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Torture, Cover-up and the American Civil Liberties Union – A Desi Connection

Jameel Jaffer and Amrit Singh may not mean anything to most readers. Jameel Jaffer is a London, Ont. born litigator for the American Civil Liberties Union and Director of the ACLU’s National Security Project. Amrit Singh is Manmohan Singh’s daughter and is a Staff Attorney at the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.

credit Ruby Washingon, NYT and wikipedia

Jameel Jaffer, was “instrumental in filing and fighting an unlikely Freedom of Information Act request that eventually unearthed thousands of pages of secret documents which illustrated damning evidence of U.S. government complicity in violations of international humanitarian law.” link. and link
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A Global issue of Terrorism – Stop Criticizing Pakistan

Pakistan has been in massive fluctuations since the Pakistani government started operation in Swat and the other heaven like valleys in Northern Areas against Taliban. Some of the parties are criticizing the Government owing to operation. All the International countries like US, European etc are also in the favor of operation against the militants. Before this operation, Pakistan had to face overwhelming criticism on Nizam-e-Adal agreement with Taliban. American criticism reached a plateau as soon as President Zardari signed the agreement. But instead of clean-up the mess in their own country, they always point fingers on Pakistan. Let’s illuminate some of the American demons and their management errors.

The Aryan Brotherhood (notorious prison gang) was established to provide protection for White individuals from Black and Hispanic groups, most specifically the Mexican Mafia. For those who don’t know about Aryan Brotherhood. “The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the AB or The Brand, is a White prison gang numbering about 15,000 members in and out of prison. In March 2006, four leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were indicted for numerous crimes, including murder, conspiracy, drug trafficking, racketeering and dog fighting. According to the FBI, although the gang makes up less than 1% of the prison population, it is responsible for up to 18% of murders in the federal prison system.

Guantanamo Bay is also one of the American’s bitter lollypops. They sentenced cruel and unethical punishments to the prisoners. Recent reports and pictures disclose the truth and caused great awkwardness for the Americans. Certainly, there were some (so called) terrorists in the prison but there isn’t any law which allows them to treat prisoners ruthlessly. Some of the devils crossed the limit and carried out profane acts especially against Islam. US soldiers comprising the NATO forces are still killing thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan through Drone attacks. They aren’t even differentiating the militants and the local inhabitants. NATO forces have accustomed of slaughtering innocent children and women.
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Open letter to Obama & McCain by Amina Masood Janjua

The News, Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear Barak Obama and John McCain,

Whichever one of you wins this election, I wish you success and I hope from the depths of my heart that you will transform the image of America into what it should be. I pray that you are able to show the true face of America to the rest of the world — a face which reflects the values of your ordinary citizens, many of whom I met in a recent trip abroad and which was an eye-opener for me.

I was invited by Amnesty International to visit member states of the EU, the UK and the US on a speaking tour in August/September 2008, to meet politicians, parliamentarians and ordinary citizens, and to convey to them the agony and torment that hundreds of other family members, including myself, of ‘enforced disappeared persons’ are going through. I was amazed that many of the people I met had no idea about this burning issue; of the illegal abductions, the detention of these persons in so-called ‘safe houses’, the torture they are subjected to and the fact that they are denied the right to a fair trial. I was touched by the sympathy and promises of moral and any other support that they could offer in order to relieve us of this ongoing pain.
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Dr. Afia’s health serious – bullet wound, kidney removed & battered nose, children missing

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information that due to a bullet wound and removal of one kidney, Dr. Afia Siddiqui health is in a serious condition, but no medical assistance has been provided to her whilst she has been in American custody in New York.


Send an automated appeal letter to the concerned authorities using the AHRC system

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Pakistan Hood’winked

Maj Gen Jay W HoodIt was back in April when Moin Ansari of the Rupee News Blog trumped us with the news that the Commandant of Guantanamo Bay Prison, Maj Gen Jay W. Hood had been sent to Pakistan. It does not take a genius to figure out that Guantanamo Bay was a major goof-up by the American forces, there were reports of desecration of the Holy Quran, Human Rights Violation and reports of blatant prisoner abuse. Apparently General Hood is lauded for his efforts at Gitmo, I wonder if this is the level of treatment that deserved a standing ovation in Washington I fear for the worst when he comes to Pakistan and tries to excersise his control over us.

An article written by Ishtiaq Baig on April 16th 2008 expressed similar sentiments

It is sad for Pakistan that America has nominated such a controversial person as its defence representative, one whose uniform is stained with the blood of Muslims. Under international law, Pakistan has the right to refuse the appointment of such a controversial person. Now that the new democratic government has come into office, perhaps Islamabad should request Washington to review its decision and in fact should tell it that it will not accept General Hood. We may not have been able to stop General Hood from desecrating the Holy Quran but we can at least stop him from coming to our country.

While Moin Ansari also reacted with some truly heart felt emotional words

It is disgusting to hear that General Jay Hood, the monster of Gitmo would be in the US Embassy in Islamabad. Was he the proposed person to take charge of the Nuclear Command of Pakistan? Will he monitor the renditions and transfer of prisoners. Whose idea was it ot put a lightning rod in the diplomatic enclave with “ah bail mujhe maar” (Bull come and hit me). Was it necessary to put General Hood in a sensitive areas. Does Hood no tknow how much people hate what went on in Gitmo? This was the worst blunder the new government made. It has since been rectified and the General’s appointment in Paksitan has been rejected

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