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Doodie Animations

For a lighter side of the web tune into the flash animations from Doodie.com some are whacky and some hilarious check them out. Would recommend you to check out WhackYourBoss

PS. Its a bit off the edge humor so don’t get grossed out.

Courtesy – BandBaja.org

Blog Shares

Be it Real Dollars or Blog Dollars – we still love the ‘$’ symbol

Blogshares has created a stock market for people to invest in potentially aggresive shares – aggressive blogs are those that are basically incoming links from other sites hence these links in turn lends credability to the actual blog.

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links.

Personally I dont see anything positive coming out of this – except for that fact that my blog started off at B$ .15 and landed at B$ .41 in a span of 2 months a significant rise to my original share value – with the so called money, I in turn invested into by blog buddy G3nu1n3 and his price rocked up to B$ .62

Have a look at your own blog and see if its worth shit – mine is 😉

Change This

Are you an optimist?

Sometimes it seems as though our disagreements – over everything from politics to business to a controversial run-out decision – are more serious and more divisive than ever before. People are making emotional, knee-jerk decisions, then standing by them, sometimes fighting to the death to defend their position.

And yet, we’re optimists.

ChangeThis is creating a new kind of media. A form of media that uses existing tools (like PDFs, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread. They are on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds.

To find out more, head over to ChangeThis

Army Covering up Rape in Balochistan

Presently there is a massive Hush-Up operation underway by our most honourable Pakistan Army – black-out exists on all local media outlets to prohibit them to report the rape of a cerain Dr. Sadia.

The Army has also prohibited them from naming the primary accused rapist who is a serving Captain in the Pak Army known as Captain Ammad. The estalishment has also forced the lady doctor to deny all reports and she has failed to identify the culprits. Read more on the SA Tribune website which has done three extensive reports on this issue links are as follows

If you cant access the site then use this Anonymizer link

CyberWireless Wi-Fi Hotspot Joint venture with Mobilink

I had a meeting with a the Cyber Broadband Product Manager and he had come to pitch for creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot for my Dental Hospital. This is a joint venture with Cyber and Mobilink and the goal is to setup numerous hot-spots around Pakistan so you are virtually always connected.

To access the network all you have to do is send an SMS to the Mobilink network in turn you get an Login ID and PWD and presto you are surfing the net at 512K speeds. Mobilink will in turn bill you the cost per hour might hover around 50/hr (not sure of the exact price). Our dental Hospital will in turn gets free access to the DSL line and all installation costs are borne by Cyber+Mobilink.

I probed the guy to find out whats “the-catch” but nothing came out – I am awaiting the contract which might spell out more details – though they might want a plaque of CyberWireless prominently displayed in the area.

Sounds sweet and I don’t mind giving them advertising space in my place here but nothing is free †or is the cost of advertisment enough to cover the expense? Will keep you posted on its progress.

What is a Tsunami?

For those who would like a better understanding of what is a Tsunami? Can visit this NY times website to get a through explantion via its animated series of explanation, shows how this tragedy occured and its devastation hour by hour on the 26th Dec 2004.

Courtesy New York Times

Blogs worth a mention

I have been an active reader of various blogs and some very good blogs out there are as follows

Spider Blog
A group of 10 or so odd people actively envloved with keeping us informed

KO – Blog
Khalid Omar – neat layout and a very old blogger, I personally came across this blog long time ago while keeping uptodate on his comprehensive post regarding the World Call broadband fiasco

[G3] – TechNews
I have recently started following this blog the author “G3nu1n3” talks about everyday technology, more importantly I am impressed at the way he updates his posts everyday, not one but usually a couple of good posts each and everyday – where he finds the time I would love to know in this ever so busy world of ours

Blog away people we are watching you

Dictator Musharraf in for the Long Haul

Well it ain’t news no more and the world knows it well by now Musharraf plans to rough it out longer then his promise and our expectations, he conveniently amends the constitution and justifies it that Pakistan “needs” him to stay longer. The Pharaoh also felt the “need” to stay longer but someone (The Almighty) just would not have it and the tables were overturned. The general perception is that he now has a hunger for the power and feels that without him the world/Pakistan will collapse the very next day, what a dilemma I am sure all past dictators and rulers, not only in Pakistan, but throughout the world have usually left behind a devastated country with a crippled infrastructure, these dictatorships have during their term showed a bed of roses but later it was more a bed of nails than being roses, I doubt Pakistan or Musharraf is the odd man out in this historical equation “ though I wish otherwise for the sake of my beloved “Land of the Pure”

Our ruler talks about better economy well it might be the case upfront but the economic indicators show a low GDP of 4% while inflation is at a horrendous 9% and only $400 million foreign investment in the last half year. How is the economy buoyant and how are the stocks at an all time high, is a question that remains unanswered, artificial buoyancy usually will result in catastrophic disasters.

