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WANTED: Leaders with Integrity

Andleeb AbbasAndleeb Abbas writes in Daily Times today Wanted: Leaders with Integrity

Have a look at this CV she has prepared of our present day leaders

  • Barely educated or possessing a fake degree;
  • Having millions in assets but only declared a pittance;
  • Mega Corruption cases either in process or have been going on for years;
  • Never paid a rupee in taxes or does not even possess an NTN number;
  • Highly skilled in lying, denying, deceiving; is exceptionally competent at changing loyalties given the right payoff;
  • Strong resolve never to let any remorse, shame or guilt affect the single-minded pursuit of personal goals;

This is the CV for an ‘ideal’ candidate of someone representing the nation in parliament. There may be a few exceptions but they are in such a minority that they hardly make any difference.

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