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Pakistani Blogosphere Accounts Hacked during Summit

On Saturday Karachi witnessed the first ever Pakistan International Social Media Summit where 300 or more social media experts aggregated at Avari for a day long conference on upcoming social media in Pakistan organized by PC World Pakistan. In my opinion it was a great experience, and there are many raves about it across many media portals online and offline.

What did come as a shock was the knowledge that these online experts when using their online tools did not have the adequate security to prevent anyone from hacking their accounts. WiFi Sniffing is a very simple trick that anyone can use to search and read insecure browser utilization on an open WiFi network literally reading every page the person uses on their own browser consequetnily it also means that if such a tool were to fall into the wrong hands passwords can be easily stolen and misused.
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National Bloggers Conference

The First National Bloggers Conference is slated to begin at 5:00pm at Regent Plaza Karachi. The event will be covered live here using the Coveritlive application as we have a plenty of good speakers with an exclusive list of guest who will be in attendance. It must be appreciated and mentioned that this event is supported by the Sindh Ministry of IT.


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