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Update @ 1648: APDM Boycotts Elections – sans JUI

APDM in full unity has resolved to boycott this sham elections. On a number of grounds of which was the restoration of judiciary to the pre Nov 3rd status was very much highlighted. The insistence of boycotting the elections was strongly tabled by Imran Khan as he felt that the opposition should boycott to expose the sham elections. I am told that JUI (Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam) did not attend the meeting and hence it could be speculated that they will contest the elections.

I believe this decision should be applauded as the spam election would only go to approve the circus created by Musharraf and his reeling and dealing with Benazir Bhutto and the crooks all combined into one. Musharraf announced the elections as if to challenge the opposition to fall for this trap and in effect validate his attempt to present the world with an electoral process.

I hail this decision as it can indeed be the start of a struggle to resist the rule by Musharraf, a larger combined opposition sitting outside will maintain an ongoing pressure on the bureaucracy even if they go through this sham elections.

Update @ 1502: Muneer Malik dangerously ill, moved to Islamabad

I just received this email from Barrister Salahuddin Ahmed narrating the seriousness of Muneer Malik’s medical condition while we was jailed up in Attock Jail. It seems to be inhuman that such a respectable person to be treated in such a way, our prayers are with him for a quick and steady recovery.

Additionally we demand the government to release all other political prisoners which includes many lawyers which have been a thorn in the side of the President since March 8th, the day he tried to ransack the judiciary by dismissing the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

Muneer A. Malik, former President Supreme Court Bar Association, was finally shifted from Attock jail to PIMS Hospital, Islamabad, yesterday at around 6 pm when his medical condition deteriorating dangerously. He has suffered acute renal failure and is now undergoing dialysis. He is still under detention. Some lawyers, including Hamid Khan, managed to meet him during the transfer and say that he is dangerously ill. Since then, the guard around his room has been stepped up and he has not been allowed any visitors/attendants.

All are requested to exercise maximum efforts and pressure through all channels to ensure that:

  • His near and dear ones are allowed to visit and attend to him.
  • His detention orders are immediately lifted to allow him to receive appropriate medical treatment; whether in Pakistan or abroad.

An updated account of the Arrest of Adovcate Athar Minallah

By Ghazala Minallah w/o Athar Minallah

Athar Minallah was arrested on the 21st of Nov. 2007 at approx. 1.30pm .He had been accompanying Retd. Justice Wajiuddin Ahmad the whole of that morning. After the arrival of the judge from Karachi Athar took him to the District courts of Islamabad in the F-8 sector where the Hon. Retd. Judge delivered a speech to the lawyers.While still at the dist. Courts ,someone conveyed a message that the Chief Justice, Justice Iftikhar Mohd Chaudhry had left his house and was trying to go to the Supreme Court, but was being prevented by the police.That very day a govt. spokesperson had announced in the newspapers that the judges “WERE NOT DETAINED” .It was due to this news that the Chief Justice and Justice Bhagwandas decided to go to the SC.

When Justice Wajiuddin and an entourage of lawyers arrived at the scene the place was crawling with police carrying batons and shields and wearing helmets.When Jus. Wajiuddin wanted to go and visit the CJ, he was denied access to the road leading to the detained judges houses , and when he demanded an explanation as to why he being prevented ,the reply was “HOW COULD HE BE ALLOWED TO GO TO THE SUPREME COURT.There were some clashes between the police and the lawyers ,and a lot of loud and angry slogans were being chanted After the chaos died down, Athar and Justice Wajiuddin headed towards the Islamabad Club, where they were to meet a group of foreign media persons.

