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A Crime to go to School in Pakistan

Occupy Bilawal HouseA rant I posted on Facebook on the Tuesday morning as I was trying to drop my kids to school – negotiating Container barricades around Bilawal House, we ducked dodged and sneaked past one barricade only to be blocked off by another:

It is a crime to go to school in the 1-km vicinity of Bilawal House Karachi where extensive container security keeps children out of school while Zardari-Bhutto royalty resides in

Heck it is a crime that my kids vocabulary now includes Bomb Blast & Strike as the only reason why school is off

Shame on us for electing these idiots and then all ready & full of excuses to re-elect them again

  • who cares if the children go to school – Bilawal Bhutto studies in UK
  • who cares if my children don’t have a hospital to go to when sick – Nawaz Sharif gets his medical treatment in the UK
  • who cares if Karachi had another strike / business closure – MQM, ANP, PPP make money collecting bhatta

I don’t think hoping for a better future for our children matters 180 million can go to hell because 0.001% have it all set for their own prosperity & well being