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Bhoolja‘ is not the name of an airline. It simply means (they will) ‘forget it’. It is also a mindset, a mental inertia of those who choose lip service over actions, cosmetics over contents, first aid over root causes and ‘buddyism’ over competence. When a state adopts this mindset as its official policy, a series of mindless events begin to happen. Buddies become Director Generals and ‘shake-down’ inspections begin to replace the stringent airworthiness requirements and procedures. Check out a Boeing 737-200 Manual, and you will find daily checks, transit checks, B checks, C checks and D checks but nowhere will you find the ambiguous and skin-deep ‘shakedown’ checks that were ordered by the government to convey an image of doing something important. Bhoolja’ is based on a belief that peoples’ memory, anger and emotions have a short shelf life and can be easily pacified by lame statements such as “PM or President have taken a notice or ordered an inquiry”. That is where all matters come to an end.

For any accident to happen there ought to be immediate, contributory and root causes. The root causes often point towards poor management practices. However when organizations adopt the ‘bhoolja’ ideology it does not take long for things to start falling apart. The current buddy system has created leaders who are neither capable nor interested in determining the root causes. Although a system of permits, licenses, and approvals exists for most functions, they continue to remain poorly regulated. Only this year, 30 workers died in a boiler explosion in Lahore, although industrial boilers undergo a yearly inspection and approval. A few weeks later, 150 heart patients died because they received contaminated Iso-Tab tablets. The entire system of drug licensing, inspections and controls failed to detect the presence of anti-malarial Pyrimethamine ingredients. The aeroplane that fell down in Islamabad and killed 127 persons had all the licenses, approvals and airworthiness certificates. Only if these had been effective, there would have been no need to order the vague, superficial and frivolous ‘shake down’ inspections.
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Karachi: Press Conference for the Air Blue Crash Affectees Group [Sat 13 Nov]

Families, friends and loved ones of the Air Blue Crash Victims have formed the ‘AirBlue Crash Affectees Group’ with the following objectives:

  1. Provide a platform for all affected to gather, raise their concerns and share their pain
  2. Urge the Government, Air Blue, Air Bus and Civil Aviation to clearly identify the causes of the crash
  3. Highlight the atrocious experience witnessed by the affected in the aftermath of the crisis
  4. Formation of an independent judicial commission which will study the aftermath of the disaster and design standard operating procedures for dealing with any such disaster in the future
  5. Provide compensation for the affected families based on international standard
  6. To formation a benevolent fund to providing short term and long term assistance to deserving victim families

A Press Conference is being held at Karachi Press Club on Saturday 13 November 2010 do join in to support the group’s first press conference and peaceful protest to raise awareness about lack of resolve and intent from Air Blue and the Government

Venue: Karachi Press Club
Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Facebook Group: Air Blue Crash Affectees Group

Bring placards and black armband to register your protest.