They had not gone very far when 2 police mobile vans forced them to stop, one of them in front and the other behind.Around six or seven PLAINCLOTHES INTELLIGENCE persons got out of the vans and walked towards the car.They opened the door on Athar’s side and started pulling him out of the car, saying that they had a WARRANT for his arrest. Justice Wajih called out to them to stop pulling and to show them the document.The men DRAGGED Athar out of the car and took him to their vehicle and SHOVED him inside.These details were given by Retd. Jus. Wajih himself. He was very shaken and extremely upset . He made his way to the club and informed the journalists about what had happened. From there he went to the Dist. Courts in Rawalpindi and addressed the lawyers, informing them of the incident. Then he addressed a huge gathering of people from all walks of life and narrated the same again at a seminar held in the Holiday Inn, Islamabad.
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Update @ 1619: Teachers charged with sedition

In continuation of the attacks on all civil institutions, the illegal and unconstitutional government of Gen. Musharraf has instituted sedition charges against 14 members of the academic staff of Punjab University:

  1. Dr. Mumtaz Salik, President, Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA)
  2. Dr. Asmatullah, Secretary General, PUASA
  3. Dr. Haris Rashid, Director, Centre for High Energy Physics
  4. Samee Uzair, Law College
  5. Amanullah, Law College
  6. Mujahid Mansoori, ICS
  7. Dr. Shafiq Jallandhari, ICS
  8. Nayyar Raza Zaidi, Director, IBIT
  9. Dr. Mujahid Kamran, Chairman, Department of Physics
  10. Ziaullah Shah, IER
  11. Eana Majid IER
  12. Prof. Bashir Ahmad, Pharmacy College
  13. Prof. Chaudhry Muhammad Nazir, Department of Geology
  14. Prof. Abdul Ghaffar, Department of Geography

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Update @ 1653: Imran Khan requested to Break Hunger Strike

I have just been informed that the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a meeting today in Islamabad has insisted with Imran Khan despite his commitment to the cause of restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan to break his five day long hunger strike in which he had also stopped taking in water.

They felt that his adopted measure of doing a hunger strike was influential while he was in prison simply leveraging the only tool he had available, his body. Once free the entire Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has promsed to continue its struggle for the restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan.

I have been informed that PTI is recommended to the APDM to boycott the elections with the hope that PPP and ANP will also join along and force the dictator to bring sanity into this country

Update @ 0216: Imran Khan Update

As it was reported on this blog around 8PM Imran Khan was released from DG Khan jail, eye witnesses and close family friends say that he was visibly weak and has been on a hunger and water strike for over four days, he had commenced the strike well before it became public which is approximately three days. For now he is reported to be resting with a close family friend in DG Khan and will fly to Islamabad sometime tomorrow. There are serious concerns from all his well wishers asking him to discontinue but for now he is adamant and has resolved to continue until the Judiciary is restored. We should be getting a more complete medical report by tomorrow including maybe an insight into the future course of action. Watch his BBC Telephonic interview from DG Khan

Update @ 1330: Justice Wajeehuddin supports Imran’s hunger strike for Judiciary

Supreme Court Justice (Retd) Wajeehuddin Ahmed has strongly supported the hunger strike of Mr Imran Khan for the restoration of the judiciary. In a discussion with Dr Arif Alvi the Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf he said that the hunger strike is a most significant part of the noble struggle being waged by the nation. He appealed to the Pakistani people to bring about a change and put pressure on the establishment to mend their ways and return to the pre-PCO status.

He said that restoration of the judiciary is much more important than the sham election or the issue of the Presidential uniform. There can be no change until Musharraf resigns and the constitution is followed in letter and spirit to herald a caretaker government of consensus to hold elections within 90 days. Everything being done now is a sham. He said that the struggle of Mr Imran Khan should show the light to the youth who can take Pakistan out of this mess. He appealed to the international community and the local and international legal fraternity recognize Mr Imran Khan’s struggle and to put pressure on the Musharraf regime to see the writing on the wall.

Imran Khan’s Hunger Strike

Mr Imran Khan the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has gone on hunger strike for the restoration of the judiciary in Pakistan. He is in under arrest in D G Khan prison and has been charged with treason and terrorism, an offence which can be tried under a military court and he can be sentenced to death. With this, the struggle in Pakistan is entering a very significant stage.

