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Genie Diesel caricature irks Maulana Diesel

A cartoon caricature of Mualana Fazal ur Rehman was forcibly removed from an art exhibition at Nishtar Hall Gallery as it was being displayed in the 10-day exhibition Face Off. The image created by Nida and Saima from the Department of Fine Arts, University of Peshawar said it was an artistic attempt and everyone should have at least some guts to accept it.

News reports also suggested that another artist by the name of Syed Saifuddin also had his portrait removed a day earlier on the smiliar grounds.

It seems Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman is even offended by being displayed as a genie which as per legend you can rub either way and the genie shall perform as you beckon. With Maualana Sb’s typical to and fro political swaying, I believe this cartoon is a true representation of his political incompetence. So hence forth I believe Pakistanis now have another joke to tease Maulana sb with, the acronym Genie Diesel perfectly embodies this inept politician