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The Real Cost of NOT paying Taxes : 25 Million Children CANNOT go to School

THE REAL COST OF NOT PAYING TAXES by Sayem Ali http://bit.ly/WXpSeM

25 million children in Pakistan CANNOT go to school

This image is a startling reminder of the devastating impact of not paying taxes specially to SHAME 65% of our parliamentarians who refuse to pay taxes

Suicide Note

Guest Post by Asim Khan

Part 1: The Introduction

I am an outsider
A view from inside
I will kill
And my own
Two angels
All that existed
For me and them
To return
To perfection;
As the sun rises tomorrow!


As life walks past,
Upon this golden bridge,
Symbols of our past
In distance, of unity and strength
From promise of slogans
Of “roti, kapra and makan”
To dazzling boards enshrined
Of our failures and mistakes,
Words golden and enticing
Of change and of progression
In hurry and in quarters,
This wave of humanity
In conflict or in peace,
In meanderings of their mind
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