Going on hunger strike is the most effective non-violent political strategy used in the world where a confined individual, can do no more but challenge the status quo by putting his own life at stake. The most celebrated hunger strike was that of the prisoners of the Irish Republican Army led by Bobby Sands. They went on a no-food no-water hunger strike and died after 59 to 73 days. They had willed that their family will not agree to drip feeding also even after they became unconscious. Although ten men died during the course of the hunger strike, thirteen others were taken off hunger strike, either due to medical reasons or after intervention by their families. Many of them still suffer from the effects of the strike, with problems including digestive, visual, physical and neurological disabilities. Mahatma Gandhi frequently went on hunger strikes but he never went beyond 21 days. He
drank water and fluids during this period and used it as an effective tool for independence of India along with Jinnah’s legal battles.
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Update @ 0402: People’s Resistance condemns Lathi Charge & Arrest of Journalists

Civil Society Condemns Lathi Charge and Arrest of Journalists

KARACHI, NOV 20: The civil society coalition People’s Resistance condemns in the strongest terms the brutal police lathi charge on unarmed journalists outside the Karachi Press Club and the arrests of Karachi Union of Journalists’ President Shamimur Rehman, Karachi Press Club President Sabihuddin Ghausi, Secretary General of the Association of Pakistan Television Journalists Faisal Aziz Khan, Ahfaz-ur Rehman and Najeeb Ahmad among others.

Journalists as well as members of civil society had gathered in solidarity with the nation-wide protest call given by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) against restrictions on the media, particularly the electronic media. Several journalists, including women, were injured when police launched a second attack on them outside the Press Club.
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Update @ 1730: Imran Khan has started a Hunger Strike until Judiciary is restored

Through very reliable sources with in the Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf, it has come to point that Imran Khan while being imprisoned under Anti-Terrorism charges in Dera Ghazi Khan jail has gone on a hunger strike until the restoration of the Judiciary of Pakistan to its pre-martial law November 3rd status.

UPDATE 1740:
ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistani cricket hero Imran Khan began a hunger strike Monday in the prison where he was sent last week for protesting against emergency rule, his spokesman told AFP. He said Khan, who now heads his own opposition party, wanted a restoration of the constitution and reinstatement of judges sacked when Persident Pervez Musharraf imposed the emergency just over two weeks ago. “Imran Khan has gone on hunger strike for an indefinite period,” spokesman Saifullah Niazi said. “He is demanding the restoration of the judiciary and restoration of the constitution,” Niazi said.

Khan is in Deraghazi Khan jail, normally used to house terror detainees and hardened prisoners. He was picked up last Wednesday and charged under a section of anti-terror legislation which stipulates a minimum punishment of at least seven years and up to life in prison. Khan had been put under house arrest after emergency rule was declared on November 3 but slipped the net and went into hiding, communicating via email and video. He was arrested after emerging from hiding last Wednesday at a university campus in the eastern city of Lahore. Lahore police said then that he would face charges for inciting people to pick up arms, calling for civil disobedience and “spreading hatred.” Khan, who led Pakistan to cricket World Cup glory in 1992, had called for Musharraf to face the death penalty for imposing emergency rule.

Update @ 1410: Supreme Court dismisses five petitions against Musharraf’s eligibility

The newly appointed bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan resumed the hearing of petitions which were challenging General Pervaiz Musharraf’s eligibility as the President of Pakistan. Within a few hours the bench had been able to dismiss five out of the six petitions against the self appointed dictator. The sixth and the last petition will come under discussion on the next hearing date which has been set for Thursday 22nd November

With a martial law (politically correct – Emergency) in effect throughout Pakistan and a judiciary sworn upon a military sanctioned PCO which incidentally suspend the Constitution of Pakistan, it is not surprising to have come across this quick judgment now the sixth and final petition remains to be dismissed on Thursday after which the Supreme Court will authorize the legality of the Musharraf as the President of Pakistan for another five more years. God Bless Pakistan… and please hurry!

