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Ads for Pakistan

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Ads for Pakistan is an effort to leverage the visibility of this blog to highlight the amazing work being done by many  amazing people to make a difference in Pakistan.  As of 1st Jan 2011 I plan to slowly replace the generic Google Ads from displaying on my Sidebar [above-fold, site-wide, 300×250] in an attempt to offer this prime real estate to any organization, cause or NGO that is working to relieve the suffereing of our fellow Pakistanis.

It is a fact that such noble efforts mostly do not have the finances to run expensive advertisement campaigns, and it is probably the least I can do to help such good initiatives gain popularity to promote their cause or event to potentially reach a wider population beyond their own Facebook / twitter social sphere. That said this offer comes with a few terms and conditions, only if you agree should you consider submitting your creatives.

  1. Send a short email to Ads4PK@teethmaestro.com
  2. Subject title must contain [Ads4PK] to be considered
  3. Do write a brief intro about the cause, highlighting how it will make a positive difference to Pakistan, you have to convince me that it is important for Pakistan
  4. Include the image / animation creative that you would like to share in the 300×250 ad-format, do not embed any click-thru url’s in the animations you share, if it is not optimized to the specifications, I will not spend time adjusting it and I will be forced to trash the submission
  5. Include the URL that you would like the ad to click-thru too
  6. Mention the duration of the ad that you want displayed [till the day of the event, or longer if its a long term project]
  7. Include your Facebook &/or Twitter ID, so I can dig around to discover if your effort is serious
  8. Once we receive your request, it is at my discretion to approve / reject the submission, without providing any reason thereof
  9. The ad can be stopped at anytime, again at our discretion, without providing any reason
  10. Please do not badger me at all, even a phone call / Twitter / FB message request may result in rejection, I just dont want an added headache
  11. The ads will be managed under the Google Admanger system, if more then one ad is submitted, equal weight will be leveraged to each allowing equal exposure to all such efforts, naturally I do reserve the right to reposition the ad block downwards on the side panel just in case some generous company pays me for the similar ad slot.
  12. The selected cause will be tweeted on the following twitter accounts for maximum exposure @DrAwab, @Teeth, @Karachi, @Lahore, @Islamabad twitter accounts
  13. and other bloggers twitter accounts who are a part of the Ads For Pakistan network, mostly at their discretion.

  14. It will also be shared on Dr. Awab Alvi’s and Teeth Maestro‘s facebook pages
  15. and other bloggers facebook accounts who are a part of the Ads For Pakistan network, mostly at their discretion.

These terms anc conditions can change at anytime, discretion of approving the ad or rejecting the submission is totally at my judgment, if you agree to the terms then only send in your creatives ensuring that you follow the above mentioned guidelines

Lets together make a positive difference in Pakistan

Dr. Awab Alvi

Join your blog/website to the Ads for Pakistan network

We are converting Ads for Pakistan into a borader network, if you would like to register your blog and would like to share your online presence to supporting good Pakistani efforts then do drop an email to us at Ads4PK@teethmaestro.com with Subject: Join Ads4PK. We will then forward you a few snippets of code from a Google AdManager account with easy instruction on how to place.

Granted the selection of these noble causes can be a problem, we will do our best, if in case you feel the need to opt-out of displaying a particular ad please do not hesitate to contact the administrators and its easy to disable that particular ad from displaying on your blog

Bloggers that have joined the Ads for Pakistan Network up until now are

Campaigns being supported by Ads for Pakistan