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Legacy of Shame

He was bundled in a stark white cloth, his head gaping through the wrapper as he was being ruthlessly carried out of the ward. He was born on the first day if this year, 2011 and died four days later – couldn’t battle long enough for sufficient oxygen. Son of Abdul Sattar died of asphyxia and breathed his last at the NICH hospital – Karachi, Pakistan.

The sight was horrific and disconcerting. However, for the medical staff it was a typical happening, which they encounter at least 4-5 times a day. As we walked through the ward the parents looked at us with helplessness in their eyes, hoping that we are some senior medical practioners. Or magical practioner for that matter – who would wand away their child’s illness and revive them back to health.

Their temporary hope was crushed back to the debilitated faculties of the ward. They were thrown back to the mercy of ill equipped and unhygienic premises – Back to the mercy of irresponsible nurses and undependable doctors. Pakistan’s public healthcare sector is under resourced and over whelmed. Physicians and nurses display extreme irresponsibility primarily due to lack of financial incentives and resources in terms of medical equipment etc.
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Sahil Saeed’s Recovery – Spotlight should now Focus on Local Kidnapping Victims

Along with most people, I was glad to hear that young Sahil Saaed had been safely recovered. What a relief! Finally some good news to lift our spirits!

However, in the aftermath of Sahil’s rescue more questions are being raised. For one his kidnapping has shed light to the awful spectre of child kidnappings that plague in our country. It has, more importantly, shed light on the states indifference to kidnappings and the lack of support available to victims.

Disclaimer: Before I continue I would like to this opportunity to clearly recognize that while the country faces many security challenges in the face of terror threats across the country, it may be unfair to expect much from an over stretched, under paid, poorly trained, under staffed and poorly resourced police force.
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