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Billion Tree Tsunami reaches 750 Million Trees & Counting

Billion Tree Tsunami – I remember when people mocked them when they started the four year project – it is now 3/4th done standing at 750 Million trees

Will have ZERO impact on election – as it will ONLY benefit the future generations of the people of KP (Likewise PTI’s focus on Health and Education) – even meeting the requirements of the Bonn Challenge  to reforest the entire world

All these are nowhere near the billions spent for cosmetic projects spent by the so-called economic experts (PML) where our generation and the future generations will have pay-back billions in loans and compounded interest for many many years to come

this is no small feat …. #Proud

PTI unveils its Eight Policy – Environment

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on 26th February unveiled its EIGHT Policy on Environment

The Eight policies presented up until now are

  1. Governance
  2. Economy
  3. Energy
  4. Health
  5. Education
  6. Youth
  7. Anti-Corruption
  8. and Environment

  9. There are plans for another 4-5 more polices to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

It shows to you the seriousness and commitment with which PTI wants to change Pakistan – no mere slogans but a strategy on how we hope to fix the problems of Pakistan. And lets not forget a massive grass root Intra-party elections to have done so publicly with over 7 million registered members

Change is here, its now your choice, seal your fate with the existing set of circus politicians or work to bring a genuine democratic party into power

Targeted killings and the Land Mafia in Karachi – Open Letter by SHEHRI

An Open Letter to Rehman Malik by Shehri

Mr Rehman Malik has been making rather interesting statements about stopping the “targeted killings” in Karachi.

The simple fact is that the land mafia of Karachi is behind a number of these murders and the motive for these assassinations is money.

Let us take the case of land mafia grabbing the Tran-Lyari Park (Gutter Baghicha) land in SITE Town. There is illegal construction going on in about 50 acres on this park land in spite of a stay order from the High Court of Sindh.

On 26 September 2009 the Nazir of the High Court along with Nisar Baloch who headed the Gutter Baghicha Bachao Tehreek (Movement to save Gutter Baghicha) went for a court ordered inspection. They were forced to turn back because a mob (organized by the land mafia) stood in their path.

On 7 November 2009 Nisar Baloch was leaving his house in the morning. He was assassinated in a target killing gunned down in cold blood. Nisar Baloch gave a press conference on 6 November 2009 in which he stated that his life was in danger and he named the people who would kill him. (no action have been taken against his alleged killers because of political considerations)
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Roads need Bicycles

Blog post by Naeem Sadiq, published in The News on 16th January 2010

Bicycle, the most energy-efficient form of transport ever devised. It doesn’t emit pollution, it runs on renewable energy, it makes its user healthier, it’s easy to repair, it requires little in the way of pavement or parking, and 80 percent of the world’s people can afford one. — Donella H Meadows, environmental scientist and author, founder of the Sustainability Institute (1941-2001)

Amsterdam, the bike capital of the world, has 40 per cent of all traffic movement by bicycle. In the next few years the city will spend 100 million euros to further improve its cycle network and reduce car use. The promotion of cycling includes a network of safe, fast and comfortable bicycle routes, improving road safety for cyclists and building a 10,000-bike parking garage.

Copenhagen plans to double its spending on biking infrastructure over the next three years. Thirty-two per cent of its workforce bicycles to work. The city’s bicycle paths are extensive, often separated from the main traffic lanes and sometimes having their own signal systems. The city provides public bicycles which can be found throughout the downtown area and used with a small returnable deposit.
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Earth Summit ’92 – Have we done anything since?

I share with you a very moving speech delivered over 16 years back during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro aka the Earth Summit, which also produced the Rio Declaration. A 13 year young girl Severn Suzuki from Canada addresses the gathering with some heart touching words.

A well written speech and I feel the impact was greater since it was delivered by a young girl talking about her future. The words were true then, and remain ever so true even today.


In the 16 years since, have we done anything different to change our world !!! Take a moment to think about it, is the world a better place for our children and our children’s children? I fear to say NOT, in fact it may at best be worse.