Karrachay never sounded bettaah – RJ on FM 103

I am sure the city of Karachi must have heard this DJ on FM 103 -“DJ Craaasssalaaaaaa” (I really don’t know the exact spelling but that’s how she says it)

In my opinion and many others out here in Karachi, believe she falls into the worst of the worst category. The airwaves are loaded with so many “Angerz-dan” DJ’s that one could go numb trying to pick apart the accent interspersed with the horrifying English they conjure up at the spur of the moment. But our dear ‘ol DJ tops the list, she rambles on and on and does not allow you to hear the sound track even for a brief passing moment….

Read this rant on BandBaja written by KO, Mahera Omar and Gul Nawaz – deserves a Pullitzer.

Welcome ’05

I wish all those who happen to drop by this blog a very Happy 2005 – put your past behind you and look into a prosperous future. Simply let yourself loose and embrace the New Year as a reawakening and grasp it with both hands and may it lead you to your ultimate goal in life

All the best from this Blogger out here in Pakistan

A sad day for Asia

The earth quake with an intensity of 8.9 on the Richter scale has completely destroyed the region with a death toll touching almost 20,000 people and counting. I wish the affected nations all the best and our sincere prayers are with all the departed souls.

Surely a sad day for us all

SA Tribune Still blocked

If you all recall that a few months ago the South Asia Tribune website was blocked by the Pakistani Government for carrying anti-establishment articles criticizing Musharraf, well the site still remain blocked thought out Pakistan – though it can be accessed via anonymous proxy server

SA Tribune is run out of Washignton DC by the former The News Editor who was forced to quit due to army Pressure in 2002, he now runs this journal which has recorded 44 million hits in its career.

The recent artile I cam across was of the NAB chief harassing Farooq Jangda to exhort 53 Million for Shehzad Ali Khan – who has deep contacts within the army.

The mighty rule – but the mighty also fall very heavily in the end

Orthodontic Seminars in Karachi

It has been a pleasure to be responsible in starting a forum to advance the knowledge of Orthodontics in Karachi. Every Monday morning close to 25 well trained orthodontists get together to discuss cases at length, where the forum is open for cross questioning. This has been really informative for all especially the upcoming in-training orthodontists around the city. I still marvel at how eager, the new generation of Pakistan, is excited to learn and feel proud to be called a Pakistani.

This week while at KMDC there was a detailed case study on two different cases, one who was treated with Functional Herbst Appliance and the other case was a complex TMD Patient, who has been through Anterior Positioning Appliance and is presently undergoing Orthodontics, the discussion was outstanding.

The previous week we had a good discussion at Alvi Dental Hospital and to keep you all posted the following week is scheduled to be held at AKU. I really appreciate the effort of all involved to give their time and effort in this process

Good Job

Thank You Spider

My thanks go to the Spider Magazine for recognizing this Blog – was delighted to read this Blog’s URL in the “Blogs We LIke” column.

Spider keep up the good work – and hope we can entertain the public with our own rants be it poilitical or not.


Musharraf bribes PPP with Zardari’s release

It ain’t a mystery no more, Musharraf is trying to hold his presidential seat by the ends of the coat tails for his dear life. Long past are the days where he talked about justice and democracy, he now is preoccupied with the curse – which many leaders of Pakistan have been unfortunate to have encoutered “THE CURSE OF THE CURSI (SEAT)”

General/President Musharraf has now sold out all his beliefs by simply releasing Zardari in an attempt to draw the PPP onto the negotiating table, they surely will come but mind you people we have another deal in the making which will be the final nail in the coffin “The ultimate return of BB” She then will haunt us with her croaky shrill and classy lotta politics. Rumors have it that PPP would refuse to entertain the Army with one simple answer – release Zardari then talk to us. Now to help Musharraf PPP will now demand the return of BB. The Sharif’s must be boiling out there in the Saudi desert wishing they had a sweet deal too.

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