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Ten truths about electoral rigging — a rebuttal by Dr Awab Alvi

Awab Alvi on TribuneZahid F Ebrahim, in his article of August 4 titled, “Ten truths about electoral rigging”, published in The Express Tribune, presented a very biased view on the topic. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should have stepped in to allay doubts of any election rigging, but with this article, it seems that the neutrality that was needed to conduct a free and fair election was never there to begin with. It seems that this was the mindset from the start: to appease the powers that be, instead of giving Pakistanis even a semblance of a free and fair election.

I truly respect Mr Ebrahim and his father. I believe Mr Fakhruddin G Ebrahim is an honest person, but his appointment, especially considering his age, probably was the factor that failed Pakistan. This job required a commander, who would whip, snap and beat the life out of anyone who so much as stumbled in performing his duties to conduct transparent elections. I do not challenge the former chief election commissioner’s honesty or integrity on a personal level. I am aware that he, along with his family, have sacrificed a lot this past year — but I would like to raise some concerns here.

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Citizens Demonstration to demand action by ECP – Monday 12pm Karachi

Fakhruddin Ebrahim Election Commission of PakistanPlease join the Citizens Demonstration

Date: Monday the 25 Feb. 2013
Time: 12:00 Noon sharp
Location: Election Commission’s Office, opposite Passport office, Saddar, Karachi


Pakistan cannot change for better if the same bunch of corrupt and lawless parliamentarians are allowed to plunder for another 5 years. The ECP is already bending under the pressure of parliamentarians who have ganged up to ensure that the ECP is prevented from doing its job.

We as citizens demand that the ECP should perform its constitutional role and filter out all those who presented fake degrees, hold dual nationality, evaded tax , defaulted on loans or indulged in criminal activities. The process of disqualification must begin NOW.

Please join us to hold a citizens peaceful demonstration in front of the CEC’s Karachi office (Opposite to Passport office in Saddar) to press these demands.

PTI Presents Six-Point Education Policy

PTI Education PolicyPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Wednesday announced its six-point education policy. It emphasised the education emergency in the country, the importance of an equal system for all, and the need to increase the education budget to 5% of GDP from the currently-pegged rate of 2.1%.
Express Tribune LINK: Six-point education policy: PTI aims for one education system