Taliban – A Holistic View

It has become even more critical that we clearly understand TALIBAN. There is alot of confusion out there and that was the main objective behind attacking Malala. Again i am not an expert but this is what i think: there are 3 broad categories of Taliban.

  1. Migrants: Taliban who came from Afghanistan when the US attacked Afghanistan.
  2. Local disgruntled groups: People in the Army and general public who have been in a way forced to take up weapons
  3. Puppets: Groups who are being directly funded and trained by the US, India etc.

Now the first thing which we need to do is clearly differentiate between the above in order to understand what Taliban is. The main difference between these three categories is that the Category 1 and 2 initially were PRO Pakistan and even today they are not attacking the general public but ONLY the armed forces and Police ONLY because they see America as an enemy and our forces as its ally. The 3rd category has never been PRO Pakistan and can never be in the future as well, they are being funded by the foreign elements to create uncertainty, anarchy in Pakistan and at the same time create this global confusion about TALIBAN. They have been successful in this unfortunately and today when we say Taliban we don’t have these 3 categories in mind. Another important distinguishing factor is that the only thing required to again make the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban PRO Pakistan again is that we distance ourselves from this US War on terror while the 3rd category will, like I said earlier, they are and will always be against Pakistan and continue creating these confusions.

Another important thing to realize here is that the American government and Army is OUR ENEMY. Anyone who has doubts about this is completely unaware of the ground realities and facts.

We are today in a far greater mess than we realize we are in. We are digging our graves ourselves without even realizing that we are doing it.

The ONLY, yes the ONLY way out of this mess is to distance ourselves from American war on terror and eventually getting the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban on our side. I have absolutely no doubts that they will make sure within months that the 3rd category is taken care off.

Yes it is easier said than done, yes the US won’t let this to happen just like that, yes we will have to go through a very tough time in the process, yes we might risk sanctions being imposed on us, yes we might risk being isolated in the world BUT let me tell you one thing for sure that this is eventually going to happen anyway, we have only two options, either continue the existing strategy and die a slow death or have courage and faith and grab the bull by its horn and eliminate this problem from the root.

The biggest crime Musharraf committed was to push us into this mess. One day we will have to say to the American president of that time that we have had enough of this shit and YES WE ARE NOT WITH YOU! It would have been far easier for us to handle the situation if we had said no at that time. So many lives lost, so much damage done to the country and we are going round in circles.

Drone attacks and military operations give a reason to the 1st and 2nd category to take up arms against us. They don’t want to be against us, they are being pushed into this by this strategy. Anyone who has children WILL take up arms against anyone or everyone who he thinks is directly or indirectly involved in the massacre of his innocent children. All of us can’t see our children bear the pain of an injection and you expect someone to be patient when he sees his child’s body in pieces!

The attack on Malala is exactly in this context. The peach march was an attempt to show to the world that you need to differentiate between the Taliban’s. No matter what our pathetic leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Fazul Rehman say it was successful.

The amount of international coverage it got, the amount of debate it generated was a perfect opportunity for our pathetic government to fight this case internationally BUT why would they when they are in actually not different from the 3rd category of Taliban.

Anyone who thinks that the Americans don’t need to justify drone attacks in the US or to the world or this war on terror is WRONG! They don’t have money to fight a war by penetrating inside a country, the American government for the first time in its history had to make an amendment in their law in order to borrow more loan! If it is not the Vietnam mutiny like situation yet but it is almost there, American soldiers are at a verge of mutiny.

Just think about it, why Malala and why now? Malala is no ordinary girl, she is a symbol and icon of peace and a living testament that the 3rd category of Taliban can be defeated. The positive discussion that had generated globally after the peace march had to be negated and this poor girls become a perfect target for these monsters. Have a look around you, on twitter on Facebook etc they have to a certain extent achieved their objective of maintaining the confusion that exists when it comes to Taliban. People in the emotions are giving statements that the government should start an army operation in wazristan, the Talibans should been shown no mercy, without even realizing that the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban had nothing to do with this attack. I have every reason to believe that the foreign elements like the US are behind this attack.

They are confusing us, the tried and tested divide and rule strategy is being implemented and we are acting in FEAR. We have to take charge of things and prepare ourselves for hardship. Take a bold stand against this war on terror, value the life of an innocent daughter in wazristan as much as we value the life of our daughters at home. Stop and turn back now, change before it is too late and too difficult…

We need to look at the Americans in the eyes and tell them: TO HELL WITH YOU! I don’t want your money and I won’t tolerate your drones anymore! If in return the Americans push me into a war I am prepared for it, not because I long for it but I genuinely believe that instead of turning a blind eye over Malala, instead of waiting for it to happen with my daughter it is better that I do something today!

If I don’t act today, I only prolong our failure, If I act today I have a great chance of turning around things.

Think about it…






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  1. AnilAhmed2 Avatar

    @DrAwab Alvi, what does this establish? You ppl r nuts ….And a threat to the existence of Pak

    1. shafiq ur rehman Avatar
      shafiq ur rehman

      This is reality my dear western propaganda has shut your mind you only see what you want to see go and find it where they live which kind of a people they are i mean taliban.