How to Save Pakistan By Imran Khan

By Imran Khan

Make no mistake; Pakistan faces a grave threat from the creeping chaos, a by-product of the most shameful demonstration of power politics. There are many threats confronting our society. The threat of extremism is just one which is essentially a consequence of policies that serve foreign interests at the cost of the fundamental rights of our citizens. On 9/11, yes, we should have stood with the US when it was attacked by terrorists. But our cooperation should have been within the ambit of our constitution and law. No civilized society will ever allow its own army, raised and armed at a great cost to society, to be used so mercilessly against its own citizens and expect business as usual. In a society where the majority is without fundamental rights, without education, without economic opportunities, without healthcare, the use of sheer force will only expand the extremist fringe and contract the majority moderate.Our military rulers are incapable of understanding that the real owners of the country are its people who must have the right as, political sovereigns, to decide without fear and coercion who should rule them. In India the only qualification for Lalo Prasad or his domestic housewife Rabri Devi to rule Bihar was the mandate of the people. Can we imagine our ruling elite ever accepting a similar peoples verdict. This fundamental question of Who Owns Pakistan must be decided once and for all.

In the absence of democracy and rule of law, extremism and religious fundamentalism will continue to grow at a frightening pace. The more the present regime bows to Washingtons desire to “do more and the more innocent Pakistani blood is shed under the garb of fighting the war on terror or curbing extremism, the more Pakistan moves towards becoming a “failed state, and the more people would resort to picking up arms against the security forces.
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Update @ 0412: Three Judges refuse to hear Emergency Case

A 10-member bench of the Supreme Court deliberated on the fact if there was any valid reason or justification for clamping emergency rule in the country. But what was really suprising during the proceedings was that Justice Faqir Mohammad Khokhar expressed his unwillingness to sit in the bench. “I think I should not sit in the bench. I should recuse to be part of this bench as I remained member of the benches which decided cases pertaining to the petition of former Chief Justice of Pakistan and release of alleged terrorists,. The petitioner’s counsel quickly expressed his complete confidence in the judge and requested him to remain member of the full court. However, the doctrine of recusal is very much there and it is the prerogative of judges.

Very soon Justice Muhammad Nawaz Abbasi and Justice M. Javed Buttar also took the same opinion and said: “If Justice Khokhar is not willing to sit in the bench due to the reasons of “failure of judiciary and release of alleged terrorists then I myself and Justice M.Javed Buttar should also not sit in the bench, because we also remained part of the benches as mentioned by Justice Khokhar.

This does indeed bring an interesting spin Pervaiz Musharraf’s iron clad grip on the power houses in Pakistan, that his newly appointed bench would not stand up to the dictators wishes, though it may appear that a small ray of hope might be seen peaking through the dark clouds, but lets not hold our breath until the final stone has been cast. Somehow I don’t have faith in this new judiciary to even live up to half of anyone’s expectations which unsurprisingly are well close to none.

Update @ 0351: Students speak out against IJT

A number of students in Punjab University have spoken out against Islami Jamiat Talaba, as reported by Lahore Metroblog where they have captured an ARY Interview and have translated it in English for our International audience

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Update @ 1602: LUMS Students Movement express Poltical Autonomy

Press Release, issued by the Student Movement at Lahore University of Management Sciences

As our movement gains in strength, support, momentum and therefore, media attention, the students of the protest movement at the Lahore University of Management Sciences would like to clarify our position on a number of points.

Our movement is fundamentally a non-partisan, civil society movement which was begun by students last week as a spontaneous reaction against the imposition of a state of emergency in our country. We are united in a clear and principled commitment to the reinstatement of the judiciary and the restoration of the Constitution and of basic civil rights, the release of illegally detained prisoners and an end to preposterous curbs on the media. Our aim is to uphold and defend the autonomy of the judiciary in Pakistan. As we increase communication with students from other educational institutions in the country, we are confident and hopeful that we can all unite behind a particular principle – the critical necessity of the sovereignty of the judiciary for sustainable
political and social development in Pakistan.
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