Quetta “Double Tap” Terrorist Attack Leaves over 60+ dead

Attack at Civil Hospital, Quetta

In today’s round of breaking news from Pakistan features a sad suicide bomb explosion in Quetta, Pakistan – where first the President of Balochistan Bar Association was assassinated and as he was shifted to Civil Hospital, Quetta where e succumbed to his injures, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the hospital taking the lives of 60+ more people.

Sadly we will never come to terms with the horrific attacks on the people of Pakistan. each incident is as tragic as the next – we mourn, with time we lift our souls and move on with life… until … we repeat again & sadly again

Today’s Quetta attack is horrific example of a Double Tap attack scene

A term taught by the US Drone operators – who make the first initial attack – slowly crowd of First Aiders & mourners reach the scene and then the US Drone operators fire again to have a bigger impact of carnage

President of Balochistan Bar association assassinated — and then an hour of so later the bomb takes 62 more lives ….

This will definitely instil fear in our public… it would be demarcated as unsafe to visit the hospital after a tragedy – because “The” (terrorists) have learnt a new tactic from the initial custodians of drone warfare tactics – the US …  In my opinion the judiciary should be out – on who is the real terrorist? the chicken or the egg?