  2. Dismayed105 Avatar

    With all due respect, I fail to understand the logic behind this post and the peace march! The march was an incredible idea! Thumbs up, but sadly towards the end the honorable Yahood n Nisara Khan who led this march made it a despicable idea. Peace means Peace in all its right and might. You cannot be guzzling taunts aimed at anyone, the very idea of the peace march failed when venom took over the idea of peace! Allama Iqbal's mureeed Mr. Khan needs his lesson into the Treaty of Hudaibya and learn how peace was drawn up! And, of all that the high profiles in PTI need some patience and restrain and grow the gall to listen!

  3. NaqibKarwan Avatar

    @AnasMallick http://t.co/rMrFBzuC

  4. COMPANYpakistan Avatar

    @DrAwab Who's duty was to protect Malala? Who has failed? The Government?

  5. TariqueKhanJave Avatar

    @DrAwab what a twisted mind you have to write such article.

  6. Bina Shah Avatar
    Bina Shah

    Foreign elements behind the attack on Malala? Is the author mentally ill?

  7. NazirKafray Avatar

    I could not agree more with Taimur Mughal . However, I believe we have got to work hard to avoid a large number of people from going astray. These are the people , on whom the strategy of the government & armies of our enemies seems to be succeeding. It is surprising that these misguided people are not just the ordinary people . It is astonishing that even some intellectuals, like the author Zahid Hussain, who has written many good books seem to have been confused . As his recent article that I received through one of my friend's email, copy pasted below, shows :
    "IMRAN Khan’s much-publicised Waziristan peace march is over, but it has left many questions unanswered in its wake about the politics behind the move. It would have been understandable if the march was meant to protest against the CIA drone strikes and the collateral damage caused by these illegal actions. But the very connotation of a peace march has confused its objective.
    It also raises questions about the PTI’s understanding of the highly complex nature of the conflict and security issues in the tribal areas. US drone strikes and the Taliban’s war against the Pakistani people and the state are two separate issues which Mr Khan tends to confuse.
    His statements calling the Taliban stakeholders in peace amount to a cruel joke for the thousands of victims of suicide bombings and terrorism. This policy of appeasement, however, has failed to work with the Taliban who declared Mr Khan “a Westernised secular man”.
    But to his credit, Imran Khan has taken a consistent position against the CIA’s controversial drone war in Pakistan’s tribal areas.
    He indeed represents the sentiments of an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis who see the relentless Predator strikes on their soil as immoral, unethical and inhuman.
    There is growing evidence of a large number of civilian casualties despite the claims of precision attacks on high-value targets.
    The legality of the remote-controlled drones is being increasingly questioned by the United Nations and international human rights organisations.
    Indubitably, the PTI’s rally has been successful in further highlighting the insane use of mechanical weapons of destruction to carry out extrajudicial killings. The participation of members of American and other human rights groups in the march also helped draw international attention to the illegal drone campaign. Predictably, the rally was stopped short of its destination of Kotkai village in South Waziristan, but that was just a symbolic point on the map.
    The anti-drone campaign, however, cannot be effective without a clear and overarching anti-terrorism policy which Imran Khan has failed to offer. In fact, his sympathy for the Taliban and the so-called jihadists has blurred the focus of his anti-drone campaign and sent a confused message to his own supporters. It is not enough to condemn isolated incidents of terrorism. More important is to draw a clear political and ideological line.
    The Taliban and other militant factions are engaged in armed insurgency against the Pakistani state that has nothing to do with the US drone campaign in the tribal areas. The militant violence has killed many more Pakistanis than those who have died in drone attacks and has incurred incalculable economic losses. The militancy presents a much greater threat to the country’s security than do the drones.
    South Waziristan, which was supposed to be the destination of the PTI’s peace march, has not been devastated by drone strikes, but hundreds of thousands of tribesmen have been forced to leave their homes in the area as a result of the fighting between Pakistani security forces and the Taliban.
    Indeed, the use of military force alone is not the solution to the rising militancy, but it cannot be avoided when the writ of the state is challenged. The military operation in South Waziristan had become unavoidable in 2009 after the Taliban had turned the region into a base for terrorist attacks targeting security installations and civilians. It was from here that the Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud is believed to have plotted the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
    If he had been allowed to go to Kotkai, once a major training centre for suicide bombers, Imran Khan would have found a deserted place. Its entire population was forced to leave because of the fighting. It has been three years now since the military operation started, but the village is still not safe enough for the inhabitants to return. That may also have been the reason that the rally was not allowed to go beyond Tank, the last post before the tribal territory.
    It was soon after a military operation in 2009 that I visited the devastated structure of a building in the centre of Kotkai village which was used to train suicide bombers. Run by Qari Hussain, one of the most ferocious Pakistani Taliban commanders, the centre had produced hundreds of suicide bombers, many of them as young as 10 or 12 years old, who had wreaked havoc in Pakistani cities and killed thousands of innocent women and children. Certainly those responsible for using innocent children as human bombs do not have any stake in peace. Imran Khan in his interviews often supports negotiations with the militants. But past experience has shown that peace deals have only been used by the militants to gain more space and reorganise themselves.
    The case of Swat, and South and North Waziristan are the biggest examples. Swat was virtually surrendered to the Taliban when the government signed a peace deal with Mullah Fazlullah. The militants were driven out from the region, but the hold of the government is still tentative.
    A major question is how one can negotiate with those who seek to impose their retrogressive ways on the population through brute force. How can the state reconcile with the forces of fanaticism that are bombing schools and beheading those who do not subscribe to their obscurantist worldview? Their campaign against immunisation has put hundreds of thousands of children in Fata and areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at risk of polio and other diseases.
    It is not the drones that are responsible for the rise of this regressive mindset and violent extremism in the country. It is a grave mistake to link the two. The drone strikes are now limited to North Waziristan which has also become the main hub of foreign fighters and Pakistani militants. While opposing the use of drones, one must not lose sight of the threat posed to regional security by militant sanctuaries in the area.
    The writer is an author and journalist.

