists operate by, it sickens me.

    7. kadnan1 Avatar

      @AlishaGizri I go parks and restaurants with my wife and I tell you that one can clear make a difference between legitimate couples and sexually deprived couples who are at places for dates. Let not your sexual frustration make a legit reasons and abuse those who are legally couple infront of everyone

  5. fawwad009 Avatar

    Maya khan u reap what you sow … byeeeeeeee haha

  6. AreebaSiddiqui Avatar

    public parks are meant to be family parks-not dating spots! wotever the character MAya possess, its her business!! i will ask all the dating ciples to find some other secluded places-atleast family parks ko to baksh do u frustrated couples!

    1. LiveEqually Avatar

      @AreebaSiddiqui If you mind your own business … you will not have to "notice" others around you and therefore you do not have to impose your own ideas on others! Improve your english … "Public Parks" … what part of Public do you not understand??

    2. kadnan1 Avatar

      @LiveEqually @AreebaSiddiqui Areeba, the guy really does not understand the concept, maybe he's assuming tht Pakistan is another state of US?

    3. AlishaGizri Avatar

      @AreebaSiddiqui Also, these are mostly poor couples, who can't afford elitist restaurants like you. So, give them a f***kin' break! Cut them some slack!

    4. kadnan1 Avatar

      @AlishaGizri and what makes me feel sick that people like you preach freedom to others but not allow your own husbands, fathers,sons and brothers to date with someone else in parks and become "Ghairat Mand". Even kill them in the name of honor killings. go and preach your hypocrisy and idiocy somewhere else. If you are so pro dating then let your family men and women date with strangers in parks and restaurants.

    5. AsadUllahSheikh Avatar

      I strongly object on your statement that all parks are dating spot. Why you are so much angry on couples spending some good time in parks in such a frustrating and tense environment. We should not interfere in anybody personal matter.

  7. Rai_Azlan Avatar

    bye bye Maya Aunty you WONT be missed ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. AlishaGizri Avatar

    Cya Maya. You won't be missed. With that said, I applaud the decision by Samaa TV.

  9. farrahraja Avatar

    I am so pleased on this decision .It is nothing personal against Maya ,living abroad I had never seen her programes but this particular one was everywhere and it was extremely wrong to chase people and hunt them as if they were mouse in a trap.the jubiliation of the women at the humiliation of two individuals just sitting in the park and having communication was absolutly disgusting .I am pleased with the decision that this is for the first time I suppose people have shown their will and forced a TV to track back.So I applaud it because it is true democracy .

    Almost half of institutions in Pakistan are co education from primary to higher level.Women work with men and I do not understand what was so thrilling and exciting about two people sitting in park that kicked the adernaline of these women so high.

    " Apnai Maan Baap ko Dhoka maat dain ""Unko Bata ker park main ayaain .

    so these women had written permission from their husbands and parents that they will go on a witch hunt in a park and will run like in a marathan after strangers or did they have the order of Supreme court.

    1. kadnan1 Avatar

      @farrahraja A person living in the country where moral values don't exist or got diminished much is happy about moral corruption of the society. Bravo Farha! great to here from a woman who might then complain when some of their guy abuse such innocent girls and put their pics on Internet.

      Why cursing men to abuse women when women are enough to support things which lead to nothing but disaster.

    2. farrahraja Avatar

      if parks are such a place of corruption I wonder why every city has them ? Surprisingly Jinnah library is in a Park in Lahore .It is a big conspiracy than all university ,college ,journalists etc are involved ………

  10. richard.switzer Avatar

    well, The whole world is not such a big conspiracy you know that right? ๐Ÿ˜›Microsoft

  11. richard.switzer Avatar

    well, The whole world is not such a big conspiracy you know that right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. richard.switzer Avatar

    well, The whole world is not such a big conspiracy you know that right? ๐Ÿ˜›Microsoft

  13. richard.switzer Avatar

    well, The whole world is not such a big conspiracy you know that right? :

  14. Zeybaa978 Avatar

    That's Great news! Hats off for an excellent management decision. I'm sure it was a tough call to make but Mr. Siddiqui pulled through. I am sure this will only strengthen Samaas viewership. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. faisal raza Avatar
    faisal raza

    this is not fear ….maya se ghalti hoi ha aur us ne maafi bhi mangi ha magar mere hissab se media is ko na jane kiu barha raha ha aik dafa jab maafi maang li gai ha to bar bar agle ko kiu chirhane k liye ye horaha …..

  16. humayunpeer Avatar

    Maya answers the critics??? Bilal Lakhani is on twitter saying that Maya Khan will be coming on Kamran Shahid's show Monday night on Express news.
    Rumour has it that she is going to join Express and this is going to be her 'big apology' to win back fans and critics with rhona dhona and insincere words of regret.
    Shame on Kamran Shahid for giving her this platform. Hasn't HE learnt from the Balouchistan show that ratings aren't everything?
    Maya shouldn't be allowed back on TV after what she's done…

  17. RajaFaisalAbdullah Avatar

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  18. RajaFaisalAbdullah Avatar

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  19. SaeedAnjum Avatar

    i talk 2 u some thing 4 life boys and girl tel me  i talk 2 u