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Pictures from the Cargo Plane Crash Site in Karachi, the Day After

Pictures from the crash site of the Russian Cargo Plane in Karachi on 28th November 2010 at 1:00am within the confines of the Pakistan Naval Base Bahadur. The plane luckily / unluckily crashed in a sparely dense area of Karachi, had it been a few hundred yards either way would have meant far more severe devastation and loss of life on the ground, prayers go out to each and every person who lost their lives in this disaster.

Pictures have been shared by Capt Shahid Hasan who lives close to the site of the crash within the confines of the Naval base.

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Karachi: Press Conference for the Air Blue Crash Affectees Group [Sat 13 Nov]

Families, friends and loved ones of the Air Blue Crash Victims have formed the ‘AirBlue Crash Affectees Group’ with the following objectives:

  1. Provide a platform for all affected to gather, raise their concerns and share their pain
  2. Urge the Government, Air Blue, Air Bus and Civil Aviation to clearly identify the causes of the crash
  3. Highlight the atrocious experience witnessed by the affected in the aftermath of the crisis
  4. Formation of an independent judicial commission which will study the aftermath of the disaster and design standard operating procedures for dealing with any such disaster in the future
  5. Provide compensation for the affected families based on international standard
  6. To formation a benevolent fund to providing short term and long term assistance to deserving victim families

A Press Conference is being held at Karachi Press Club on Saturday 13 November 2010 do join in to support the group’s first press conference and peaceful protest to raise awareness about lack of resolve and intent from Air Blue and the Government

Venue: Karachi Press Club
Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Facebook Group: Air Blue Crash Affectees Group

Bring placards and black armband to register your protest.