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Gilani’s CNN Interview ripped apart by Faisal Qureshi

Id like to store this interview for posterity – Faisal Qureshi has brilliantly ripped apart the CNN Interview with Con-Air Gilani – read my earlier response – “Con-Air” Gilani Goofs up at CNN our our discussion on Out of Bounds – Shutup Clinton & Gilani the Goof


  • readinglord |

    @Munawar ShahIglad
    I was glad on appointment of Gilani and wanted to share my pleasure with a close friend of mine who knew him personally but I was surprised and rather disappointed on his reaction when he said, " Oye oh te chabal ye".  Today I think how aptly he had described him.

  • bakhtiar hakeem |

    Faisal Qureshi,
    In which  language should i address you and  write my noha.
    Shame shame, and  baighariti  par excellence….
    We shall move on, first to rectify and then to play our role as a muslim and as a Pakistani.
    Just tell me what MUST i do  today, this week or this month….or as i live for this year?
    I commit to you i shall do……you MUST feel proud of you of a fellow Pakistani and see this life worth living…..i can see ur pain and shame and feel….plz see mine, tears are down to chin….

  • RazaSarim |

    I was very small once East Pakistan was detached from main land but I still feel the pinch of it. But thanks to our politicians that they have managed very successfully to put the entire nation at the verge of complete collapse for their own gains. We as a nation are responsible for this fiasco. Now is the time that we should sacrifice our comforts and time and come out to eliminate all these vultures who are putting all of us at stake for their own self. SHAME is no word to describe our leaders in general and our PRESIDENT & PREMIER in particular. Amir

  • Jehangir khan |

    Why our worthy premier decided to give this shameless interview abroad defies comprehension. We can take solace from the fact this has always been the hallmark of our leadership. We all know from where they derive their strength. All I can do is pity myself and our Pakistani brethren. With no political acumen, what can we expect?

  • merewether |

    I suppose in a democracy a nation deserves the leaders it elects. Perhaps we should change the way we elect our leaders.

  • OmarjanSikandary |

    The leadership of PPP will never ever appoint a person  with better IQ ,qualification ,integrity and  international standing and will never allow such a person to rise up in their cadre to take charge. That is why today"s PPP  consists of  nothing but a bunch of thugs anti state elements and  most corrupt  both ethically and morally , people in Pakistan.And  those who elected them  and supported them  including the army chief are the same  type of people. They will ultimately destroy  Pakistan in the garb of democracy. 

  • MusaddiqAwan |

    must watch & hide u if find space in motherland

  • yasmin345 |

    The whole South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bagla Desh, Sri Lank) including Afghanistan are corrupt to the bone. The majority of South Asians whether poor or rich, religious or non religious are corrupt. Zardari and Benazir on the top, 99% of PPP is comprised of incompetent corrupt elements. MQM, Maulana Fazle Reham and his party, NAP and a few others are far distant corrupt groups. Pakistani people are also responsible. Ignorance, sectarian rifts and regional differences make this nation as a poor place to live. The Pakistani media and the Judiciary are superb. If they fall, Paksitan is doomed to fall apart. Lets support the media and the judiciary to fight these corrupt elements. The rise and fall of nations is not because of a religion but an honest fabric of a society that holds them together.