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While our Country starves, Senators spend Rs. 22 Million as travelling expenses in FOUR Months

Senate secretariat has spent a staggering amount of over Rs22 million in just four months, traveling / jet-setting around the world from April to July 2009 on 13 foreign trips made by senators to participate in various international events. The Chairman Senate Farooq H Naik said these expenses were incurred on air tickets, foreign exchange, and communication charges, hiring of transport and other miscellaneous expenditures, Geneva Rs 5.452 million, Oslo for a meagre Rs 5.127 million, China for Rs 4.515 million, UK trip cost us Rs 2 million and a trip to Ethiopia costed us Rs1.22 million.

Goodness gracious 22 Million in four months or an average of 5.5 million a month is enough to be the basic monthly salary of 4000 people (6000/month), it can possibly teach 2200 children for a whole year at Citizens Foundation (10,000/year) or another more touching calculation could be that this 22 Million can possibly feed 50,000 people for an entire week, or simply feed 2500 people for the entire four months that our Senators were out partying at the expense of the National Exchequer

I dread not hear the traveling expense of our dear’ol President Asif Ali Zardari and his side-kick Rehman Malik, which would be far more staggering then the senate disclosure. To be honest it may be spare change for some, but considering the hungry and starving in our country how can these elected representatives consciously, do our parliamentarians actually work FOR the people, or merely CON them for their own gains