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Details of Assistance being provided by KPK Govt to APS Victims

Efforts of the PTI Govt in KPK after APS School AttackThe tragedy of APS Peshawar on 16th December 2014 shocked the entire nation, how could a heartless group of individuals target a school filled with children – the tragedy impacted the lives of 144 innocent people who were killed in the attack with over 124 additional people injured during the carnage.

Since then, the KPK Govt has been doing a lot for the victims and their loved ones, there is no way that the parents can ever be fully compensated for their loss, but some effort has been done to support them, there were still reports of some disgruntled parents who were stil unhappy about their cases, but looking at their genuine pleas it seems they were angry as the perpetrators who had masterminded this carnage have not been caught, during the session even Imran Khan allowed them to voice their concerns and reassured them that all grievances shall be handled immediately

KPK Govt on the 16th Dec 2015 sent out a press statement listing out the assistance given to the victims and their family members – sent to all media outlets but it seems no one cared to report on the facts, I think instead of waiting for a media house to publish these facts even 15 days after the anniversary, I’m reproducing the update from the KPK govt. This is also just a humble reminder that PTI Govt in KPK has taken the full burden of the compensation while the Federal Govt is garlanding the public & media with mere statements of support

Details of Rehabilitation &/or Assistance support given by KPK Govt to the victims & survivors of the APS Carnage on 16th Dec 2014

  • Shuhada Students: 122
  • Shuhada Teaching / Non-teaching staff: 22
    Total Shuhada: 144
  • Seriously Injured: 73
  • Minor Injured: 48
  • Police Personnel Injured: 3
    Total Injured: 124

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