  8. Shiraz Qureshi Avatar
    Shiraz Qureshi

    not only that i second it….. but wud like to add…. the game is too big. too big to ever understand. we can never get to the real reasons and yes there cant be a bigger crime then this, shooting an innocent child point blankly…..but he question remains, who the f**k is taaliban what are they where is the remote control and who has it …. we will never get these answers in our lifetime

  9. DarthLahori Avatar

    @mightyobvious the offensive post is on @DrAwab 's website so i assume he's aware of it and endorses it.

    1. mightyobvious Avatar

      @DarthLahori I'd rather ask the author of the post. @DrAwab's position on the matter is clear enough… =P

  10. HayatMahsood Avatar

    @DrAwab :-)haha

  11. samishah Avatar

    @DrAwab Currently cooking a pot of biryani. Shall read right after!

    1. mlotia Avatar

      @samishah I DEMAND a picture of said biryani.

    2. samishah Avatar

      @mlotia ta-da! http://t.co/AsBNdOji

    3. mlotia Avatar

      @samishah Impressive. Most impressive. Your wife's a lucky guy.

  12. jaafernaqvi Avatar

    @gulbukhari @DrAwab @TayyabYounis I ended reading after the 3 categories! Delusional as ever! YOUTHias! 🙂 http://t.co/v2jZ0tOY

  13. rizwansaleemi Avatar

    @HamidSudane @azadtalk @zalaan1 "we dont need their money" whata joke.

  14. myraemacdonald Avatar

    @gulbukhari Why would anyone want to teach the country's youth this stuff? @DrAwab

    1. jamalabdulsamad Avatar

      @myraemacdonald @gulbukhari @DrAwab There is no dearth of such pseudo-intellectuals who are out there to compound confusion on this issue.

  15. hafizlam Avatar

    @gulbukhari @DrAwab @TayyabYounis Yeh jis ne likha hai woh chootiya hai kya.

  16. Yasir Husain Avatar
    Yasir Husain

    I am afraid this is bigger than IK.
    The Taliban are women-hating, Muslim-killing Kharijis who think everyone who doesn't agree with them should be killed, with good riddance. Need to use persuasion and physical force against this group and those who harbour similar ideas, against basic human rights.

  17. DrZiaRahman1 Avatar

    @AmjadAliZardari @gulbukhari @drawab @tayyabyounis tlb sick sadist minds n they r not what they say.these r pple from stone age mind fram

  18. Moise Avatar

    Here is what Shariah says
    During his life, Muhammad gave various injunctions to his forces and adopted practices toward the conduct of war. The most important of these were summarized by Muhammad's companion and first Caliph, Abu Bakr, in the form of ten rules for the Muslim army:
    “O people! I charge you with ten rules; learn them well!Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy's flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone.

  19. MudasirCh Avatar

    @mudasirch @djfaam @ikhawaja_ @maryamful @mehruu @saman_zahid @toobahfarooqi what you say ???

  20. TaimoorMughal Avatar

    @mightyobvious sir, at your service 🙂

  21. Zafar Zulqurnain Sahi Avatar
    Zafar Zulqurnain Sahi

    I agree..TTP is a CIA subsidiary. I am amazed at people who seem shocked by this assertion..hasnt the CIA dun this before?in other parts of the world?..

  22. Fahad Avatar

    I agree that Malala was shot by the 3rd category to make military action more imminent for N.Waziristan.

    I disagree with you that both 1 and 2 categories are against Pakistan. Its only 2nd category which is acting against Pakistan and its forces thinking that they are allied to Kuffars. The first category i.e. The Afghan Taliban (The true and only Talibans) were always pro Pakistan and they are still and will be pro Pakistan. Mulla Omar (May Allah give him a long life) has already stated time and time again that Afghan Taliban has no links with any anti-Pakistan group!

    Its all America's evil game of winning mind and hearts of people by creating TTP to give a bad name to Afghan Taliban which ultimately had lessen the sympathy that Pakistanis used to have with out Afghan Taliban brothers!

    We should open our eyes and look deep to find who are our real enemies. Our real enemies are India, Isreal, US and their allies for sure! Their aim is to snatch our Nuclear weapons so that it will easier for them to force our great military into slavery!