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Abbas Steel Group solely responsible for Pakistan Steel Mill debacle

Pakistan Steel Mills located 40km south east of Karachi came under some serious controversies after reports continued to appear in the media in early 2009 of some serious financial problems that may have effectively left this organization in some serious debt which may actually extend to well beyond a substantial few billions, reportedly upto the […]

Another Tax Amnesty NRO – Crooks Protecting Crooks

Sayem Ali writes in The News – Another NRO: It is another medal of honour for our parliamentarians and another great victory for democracy that President Zardari’s PPP, Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N and all other parties set aside their differences and unite to protect the rights of all criminals, smugglers, drug peddlers and tax chors. All […]

From Dogar to Iftikhar Chaudhry — what a difference!

Sohail Khan, a journalist from The News writes an explosive artcile sharing the remarkable proceedings at the Supreme Court of Pakistan where Sheikh Afzal owner of Haris Steel Mills names big bribe takers Agrees to settle Rs9 billion Bank of Punjab claim, the main accused in the Rs9 billion financial scam at the Bank of […]

The NRO (Dis)Honor Roll

Much has been discussed about the in-famous National Reconciliatory Ordinance where 5,800 crooks were pardoned by the then President Pervaiz Mushrraf as an attempt to broker a deal for his own extended stay as the President of Pakistan. This NRO in effect opened the flood gates to allow thousands of white collar criminals and murderers […]

How we got into the IMF Trap

I was shocked to read a status message of a fellow bloggers on facebook. “IMF approves another $3.2Billion for #Pakistan bringing the total to $11.3Billion > with all the relief we are still no better > I think we are Royally Screwed for life“, it reads. Another fellow claims it as Zardair’s fault! This was […]

Shedding Crocodile Tears over Inflation

The News Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by Aqil Sajjad The PPP and its supporters argue that the “common man” cares more about inflation than the restoration of the judiciary. They insist that forcing the present government’s hand on the judges’ issue would create political instability, threaten the democratic process and make it difficult for the […]

Pakistan; The Ongoing “Soft Revolution” towards a “Welfare State” – Part II

Guest Post by Silence Part I of this series can be read here The first Cultural Revolution in history of sub-continent was the Sufi movement, from the 13th century A.D. Sufism increasingly attracted the creative social and intellectual energies within the community and with the passage of time it acquired new dimensions and began to […]

Pakistan; The Ongoing “Soft Revolution” towards a “Welfare State” – Part I

Guest Post by Silence A welfare state is a government that provides for the welfare, or the well-being, of its citizens completely. Such a government is involved in citizens’ lives at every level. It provides for physical, material, and social needs rather than the people providing for their own. The purpose of the welfare state […]

The Establishment’s B team: the PPP

By Samad Khurram and Aqil Sajjad 5/9/2008 PPP sympathisers complain about the mysterious “Establishment” and their alleged role in destroying democracy in Pakistan for decades now. The Establishment, as defined by them, is a collection of dark, mystifying hands that apparently have many vested interests in upholding the status quo. This inexplicable group comprises rich […]

Black Flag Week Seminar – Adlia ki Azadi: Awam ki Azadi

People’s Resistance in the efforts to promote the Black Flag Week cordially invite you to a seminar on “Adlia ki Azadi: Awam ki Azadi” 4:30 pm, Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at PMA House, Garden Road, Karachi The issue of justice affects all of us directly. This seminar explores why all Pakistanis should care about the […]

Independence of Judiciary: A Lost Cause?

Guest Post by Anam Jamali Pakistan enjoys a history of judicial slavery and subordination – excuse me for the blunt and unparliamentary use of words as I understand having such opinion is an offense nowadays. Symbolic of judicial politicization is Judge Roland Freisler, a Nazi German Judge, whose court provided protection and legal cover to […]