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Ansar Abbasi and Jang Group help Apprehend Person spreading Blasphemous Content

In a recent news report in The News it has been reported that Ansar Abassi and the Jang Group helped apprehend a person spreading Blasphemy on the Internet. Allegedly a certain Dr. Omar Zia using a yahoo account emailed Ansar Abassi with Blasphemous material on June 29th, following it up again on the 30th of June. Ansar Abassi and the Jang Group reported the emails to FIA and after carefully stalking the person arrested a certain Mr. Murad, a father of four from Karachi.

What does intrigue me, is that Blasphemy is not covered under the Cyber Crime Ordinance [also known as Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance (PECO) of 2007] which was the basis on which the FIA responded to the case, after Ansar Abassi filed a report under the PECO the report was later was modified to a crime committed under the Section 5 of the FIA Act. Im not debating or justifying the blasphemy accusation but I believe that since the PECO is originally an Ordinance which was signed into effect by Pervaiz Musharraf on 31st December 2007 it has long since lapsed as it never got presented to the Parliament within the stipulated 4 months as per the Article 89 of the Constitution of Pakistan.
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