Kleptocracy in focus – Babar Sattar

Babar Sattar pens a very balanced article on the recent CJP crisis known as Family Gate, which involves Dr. Arsalan Chaudhry, the son of Chief Justice Iftikhae Chaudhry, Babar Sattar writes – The chief justice did the courageous thing by taking suo motu notice of the clandestine affair between Malik Riaz and his son Arsalan Iftikhar that had spread like wildfire through a crafty whispering campaign. And after putting the judicial wheels in motion to hold to account his son and Malik Riaz, and throwing his weight behind affixing the liability of the two in a transparent and impartial manner in an open court, he did the right thing by recusing himself from the cas – Read more Kleptocracy in focus – Babar Sattar



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2 responses to “Kleptocracy in focus – Babar Sattar”

  1. Kami Avatar

    What courageous suo moto? It looks more like damage control with due consultation with Hamid Mir and the support group. The Attorney General  literally forced the hand of CJ to dis-associate from the proceedings due to obvious conflict of interest. Nobody now dare say that. Please re-read Naeem Bokhari's open letter to the CJ, published back in 2007, in which among other things he raised the finger on the conduct of  Arsalan and the cover up then by SC.

  2. attorney Avatar

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